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SF Series Episode 2

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EDIT: That yellow border has been removed!
This is the second episode of SF Series, its still progessing in versions, so this is pretty decent hope u guys like it!

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Not bad sprite work at all!

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Like I said not bad sprite work at all. The quality of the backgrounds might have been pretty poor in a few spots, but it seemed like that was because you were using zooms, which I would like to add you used pretty well. Good job with the pans also.

Could you tell me where you got those backgrounds from? Especially the animated background. That was pretty cool.

Good sprite work all around. Animation was very good and smooth.

~ Story/Content ~

I liked the story that your building up here. I think the subtitles were a little hard to read. I wouldn't mind a next button when I'm finished reading and perhaps a transparent black bar with white letters inside of it would be a bit easier to read. The buttons that you had to pause and stuff were nice and useful as I had to pause almost immediately to go do something.

~ Audio ~

Not bad at all. Sound effects were synced well and everything else like the music was perfectly fine. I wouldn't mind seeing voices in the next episode as that seems to make sprite animations or any animation more interesting and keeps the viewer glued to the screen. Then you would have to make a mouth animation of course.

~ Overall ~

Not bad, I think the only thing I could pick out as the bad quality was the difficulty in being able to read the subtitles at first because I didn't know where or when they were coming.

~ Review Request Club ~

mortis5000 responds:

Yes all that will be changed next time thanks for the review and check out my other animations!


Another nice battle animation! Menu looks much more spiffy than in many of your older submissions as well, and I love the fastpaced moody music. Would be nice with highlight effects or something on the buttons. As for the battle, it's nice, I like the black and white intro, and the Bleach music fits in nicely I suppose. Backgrounds are living in this, the zooms are all done nicely and everything progresses at a fast pace. More detailed closeups would be nice, but I know that's nothing that can be asked of the sprites, heh, keep it going!


mortis5000 responds:

Thanks...Im actually thinking about doing more close ups...I have to clean the sprites up so well that major zooming wouldn't make there faces all pixelated

Not bad

Good plot, well developed (but slightly too short) fight scenes and a good degree of mystery, setting the piece up for the next episode.

I think that this is a nice piece that certainly a good showcase at how you are with manipulating sprites, but that woman had truly massive thighs - is that really necessary? Probably not your decision, but just an observation I thought I'd share.

When you come to the end of the piece, the fade to a complete black screen needs to be addressed urgently - some sort of credits, or a replay button tend to be the favourite options of choice for flash, to be honest. Perhaps you can experiment with that, or just loop it, which I would think is a bit of a cop-out.

Still, a nice piece, that shows off your skills - the addition of voice acting would be a nice touch, but not entirely necessary, since the subtitles worked, despite them jumping around the screen a lot - personally, I would have preferred a bar at the base of the screen, so the reader doesn't have to concentrate too much to enjoy the piece.

[Review Request Club]

mortis5000 responds:

Thank you, I must admit she does have very large thighs but I believe thats the pants that she is wearing, I wanted to release this as soon as possible so thats why i didnt put any voice acting in it, but I may return back to that formula...for my next episode! Thanks for the review!

We must almost think alike...

I thought that you focusing on SF 3 is cool! I noticed a few problems though.

Just like the others said

The text is the man problem and Ibuki killing Oro rofl. With him having both arms out rofl. I doubt if any SF char can beat him.

Hey man...

Not bad but I'm stay on Trix suggests:

- The text
- The lagging
- The ending

And you need explore more your potential work.... Give us more fight.

See ya on your next work.

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2009
12:57 AM EST

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