Kristal Hentai Game Demo

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This is a demo of my hentai 'game' Kristal The Teacher.

Please don't make posts simply complaining that it is a demo. I'm sorry that it's not the full version, but HentaiKey do not allow me to post that here. It's either a demo or nothing. I put as many full toons on here as I can. Not all my submissions are demos, so please check those out too.

I hope you enjoy.



zone wat are u?hard to say cus i noticed that o nhtis vid it starts out as a girl grinning and then the demo -_-wth are u drawing hentai for? u have great art potential use it on somthing better then this ?im giving the 2 for how good the art is

this is old

this was on your website over 2 years ago
stop trying to stall us and finish jixened

Another great demo.

It's a great demo and I know your trying to share your ideas and games on here and the rules from what you said at the top, but for the people that don't understand the situation here just reread the author's comments again... He or she CAN NOT I repeat CAN NOT put the real version of the game cause it's against their rules. If you want you can just go to their site and get your jerk off all you want and get a virus from it. So don't judge them by it's cover FFS. -_-


This has been out for ages. I remember getting this a really long time ago off of (censored).com

I'd prefer the full version but thanks for posting the demo anyways though I feel I've already seen this demo somewhere else maybe it was (censored).com

I censor the websites name due to a sworn contract upon entering said site.

This one has actually been out for a while.

Like, at least since the beginning of last year (Thats when I found it).
It's a good game though.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2009
8:56 AM EST
Simulation - Dating