Super Mario Story part1

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Hello everyone, this is a new series im working on called "Super Mario Story". It's short by the way, but I hope you still like it. Well, it wasn't really my plan to make it this short. But due to the fact that my lab top can only handle so much, (sigh) I had to summit to it's will. :( Im currently working on Part two right now, cuz I find it way too short to submit XD. So Part two will be coming out sometime soon, so stick around to that. I wish to also say please forgive me in some of the grammar in some parts in the vid.
I tried to fix them, but I just made it worse... a little... I think?. lol. ooops..XD. well other than these things I hope the video is fine. Oh and if you guys would like to give any suggestions, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! 8D
also to give you a heads up, you may not understand what's going on....but still hope it fine with you guys.
Well gotta go! Hope you like the video! o^__^o


It was nice!

There are some improvements that can be made, however.
Your English, and grammar should be written without mistakes. Sorry for that one lol
Also, instead of clicking the button try making it so when dialog comes, all that has to be done is to press Spacebar or something.

Other than that, I'm sure the story will build up better as it goes. I personally think that this flash is on it's way to a good start! Keep making them! :D

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kawaiiminda responds:

Alrighty thanks! =d
And don't worry the next part will have a button press option instead. =)
thanks for the review!


its kool how you made mario and luigi act like how they supose to be they never talk XD just make noises in the game! its like im playing it XD

kawaiiminda responds:

lol, Thanks!
I like it better when Mario And Luigi talk by Noises or gestures.
I 've seen some flashes when they have the ability to speak but,
I rather prefer the whole Noise and Gesture thing.XD
I think that's how mario and Luigi should really be like. =D


I see that you've improved quite a bit! :D Nice job man! You've also fixed the sound problem you had earlier. :P

This is really great! Most people usually don't improve, but you've surpassed that, and surpassed my expectations! Good job man!

The only bad thing was that the beginning dragged on quite a bit... :P Other than that, it was pretty cool!

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kawaiiminda responds:

Wow, thanks! =D Your Review Really raised my Self-esteem.
I thank you a lot! XD Im also glad you Enjoyed the video!
Please Stick around for part2. XD



Hey, Issak its Maksim! I just wanna say that I am amazed the stuff you got here. I liked this video so much and did not belive that you make it. Keep it up! See you in school tommorow.

kawaiiminda responds:

See YAH!! =D

Super Paper Mario!

I like how this video has music and characters from Super Paper Mario!
Can't wait for part 2!

The only bad thing was the beginning was too long and boring and there was no way to skip it.

kawaiiminda responds:

Oh, sorry about that.
Alright, thanks glad you liked it!
stick around till part 2 comes out! XD

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Jan 21, 2009
6:23 PM EST