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Please don't take this personally. I'm not against anyone's right to smoke. I just uploaded this for fun. This is not meant to judge anyone who smokes. Take notice: this is filed as a comedy. It's not serious. If you're a smoker, don't take this too seriously.


This is a flash I did a long time ago. Since then, I haven't done much animation. I'd like to get back into it, but until I do, I have this. When I was in high school, there was a group called YELL (Youth Eliminating Loss of Life). They were trying to get a program started where they could broadcast health PSAs over the TV system in the school. This was for them, though it was never used. I'm sorry there's no sound. Maybe I'll add some in the future. This is a very short flash, so don't go anywhere, or you'll miss EVERYTHING. Anyway, enjoy. Please leave comments. I enjoy constructive criticism. Thanks a lot! :D


pretty good

I like it. If that guy was real it will serve those smoking bastards right. Good Job.


you know, if anti-drug companies like the DARE program would use this kind of thing, there'd be a significant decrease in the amount of teen and young adult smokers.


Still though, the addition of sfx and bgm would make this ever so much better, so 2 stars off for that.

watch out smokers or a ninja will kill you

pretty good maybe later you could make a newer one with sound and improve on the animation

Nightmareality responds:

I doubt I'll work much on the animation. Like I said, this is a very old project. I'll concentrate on animating new projects. But I do really want to add sound to this. That will probably happen in the very near future. Thanks for the review.

It was okay....

This movie wasn't too great. Sure, it was a cool idea, 'Don't smoke or ninjas will pwn you." But it just didn't really tie the whole thing together. All there is a ninja killing some smoking guy. You don't even really know if it's because he was smoking. Try and make the movie more relevant to the point please.

Nightmareality responds:

Thanks for the feedback. This isn't really supposed to be some ground-breaking project or anything. I'll most likely add sound very soon, but I doubt I'll change anything else. Thanks for taking the time to review. Maybe I'll have some more projects up soon.


I certainly wouldn't smoke if it meant I would be killed by a ninja.
The animation was... decent.
But it needs sound.
So 5/10.

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1.47 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2009
10:15 AM EST
Comedy - Original