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Hello Newgrounds!

EDIT: Sorry everyone! Our Servers Were Having Problems! The Music Was Not Playing! I Got it fixed!! PLEASE VOTE 5!!!!
This is the official as3 test aimed at entry level programmers! And for you other NG'ers I mixed some awesome random questions in there! I hope you like it as well as I do!

Hot pockets suck,

-Jim (SVSA Productions Head Producer)

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I got 8 on teh first try! This quiz worked effectivly but wasn't that entertaining. Maybe you could make like a hands on one where you show an effect and using the in flash interface try to recreate it.

svsaproductions responds:

Well, I wasn't totally interested in the project anyways...

A lot of this was horribly wrong information.

Not only was the presentation rather bad and choppy, but a lot of the questions were incorrect as well. First off, Action Script 3 was NOT introduced with Flash CS3. It was actually introduced in Flash 9 Alpha, a modification for Flash 8. Basically, Flash 9A was Flash 8, but with the ability to do AS3.

The "custom cursor" effect is not an AS3 only effect. Rather, it is compatible with even AS1, and it is actually not a custom cursor at all. It is a hidden cursor with a movie clip drag element attached.

Adobe never dropped any features in Flash CS3. Only certain functions of script placement were changed to allow better and more efficient use of AS3.

The end questions were completely stupid and unrelated to the quiz.

Looks like you need to work on your flash knowledge as well, mah boi.

The presentation was horrible. The color scheme was not pretty, and the graphics were poorly designed, the facts were barely even researched, the music was annoying..

This was simply an awful flash.
To make it better, you need to take into consideration using a more aesthetic design, an easier to read and more contrasting font, more vibrant colors, a decent background, more decent animation and all that.

I didn't get a perfect score because some of the questions has practically made-up answers.

It was okay, it lacked humor, but overall, a vaguely valiant effort. 1/5, 3/10.

Improve the effort spent on stuff like this. Do good research and expand the questions. Add animation, cut scenes, little graphics between questions, take out the white noise from the sound track, add a background (animated) which takes up the entirety of the stage, add contrast, and you, my friend, would have a rather decent flash.

Sadly, this isn't.


svsaproductions responds:

Wow, What A Dumbass... Okay - First of all AS3 was officially and truly(FULL VERSION OF AS3) released with CS3! The Custom Cursor Effect WAS WROTE WITH AS3 ON MY FLASH!!!!!!!! DUH! ADOBE DROPPED THE FEATURE WITH AS3 OF WRITING CODE IN BUTTONS!!!! DUMBASS!

The Very pissed, annoyed,


all i hsve to say


Your game caused Safari to crash, that takes some serious skill!!!!

svsaproductions responds:

YEH! who uses safari anyways... it's a piece of crap.


I got an 8! Pretty decent quiz!!

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Jan 21, 2009
12:16 PM EST
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