Flash Portal PSA #1

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Though short, simple, and stupid... I believe this movie is appropriate...


Oh HELL yes!

Good animation, good music, good message. Sad thing is, these crap "collabs" and the spamming of the portal are *sooooo* 2006. You'd think these new people would try to come up with a new way to shake up the portal; not ride on someone else's idea (an idea the originators have long since abandoned).

I liked this movie and your concept.

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needed to be said, i hate all those bad flashes they post

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I love the idiots who give this a bad review/blam just because they can't face the truth that the flash portal is one of the most widely spammed places on the internet, aside from 4chan. In fact, I'm almost positive that they take part in it too.

Movies that are considered spam:
God-awful groups such as FFF.
Horrible anime flashes done in less than an hour.
Shitty quality voice dubs that are not amusing.
Horrible games that are incomplete.
Kiddies uploading their "projects" they did for school (ie, something that should be a powerpoint and NOT on Newgrounds).
Unfunny, uncreative sprite movies done with stolen content.
The SAME OLD tribute movies that have been done OVER 9000 times (stick movies were cool 2 years ago, lets broaden our horizons people).

I could go on for hours.

Point in case... You don't need to have a tablet to draw well. You don't need to have a really expensive mic to get good vocals. Hell, you don't need to have a million dollar idea to make an awesome movie... but you actually HAVE TO WANT TO MAKE IT.

10/10 for the truth.
Hopefully more PSA's to come in the future, that are longer with some funny vocals (like the Zach Braff PSA)

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I don't post much....

but i can only imagine the sure horror of the flash portal on a day to day basis it must be like Barrens Chat on wow so much random useless shit getting throne around the useful needed info gets lost in the fray. so all tho i don't post much i do no a good thing when i see it and well i can say good work. Sometimes nubs just need a kick in the futs and face to get it in there skulls


haha. that was nice.
short sweet and to the point. no nonsense here.
i liked it.

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Jan 20, 2009
8:29 PM EST