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Stick Dudes!

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This is my first ever animation.

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I thought that the transitions were interesting and there are a lot of great ideas here. I agre with other posters that the quality of the graphics is what is lacking the most, which I am sure you ahve already figured out on your own. As a "First ever project" I think that you did a decent job. I would not call it "top grade" but certainly arty.

Bare shit bruv

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Oh, Sticks!

Well, I cannot say it was the worst flash I have ever seen, but I cannot say it was the best. You need to work on your art, and animation. Everything seemed so "ragged" and "choppy". Try looking up some tutorials on how to draw, and use the pen tool (it's 100x easier) then the brush tool.

The music was decent, and pretty much the only thing acceptable in this flash.

It passed judgment so other users must like it, maybe this sort of flash is your style (since everyone has their own) but there is always room for improvements!

Check out what Lizzardis said, as he makes very valid points, and I trust him with my life.


Dexter3000 responds:


I have improved a hell of alot with my art since then.

You have ALOT of work to do!

~~~Good Points~~~
~ N/A

~~~Bad Points~~~
~ The animation was poor
~ The choice of song was just terrible
~ The timing was not very good E.G. It shouldn't take that long to hit someone
~ There was no obvious plot line
~ No voice acting or relevant sounds

~ Improve on your animation skills, learn about timing and what not
~ Once you have made the animation then look for a suitable song.
~ Expand/develop on the plot line. It took me a few playbacks to actually realise what was going on
~ Add sufficient voice acting, and sounds. Or even INCLUDE come voice acting

~~~Other Comments~~~
~ I saw what you were trying to do, and I see that you did put some effort into this.
~ Unfortunately though, I didn't think it was that good.

~ I thought this animation was quite poor, however I have included enough criticism to say why it was poor. I think your idea was good, however it could have used a lot more effort to get what you wanted.
~ With some more practice, you could work on this and make it better, hence why I gave you the 2 stars....I think if you put your mind to it...You can be capable of making this much better.


~[Review Request Club]~

Stick Dudes!

lol i liked it XD the music and the randomness (Y)

Dexter3000 responds: