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EDIT 1/21/09: This became my first submission to earn me an NG award; the Daily 3rd!

EDIT 1/22/09: This became my first submission to become front paged!

EDIT 7/7/09: Updated the recovered .swf with above default audio compression. You'll be glad to know I don't record my voice through that hissing headset microphone anymore, but at least the quality of the sound has been raised a bit.

If you're interested about the "making-of" of ZoA, I suggest you start here on my News Blogs.
http://phobotech.newgroun ds.com/news/post/229885

I warn you though...it's a LOT of reading...

If you're just interested about how I got the idea to make ZoA, just read this one!
http://phobotech.newgroun ds.com/news/post/255887

Not a lot of reading!
It should go without saying that if you haven't played "Zone of the Enders" you're probably not going to get it. If you're one of the handful that have played this underrated and very fun mech game, by all means! WATCH THIS!

If not, though, I'd recommend you at least open a new tab to a "video viewing websitelikeyoutube" and watch the opening CGI cutscene or something.

That being said, welcome to my second flash submission ever!
The feedback I've received from you guys has been incredible; I love the variety of tastes this community has, and there's many keen eyes watching for even the tiniest details.

After responding to pages upon pages of reviews, I know what I'm going to do in the future. Thank you Newgrounds!

As for the continuation, I've decided that I'm not going to be making another "Awesome" parody, or style my future animations like any of the "Awesome" flashes again. I'm glad this flash could get into the Awesome collection, but this flash will be my only contribution to it.

Currently, I'm waiting for the release of the Art Portal so that I can pick up where this flash left off, and make a comedy web-comic exclusive to NG. If it's well received, I'll go ahead and animate key scenes to the storyline (like Boss fights, what happens to Celvice, the ending, etc)

Based on how the animated portions of the web-comic are received will determine wether or not I continue with the project into the 2nd Runner timeline. In other words, I wouldn't mind doing it, and it'll please the fans, but if it comes down to it, I have other projects that take priority.

I guess we'll see how it goes...but expect the continuation of ZOA when the Art Portal launches! :D

More to come in '09!



HAHA. wat.

I rarely write a review, and when I do something is either REALLY good, or simply SHITTY. Look, I'm sure you already know the audio was terrible. It was like listening to someone talk out of one of those plastic Halloween masks. That can easily be changed by nor being a fucking cheapass and getting some decent fucking sound equipment.

Not Hollywood shit, Just something you didn't find at fucking Walmart.

Second comes the animation which was mediocre at best. You seem like a pretty good artist but as far as your ability to "make shit look like its moving" you're about as skilled as a middleschooler making flipbooks of stick figures having anal sex.

And don't even pull the whole "LOL I TRY TO MAEK IT LOOK LIEK EGORAPROT" because hes a SKILLED animator who dumbs his stuff down to make it quick, easy to make, and because people like the style. You're a MEDIOCRE animator who dumbed his stuff down to CAVEMAN SHIT SCRIBBLES.

You have potential, you have skill, why don't you try actually USING it to make something interesting and original instead of spamming Newgrounds with yet another AWESOME (Insert well known game here) flash.


Phobotech responds:

1st Paragraph: Sound problem, check.
2nd Paragraph: "skilled as a middleschooler making flipbooks of stick figure sodomy" check.
3rd Paragraph: I wasn't gonna pull that card, in fact, if my past reviews should be any indication, I've acknowledged that making "Awesome Parodies" isn't my forte, and I won't be revisiting the sub-genre in the future. But duly noted, "dumbed down his stuff down to caveman shit scribbles." check.
4th Paragraph: "Why don't I actually try using my potential" check and check!

Though a bit cynical and unnecessarily aggressive, I checked this review as helpful, and I appreciate your honesty! Thanks for the elaborate review!

Kay! <3


Ill give it a 3 for effort bacause it was a bit like Egoraptor but he is still the master of AWESOME

i still liked another Awesome film thoung ;)

Phobotech responds:

*shrugs* Okay!


sorry duke, i gotta agre with ZoMbIEx23x, i won't go as far as to say it wasn't funny but this just wasn't my type of humour and although the art is meant to be like that......you can do better. 3/10 only cause i've seen much worse.

Phobotech responds:

Yeah, I can dig that. Thanks!


wasn't funny, slow load time (words did not match up with mouths) wasn't funny. and uh you got two stars for knowing what sumimasen means. (you do know what sumimasen means don't you?) but yea wasn't awesome. uh nice art work though so thumbs up on that. and heres a tip, dont try to be funny cuz trying dosn't work out for everyone. gl on ur next project galt-san

Phobotech responds:

What are you blaming my flash for? Did it touch you?

I will crassly discard your tip, and thank you for the luck on my future projects, tekoki-san.


dude....you failed, let Egoraptor do the "awesome" series TwT I didn't even laugh
You Fail like....un buttered toast

Phobotech responds:

I fuh-fuh-fuh-FAILED?


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4.14 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2009
3:10 AM EST
Comedy - Parody

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