Batman Meets Twoface

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2009 #01 Entry

*Thenx to newgrounds for the 3rd Place. This give me courage to create more...of course with better script writing hopefully. Thenx also to those who made reviews (May it be good or bad) I relle appreciate it. It helps me improve. Power to NEWGROUNDS!"

WARNING-->This flash contains no plot, britney spears music, random comedy. If u like good artwork and graphics...give this movie a try. Please be gentle w/ the reviews. :D

Harvey Dent has Gordon's family hostage and only Batman can stop him from his weird dance?...well watch and find out...

Author's Comments:
I know i got lots of complaints with my last batman submission. Hope this one makes up for it. i kinda focused too much on the animation on the last one...i never thought of the plot/jokes and stuff. neways i hope this is worthy of a "dark knight" parody. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. this one has a lot of humor...hopefully

if you can find the easter egg (hidden movie), you're into a big surprise. it is a "JOKER VIDEO". The sound is literally crappy...to give it a more-cheap-handheld-video -like feel. hehehe. took me a long time to add the static and the buzzing so if you are going to complain about the sound...it is meant to be like that. think of cloverfield. you can find this hidden movie near the end...goodluck!

this is the last "batman" flash i will make. i'm moving onto other projects...especially Auron's Story 2...w/c people keep on reminding me. hahahaha. sorry guys.

thenx again for the support guys and thenx to newgrounds for the preloader and the great site.


Not for the story line, but for the other Parts

Pretty Decent Flash. The storyline and script was T~T meh, but you made up for that in the other strong parts in the movie. Very Nice animation and fluent speech and audio. The sound effects were fantastic and very well put into place. You put a lot of enthusiasm into the voices of the characters, and I'm sure that you had fun with them. The jokes were a little humorous and made me chuckle a little, but not LOL funny.

Congrats on being in the daily 3rd. And when Batman grabbed onto the ledge, did anyone else think "EDGE HOG!!" like in Super Smash Brothers?


Animation was great, and I understand you are aiming for parody, but seriously...Harvey's voice was very annoying, as was everyone else's. The Dance scene was alright, but it dragged on.

Your Easter egg was funny, but once again your "impression," could've used some improvement.

All in all, with some new voicework, writing and some shaving of screen time, you can have some very impressive videos.

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JZM responds:

Thenx for the review. Harvey's voice also annoyed at some point during animating but I thought it would've been funny to some. I guess not. hehehe. neways i will work on my impressions and writing. thenx again. :D


I don't know man... Everything was awesome in this video (artwork, sounds, animation, menu, etc.) except it wasn't that funny. I know, I know you've probably heard this, but I'm still saying. I had no problem with voice acting either except the Simpson's "Ha-ha" just didn't sound right. Really though, you made such a great final product I just didn't find it that funny. You are really skilled and talented at making flashes obviously, just not scriptwriting. Just my opinion, ignore if you wish. But still, you have probably one of my favourite artwork in flash for Newgrounds I'd say.

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get a voice actor please, try to improve


in dark knight he sais im not wearing hockey PANTS

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Jan 16, 2009
6:40 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place January 17, 2009