StickFight RPG II

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People have asked for a sequel, well not even a day later I give it to you. This edtion is packed with better music, backgrounds, and packed with interactivity. Enjoy the real-time battle against your evil stick opponent, using your reflexes and clever timing...or just hit attack a whole bunch of times.
If you havent played the first one, make sure you do, so you'll realized how much work i put into making this in a very short time period. Have fun. Everything is explained in the game if you need help. The question mark will always be there in the left hand corner. So......yeah.
Be nice, tell me what I should add in the 3rd one.

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This stick RPG would be great, if not for the upgrade bug. If you included more content, monsters, and options this game would be much better.

Could you try fixing the glitch with the Upgrade bit? AND give more stats, online play, StoryMode, More choices to who you fight, pick the level of the enemies you fight in training etc.

Practice flash... right... right...?

Pros and Cons, first.

Pros- There are none, it is just easy to play

Cons- The glitch on the upgrade system; which is you just subtract 5 from toughness or whatever and press the upgrade button then continue doing so until you get the desired amount.

this is a practice, I presume. So... nice job for a practice. Just make sure you get rid of the glitches.

Needs work.

could be better the animation is allright but a bit stuffed up in fight mode.

You could make more stuff (not only strentgh, toughness and luck) like hit rate (you are more likly to hit the other person) and if its on a 0 he allways blocks you...

though i have infinity life i cant die, so it makes it no challenge


Best work i seen. make a stick Rpg. It's awsome! The game. it's awsome!!! it's got everything!

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3.01 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2009
5:08 PM EST
Adventure - RPG