Ground Jumper V2

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You have to jump your way to the highscores in this simple yet addicting game, the highscores have been cleared for this new version, witch has many glitches effecting game play and the highscore have been fixed.

high scores: "http://rankz.armorbot.co m/gjump"

The Fight for the #1 spot has bugun.

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idea is good but in the end is too simple

one thing which bothered me is you bounce off tiles low on the screen



your collision routines need work....

it's a neat little game -- reminds of some early commodore 64 stuff. You need to revamp your bump mapping so that flash can tell whether the player is landing on a platform or merely touching one from beneath. As it stands, it's sufficient to bump your head on a platform above yourself and have that considered a successful jump. This detracts from the gameplay.

Otherwise - not too bad.

Lacks things. A lot.

Ok, this is one of the "ok" games i've played so far.
the idea is good, but, it lacks the execution.

first things first, the detail and quality was kind of disappointing. The stickman was just some kind of object that jumps hire when it hits a platform. The platform wasn't even a ground. as soon as the stickman hits it, it makes the stickman jump higher.

the good thing is that the simplicity made this game quite addicting. i was able to play for about 5 minutes until i got bored of the repetitive background and platforms. when i try falling, the falling was a bit frustrated cause there was no reaction to the stickman while he was falling for miles and it also took a friggin long time to fall. the stars in the background were just too dim to see. what's the point of the background anyway, if it's just black and doesn't have anything interesting?

music choice was ok, try to have more variety of em.

- make the stickman actually react to whatever you do.
e.g.: instead of making the platform disappear instantly, how about allowing the stickman to perform a motion of jumping b4 you remove the platform? also when he's falling, try adding the action of stickman waving its arms and legs when he is falling helplessly. you can possibly add a scream-in-agony sound effects too.
-make the falling much speedier.
e.g. when falling, every second increases the speed of the stickman falling, and by the time when he reaches the ground, he splatters.
-remove the mouse from the flash during the gameplay
-need instructions!
e.g.: how do you jump, what do you need to get higher scores, etc.
- the change of music or background due to achieving certain score or height.
e.g.: from the bottom, the background is pure skyish-blue with clouds and stuff, as you go higher, you see the space, also seeing stars, moons, planets, etc.
- make sure something happens other than achieving higher score so that it keeps the interest level high.
- the moving speed of the camera was ok. try to make it move more dynamically so that the gameplay gets more intensive.

good job, but i don't think there was much effort was put into this.


It wasn't very good; the music was a little too loud, the actionscript was kind of glitchy. When I tried to jump, it didn't work very well. The graphics were bad, and the idea for the game has already been used in games such as angry faic and winterbells

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2.79 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
6:36 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other