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I decided to make this, because me and my friend was talking about this and we couldnt stop laughing. If you do not like it, can you please leave me some reviews that are not mean, but helpful.
But yeah, This is a teaser for the new game Link Travels Time, well.. sorta kinda.

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Ok that was bad.

Ok don't freak on me, but that was terrible. The landscape was shifted too far to the left so there was this nice little white stripe down the right side. The voices didn't sound all that great. If your using one of those cheap-ass PC mics, don't put your mouth so close to it when recording, it makes it sound crappy. Just a suggestion. Also you may want to recruit a friend to do the other voice so that the voices sound different.


Well the general concpet is good but its lacking in.....well in my head I was screaming "DO SOMETHING"!...because it was turning slightly boring. There wasn't much character development and the voices on both parts sounded pretty much the same. I think that ( and I know this'll sound cruel) you should re-do this but have it in a differnt style. Instead of sprites you could draw and animate it and maybe get a friend to do voice work. I know its within your capabilities, I saw your when vagina attack 2 flash and it seemed fairly well animated. Overall this flash was a nice idea...but not very well executed. Please don't slander me....=D

It Was.....

Ok You Get my picture dont be angry but that sucked U klnow how to animate walking so u should have made him go places and meet ppl NO offfence write me a message i wanna have a deal

sry man

hey good try but the loud had bad quality and maybe you should try to make Link move a little more and also you need more voice actors :D

No effort

I've never done a flash movie before, but if i did, i would atleast actually animate something, instead of taking nintendo sprites and voicing over a lame overdone trailer voice. Do something original.

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Jan 20, 2009
3:31 PM EST
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