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Artificial Junk (Old)

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Author Comments

In Artificial Junk, you defend this outlaw robot, against dangerous and corrupted bots. It all takes place on a junkyard, where you'll be able to upgrade your robot and grow stronger. So you can defeat the threat once and for all. Fight your way through ten waves of, mindless and horrifying enemies, to save the world.

(Edit) ***Music is working again***

(Edit)***You should try the newer version at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/484208***

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Wait a minute...

You re-launched this with some "improvements"... But all you did was fix the way the levels end and what happens when u die... You totally fooked up the upgrade-system, which is better in this version than the "new" one... Plz try to improve the game's artwork, upgrade/cash system and make the difficulty-ladder less steep. Then, you'll have a top-tier game! Keep up the good work!

Its alright i guess ...

Hers what i think of this game : the graphics r slightly ugly and dull , my tip : a well drawn animated background ; the enemies r good , and well drawn , much better than the background , but u went a little sloppy in the explosions animation and size , for example i sometimes found myself inside the explosion yet not getting damaged
and they are almost impossible to dodge if you are aiming for the bender trophy , specially wen your getting ganged up on by the shielded enemies that
reflect your beam , making it impossible to win , the solution for this big problem are many such as : making the bombs fall slower , less bomb dropping , more speed on yourself , etc ...
I cant really complain on it being extremely hard since i did get to wave 9 , but only after trying tons of combinations to get the perfect one , which still got killed on that wave the shield idea is good but makes the game harder for many people , sujestion : jump ability (just a little one so u can just dodge the beams reflected towards you) - or u can change the color or shape of the ones who use the shield for players to be prepared , you could also place some game setings to control sound , graphics , etc ... this game as tons of potential yet its thrown away by the small mistakes u made wich require fixing , i believe that should fix all those small little problems I and other people have mentione you could have aa front page quality game .

plz upgrade

need faster bot and mabey introduce JUMP so reflecting off sheilds you could jump
over but only let jump every ... 5 seconds hope you can


Instead of increasing your bot's movement, why not just have the coins automatically deposit into your stash of cash? That'd reduce the difficulty a bit. Biggest problem I've had is not being able to get to the coins fast enough.

I may have found a bug.

When I'd upgrade my head sometimes, my character's head wouldn't change.

Good Concept

Good concept, I really love the idea but it just isn't working. The upgrades are too expensive for how many coins you can collect from each wave because you move too slow and shoot to slow. The first enemies you meet take to shots to kill and shields are introduced by level 2. It's just to hard.
Suggested improvements
1.) speed up robot
2.) speed up shooting ( also in the same vien you could add an upgrade to increase fire rate)
3.) decrease cost of upgrades or increase money dropped ( this might be fixed by speeding the robot up)
4. mabye make harder enemies give more money ( sorry if you did this, i only got to stage 3 so i wouldn't know)

sorry about the critisism but i'm trying to help, it could be a brilliant game and the artwork is really cool. Plus keep the achievment thing, Newgrounds loves acievements !

Love Louise x x x

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2009
10:39 AM EST