Aquanum 1.5

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Control the water creature, eat bonuses and grow up. Make your best result, swim into the deep far as you can. Good luck.

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not bad

I didn't think I'd see one single halfway decent flash game here on newgrounds today -- exceptionally bad day... Glad to see this, nice. Only thing is -- its real annoying that that unctrollable tail you grow just keeps cracking clouds and has nothing to do with your skil or anything and thats a real flaw in your design. Otherwise, pretty nice. The bubbles were cool but most skies don't have them -- mine doesn't - Where do you live? Willing to suspend my disbelief though :> And the music was excellent.

Alright, I suppose.

But it needs work. The numbers in the background were a bit of a distraction and the fact that your tail could cause you to lose lives was somewhat lame. Something like that is better reserved for Snake-esq games.

Needs more....

lil things. like get rid of numbers, use bars/ rotating things/ colours to represent score etc. power ups apart from shield? and maybe a bonus or score count for destroying rocks - the shield just doesn't seem as satisfying as it could be
amazing music tho.
can you tell me where its from? or if you made it in which case, Sersir ftw.
very good vibe comes off it
the tail was awesome, good job

it was ok

i just have two complaints
1: the fact that your tail would hit the enemies and make you lose lives
while this wasnt much of a problem at first, it became nearly impossible later on to make a tail longer than 3-4 links, and the fun of this game it to make the longest tail possible, otherwise its just another run of the mill avoidance game
2: for some reason, whenever you pick up a shield, the lives seemed to stop spawning; like i said above, the fun of the game is aquiring the longer tail, but it gets harder later on to get a long tail, so you'd think the shield would make it easier to grab lives without worrying about enemies, but when you get the shield, the lives stop appearing...kinda defeats the purpous of the shield if you cant get lives
at least thats all i was aiming for, i couldn't care less about the points :]
i just wanted the cool tail

other than that, this is pretty sweet
make a sequal maybe, and fix these things, but try to keep the same mechanics n physics going
add a few more pickups and enemies and powerups, and you've got 5/5, 10/10, and favorited :]

simple but not bad

it was pretty repetitive but not like a shityy game if you modified it alil like guys and shit it'd be awesome

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3.41 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2009
2:20 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other