Super Mario Story part1

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Hello everyone, this is a new series im working on called "Super Mario Story". It's short by the way, but I hope you still like it. Well, it wasn't really my plan to make it this short. But due to the fact that my lab top can only handle so much, (sigh) I had to summit to it's will. :( Im currently working on Part two right now, cuz I find it way too short to submit XD. So Part two will be coming out sometime soon, so stick around to that. I wish to also say please forgive me in some of the grammar in some parts in the vid.
I tried to fix them, but I just made it worse... a little... I think?. lol. ooops..XD. well other than these things I hope the video is fine. Oh and if you guys would like to give any suggestions, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! 8D
also to give you a heads up, you may not understand what's going on....but still hope it fine with you guys.
Well gotta go! Hope you like the video! o^__^o


pretty good

not to bad my man animation and load screen things can be better but pretty good and u like mario RPG's to much lol

kawaiiminda responds:

LOL! Yah you right on that. o^_^o

Great job so far!

Im starting to understand it little by litte, your doing an awsome job. Keep up the good work =) And just disregard most of the negative comments, such as the one below me ( Kaskrin).
-Golden (GS)

kawaiiminda responds:

K thanks!!
and don't worry im way ahead on you on that one ^_^
thanks though!
you have a good day!


not bad but yu could do better

kawaiiminda responds:

ummmm ok?


I was on the edge of my seat at the end of animation with the new "threat". Anyway, try to make transitions faster and put a little more story into it. I REALLY like where this is going and can't wait for the next one.

kawaiiminda responds:

Ok thanks and I'll Try to do so.
make the transition faster.


there was no story, no development, no intro, and no sense. please try something else for all our sakes.

kawaiiminda responds:

ummm By the looks on the other reviews it seems that there is a plot an intro a story and a development. and besides......I said on my comment that you may not understand the story so far.....uhhhhmmmm Im guess you didn't read it did you. T__I Well im sorry that I didn't meet your standards sir.

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Jan 21, 2009
6:23 PM EST