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Please don't take this personally. I'm not against anyone's right to smoke. I just uploaded this for fun. This is not meant to judge anyone who smokes. Take notice: this is filed as a comedy. It's not serious. If you're a smoker, don't take this too seriously.


This is a flash I did a long time ago. Since then, I haven't done much animation. I'd like to get back into it, but until I do, I have this. When I was in high school, there was a group called YELL (Youth Eliminating Loss of Life). They were trying to get a program started where they could broadcast health PSAs over the TV system in the school. This was for them, though it was never used. I'm sorry there's no sound. Maybe I'll add some in the future. This is a very short flash, so don't go anywhere, or you'll miss EVERYTHING. Anyway, enjoy. Please leave comments. I enjoy constructive criticism. Thanks a lot! :D


Ok I wont jeez

I think this is a great way to show kids not to smoke xD But it was kinda slow and late. So I cant give you a huge score. 3/5 5/10

simple . yet still vaguely funny

dont smoke . . or a ninja will sneak up behind you and chop your head off . . . . lol


I think you should add sound; which you in fact said so yourself....
I think you could add more to it and it would be funny.

well this was pretty pointless...

people do drugs because they can so why can't people smoke because you say?
you make no sense get out of here!

Nightmareality responds:

I'm not trying to tell people not to smoke. If people want to smoke, that's their business. Most of my family smokes. I just thought it'd be funny to have a ninja kill a smoker. Yes, it's pointless, but that's my prerogative. This was just for fun. Don't take it so seriously.


very short and simple no sound and... yeah

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Jan 16, 2009
10:15 AM EST
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