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Hai, added the stuff you guys said you wanted in the reviews for the first one. :D. Enjoy. Also, this really needs to be played in a pop up. =P Arrows to go to next frame, thats about all the instructions. ;P


Fun but short

This was a fun, gimmicky game, but it wasn't much more than that. On the plus side, I liked the menu and the background music was good too. However, there were only 4 arenas and the menu (not including the final Thanks For Watching screen). The graphics weren't the best either. Overall, a cool gimmick but not much more than that).

P.S. What's the script, I'd be interested in using it in ym Flashes. :D

~ Z

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therealmoomoomoomoo responds:

TY.... I was wondering if the thanks for playing way actually readable XDDD!
Yeah, could probably do with a few more frames....

onClipEvent (load) {
x00 = _x;
y00 = _y;
MAAI = 400;}
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {




Theres the code. (AS2)

TY for the review.


It's a little cool thing that's fun to play with for a minute (sounds like something else there, ey ;) ) but apart from that the song fitted well and the colors were nice. Now that you have this script maybe you should use it in a game?

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therealmoomoomoomoo responds:

Yup, i plan to use the script in a game at some point... but i guess that means i won't be switching over to AS3 for a little longer ;(! TY for the review.

Nice actionscripting here

The script you used is quite interesting and it seems to work very well. Now you just need a more interesting game to use the script. :P

It was interesting to experience all the various screens (first one did NOT lag for me, btw) but it gets very repititve quite fast.

The "Curse Rag" was an interesting choice for the background music and it fits the flash quite well in my opinion.

The main downside is the ugly coloring. You should try to work on that for your future submissions.

{ Review Request Club }

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therealmoomoomoomoo responds:

Yeah, will make something better with the script :D! And lol, the colouring was awesome and you know it! TY for the review :P

Nothing too special indeed

Indeed there is not much special in this game, if you can even call it that way. The scripting that you used is interesting and I suppose it all works well, but everything looks quite ugly in my opinion. You should really work on your drawing skills. Try out some drawing tutorials. And if you can´t draw, then use sprites or something. They´re easy to use and usually look nice.

I thought the music you added was good, I kinda liked the tune. But I believe it is poorly optimised looking at the file size. I suggest you go find a tutorial on how to optimise music, there are plenty of them on NG I believe. You can easily cut the filesize in four and barely lose any quality.

I also experienced a lot of lag on the first screen, even on low quality. You might not wanna add so many of those circles and stuff on one screen.

Overall 4 out of 10, 2 out of 5. The actionscript worked well as I said, but playing around with it in this game quickly got boring. So I´d like to see you turn this into an actual game. If you focus on your drawing skills, then I think you could be able to produce something nice.


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therealmoomoomoomoo responds:

I will never be able to draw well m'afraid... I guess using sprites is a pretty good idea, and yeah... The first screen does lag a bit for some people it seems, even though it doesn't for me... And i didn't even know about optimising music, i will make sure i do that in future creations. :p TY for the review.

It's okay...

...but nothing too special. Also, looking at the name of the flash, I was expecting a game where you actually had to avoid stuff - It's quite interesting how the objects evade you though. The graphics weren't too good, and the arrows weren't greatly drawn.
Good job on the code, but it could generally do with a lottle improvement in other areas.

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therealmoomoomoomoo responds:

Yeah, the arrows were pretty awful. :P! I will make something else with the same code, but more of a game, sometime in the near (maybe distant.... :P) future. Thanks for the review!

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Jan 15, 2009
4:18 PM EST
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