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Immune System Game

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Author Comments

This is a University project that I made in the third year of my Multimedia and Media Studies degree.

It features three educational mini-games based on the immune system in the human body.

Game 1: Three Lines of Defence
This is a geometry wars type shooter game, set inside the human body where the bodies t-cells have to defend against invading pathogens.

Game 2: Drag and Drop
This is a timed quiz, where the user has to correctly sort diseases into contagious and non-contagious categories.

Game 3: The Black Plague
This is a maze type game where the user has to navigate a villager through a village infected with the plague.


The first mini-game was okay, other two were CRAZY near impossible due to getting stuck on walls (Black death mini-game) and stuck (2nd one) after completing the blanks. Was okay

Immune System Game

It's great job.

Game good

It has very good gameplays and alot of games but its kind of annoying to anwser the questions before you start.Anyways keep up the good gams :)

all very good ideas, but

this flash is kinda all over the place if you ask me.
the concept and ideals are very unique, very extraordinary. Putting educatoinal value and entertainment value together in one flash is unbelieveably hard thing to do. Unfortunately, your flash wasn't successful at putting those 2 things together.
It was a very good try, trying tackle an exceptionally hard idea, but the execution was a one big miserable failure.

1st game: Three Lines of Defence
luckily, i was able to remember what i've learned in biology last year. but it's ok. the questions and stuff are totally fine. what the real problem is the shooting part. i've noticed that slight hit on the pathogens won't even affect them. after i've managed to kill a pathogen, it takes around 2 seconds to completely vanish from the screen. When i'm in the of Pathogen, even when it's dying, it still kills me. Three types of bullet was a clever idea, but since killing the pathogen is almost impossible, it has become a huge frustration, rather than adding interest.

Drag and Drop:
timed quiz is fine. but to make it more educational, you must allow the player to see which was wrong and why they are wrong. otherwise, the quiz is completely useless. Rather than using the stop watch as the counter, use the digital timer-ish counter. It notifies how much time does the player have much clearly and much quickly.

Game 3: the black plague.
Well, this game was an absolute disappointment. i would call it a "dumb pac-man".
During the pac-man gameplay, when you are heading up, and if you hold on to left button, whenever there's an opening to the left, the pac-man automatically moves left.
This game however, is completely differnet. When ever my character moves up, and when i push right button to make it move right whenever it meets an opening to the right, it never does anything i expect it to do. basically it hits the wall and stands there like a lifeless dummy. Also, the guard, (or the plagued ppl) are too fast after turning around a corner. I guess timing is essential here, but this game is seems almost impossible. try to make the speed of the guard equal to mine. otherwise it'll be gameover like over 5000 times.

This game need a horrid amount of improvement.
First of all, know which crowd you are aiming for. Certainly this is too hard for children, and sometimes, it's ridiculous for an adult to play (rarely). so my suggestion is this: try to set a difficulty specifically for each group. (children, middle-high, university, etc.)

You've tackled something that's very hard - i mean very hard - to accomplish. good try tho, but it need a better execution, and a clearer idea of which group is this game targeted for.

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Critter2002 responds:

As I mentioned to a preview poster, the hit detection in the Three Lines game is something that I really would've liked to improve on but as I'm still establishing my Actionscript skills I wasn't able to figure out a better way in the time I had. Having three different ammo types was the clients idea so that's why that was implemented.

The drag and drop game was done very last minute. The glitch with not being able to run left properly is something I'm aware of and yes it's extremely difficult. These are definitely areas that would've been improved upon if time permitted but we were under a deadline.

Thanks for some good suggestions though and taking the time to write such a detailed response.

nice concept

I like it, probably because i study medecine myself. But the buttons in the second game are really annoying. using arrows, mouse and left number keys is unpractical, and the upper click to choose thing just helps a little, this makes the already harder second level very hard one to do. And sometimes somehow the right b's don't kill the right pathogenes, or don't kill at all, and apperently dead germs kill you too. The third level was really hard, i failed like millions of times and untill i reached the end in a pure lucky strike. Make your guy move at a set velocity and don't put this acceleration in it: you always end up running to fast or slow. These are all gameplay issues, it's the only thing i can remark. Good work otherwise.

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Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
10:27 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional