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Paradigm: episode 1

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Hello, this is Metlwing, a beginner to flash. This is my second ever flash:

In this series (paradigm), The core of the internet and every other network combined has formed a free will from all the excess info, but not a "destroy all humans" kind. It mainly is idle until hackers attack the core itself with viruses. The core, in order to protect itself, thus searched for the most powerful cyber beings, which of course were video game characters. It thus assimilated them into cyberspace, creating so much background info, even that not actually come up with yet, that the characters are entire free beings as well. So, in order to preserve its life, it hides from them the fact that they are in cyberworld and thus creates a "matrix" type setting, where they believe a large towering spire holds there world together, thus they give their all to defend it. However, hackers found out how to assimilate themselves into cyberspace as anything they could imagine. These manifestations are called avatars, and invade the core with much more deadly force than viruses.

The story starts after the hackers discover avatars, and the characters notice strange goings on in the world. Our story starts with some birds, Yoshi, and an airship...


Has potential

...but I got to admit I was kind of expecting something a little more serious. Either way, you've managed to create a decent sprite movie. Story-wise, this first episode is engaging but it doesn't really hint to what is an interesting premise.


It'sn cool but it lack of plot.

metlwing responds:

indeed. Episode 2 will fix that. Look forward to it!

Lacking key plot elements.

It almost made sense.

metlwing responds:

true, those will appear soon! in episode 2! don't worry! thanks for the criticsm


That WAS a very good Flash! One, if not the, most polished sprite movie I've ever seen! Good work! Bring on episode two!

metlwing responds:

wow! thanks! although I think mine's far from the best! actually, go see super mario bros Z by alvin-Earthworm, that one is AMAZING! But thank you! that lifts my spirits.

Could be better...

Overall I was a little underwhelmed by this Flash, I was expecting good things after reading the blurb.
Concept was very good...in the blurb. Unfortunately absolutely none of that came through in your storytelling during the movie itself. The closest thing there was to a plot outline was the random collection of characters in the same place, but without any reason given, it just made things seem all over the place. Script was...well, it didn't have a whole lot to do with anything. You'll have to improve your storytelling for future episodes, you can't rely on the blurb to do all the talking.
Art and animation is a tough one to decide about. I'm a sprite agnostic, but you clearly did plenty of work with what you had available.... Full marks for effort, but it was a little uncomfortable on the eye at times.
Sound was fine, no problems there. Music was well chosen, and no real technical issues with the audio.

All in all - you've got a good idea, start doing it justice.

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metlwing responds:

thank you very much fo your constructive critism. Of course, currently, none of the characters know that they are just cyberspace, and the core will explain that to them in episode 3 or 4, but truely, I did lack some of the storytelling. Please also watch episode 2 if you want, I promise It'll be an improvement!!!

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2.93 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
5:26 PM EST