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Ok, bear with me on this. I'm just learning flash cs4 and AS3. Yup. I was originally making something very minor but, as I starting playing with it it expanded. Be sure to click whatever buttons. The musik is my orginal musik, I drew all the awsome images with the help of the tools, exept the .jpg which I photoshopped the hell out of. Not great, but I tried to put a little entertainment in there so as not to be too boring. See if you can read the subliminal messages hidden in the stuff.

Enjoy, this took me a few hours, only because I am just learning. It was about 16Mb's at first, but I trimmed down one of the songs and just looped it. There's a slight pause in there, but I will only fix it if requested and update this submission.

Please do not blam this, I would like to have at least one of my Flash submissions make it past the judgement stage. Hell, I've seen worse make it.
Sorry, had to change the text rating, If you can even read it it contains some fowl words.


:D u survived on the judgement!

making the ''worst'' flash i a tricky thing... u have to get a low rating. but, u still have to ''survive'' fron underjudgement... what can i say? ''Well done!''... or somewhat like that.
but what about the flash? it was weird. but interesting. i'm not gay, so i didn't replay it... :D

Pissomatik responds:

But you have to read the messages! lol

lol wack


Pissomatik responds:

>:PPPPPPPP! Did you press the buttons? I have at least learned how to make invisible buttons. I actually started this just trying to make a damn play button. Totally diffenrent than Flash MX.


Did this flash seriously take up so much?! Waste of bits ;o).

The only interesting subliminal msg was the black outline of a star when the red star moved at the left of the screen. That method could easily be used to show certain logos during an animation.

Hope you learned something while making this flash.

Pissomatik responds:

Thanks for the input. Oh, and there's 2 songs in it. didn't want to lose too much sound quality, so, there's your bits. haha

don't make dat kinda stuff

cuz it was crap lol
no matter what you were trying to accomplish

Pissomatik responds:

Why not? Could not read the msgs? Don't make what? the crappy animation? or the fukt up msgs? Oh well, at least it survived. YAY!!!!

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Jan 19, 2009
1:42 AM EST