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SAS: Zombie Assault

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We played Call of Duty: World at War nazi zombie mode and thought it would be fun to play a top down flash version of it with our own twists. Hold off the zombies for as long as you can using a variety of cool guns, turrets and bombs. Beware the banshee - if she smashes one of your barriers you will not be able to repair it!


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awesome game very fun

Hard, but a lot of fun. Used to play it a lot.

Classic <3

near perfect, right down to the lag. you just need an explosion animation for the smart bomb and fix the x2 power up (it's double points no damage), add some (drinkable) perks and you're set

I rated this 5 stars.The game itself,even for it to be old has "decent" graphics for a flash game uploaded in 2009.The game is fun,but rather short(at least to the extend that I played which was wave 20)and is filled with just enough weapons and gadgets to mess around with.The zombies A.I is pretty simple,they just limb towards the fences,attack and destroy them and then come after and kill the player,good not much else needed.The ambiance gives a feeling of a decrepit and abandoned place,doing a great job of making you feel alone,as a survivor.The sounds could be worked on in this game(even if the development stopped,I know I'm late).Some parts were to loud such as "The gate destroyer"(as I call the zombies that blow up the fences)and the sentries themselves(both of them).

Overall,I had a lot of fun playing this,and you did a great job of creating a small,arcade style,zombie survival horror game.--Lowrider19 IGN (<-- this last part was a joke XD)