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Using Mouse --To match a burrow, click on it.

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it's wank.... doesn't work past lvl2

decent concept, good art, annoying music, and is not playable past lvl 1.

a hole is unclickabkle

on level two...

otherwise its a very nice twist on the old overdone memory card game genre. Nice --- I like it. Fix the bug though!! How could you not notice that?!?!


that game is good, but there is a problem on level 2, you can not click on one of the holes, the one on the first row, second hole. i kept clicking on it and the person never popped up

Needs Revising.

Good game except that on level 2 when you click on one of the mounds it doesn't come up. keep up the good work tho.

it has a fatal bug

i got to level 2 and i couldn't hit one of the holes. I right clicked so the cursor would appear, and even when it turned to a hand, the hole still couldn't be clicked so i was left with one pair un matched...ending my game!