The Last Fight

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I finally ended my last flash movie. The Last Fight. I must say this was an enourmous work . It took me an year to finish, but i could have done this in 5 months. why? well you know...job, study,...same stuff, but most important this was done 100% in paper, all you are watching was done in a sheet of paper
(again) with nothing more than a pencil, and had to scan every ingle frame of this animation. Of course there's the edition part, wich is digital ( colouring, etc. )

So, back to the important stuff....

I hope you like this movie as much as I enjoyed making it.!!!

EDIT: woah third place! Im more than satisfied with this reward! :)

One thing I hated are the destructive comments Ive recived lately. like "go kill yourself", "go die"," or "fuckface"...whatever. I didn't know a flash movie could make someone insult me like that.

I want to tell you I read every single comment and learn from every single one. Spelling mistakes will be corrected ( I'm sorry english is not my first language as you can see), and I promise to improve my animations on my feature works.

Thank you all.

EDIT2: spelling mistakes corrected!


I honestly don't understand why it's rank is so..

This is a really good movie, I really enjoyed it. There are a few things you could have changed but I really liked the style.

Well done :) You should have got a higher over-all rating in my eyes.


This movie's great. I loved it. You should do more work like this though if you do try getting a bit more of the facial expressions in especially since you're working on paper. You don't need to show eyes, you proved that with this videos, but I think that you could work a bit more on the mouth when you show it. Like in the final bit it almost looks like he's laughing. I might of gotten the charecters mixed up and he actually was laughing but that's just moot point. Anyways great job.

Totally awesome stuff dude!

Man, for being done entirely on paper, that movie STILL kicked ass! I think you would do well to create a series based on these guys and stuff. Perhaps learn a bit more about the brothers, where they came from, and like who that dude with the glowing red eyes are and stuff!

Also...i am assuming that battle between the two brothers was in his mind right? or did that battle occur after the one guy was freed?


its kinda sad in a way and it could be symbolizing something but hey im thinkin about this to much anyway good art and music was good it went with the flash maybe a gloomier sadder music


Oh... Its so sad... TT.TT

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3.96 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
2:24 PM EST