The Last Fight

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I finally ended my last flash movie. The Last Fight. I must say this was an enourmous work . It took me an year to finish, but i could have done this in 5 months. why? well you know...job, study,...same stuff, but most important this was done 100% in paper, all you are watching was done in a sheet of paper
(again) with nothing more than a pencil, and had to scan every ingle frame of this animation. Of course there's the edition part, wich is digital ( colouring, etc. )

So, back to the important stuff....

I hope you like this movie as much as I enjoyed making it.!!!

EDIT: woah third place! Im more than satisfied with this reward! :)

One thing I hated are the destructive comments Ive recived lately. like "go kill yourself", "go die"," or "fuckface"...whatever. I didn't know a flash movie could make someone insult me like that.

I want to tell you I read every single comment and learn from every single one. Spelling mistakes will be corrected ( I'm sorry english is not my first language as you can see), and I promise to improve my animations on my feature works.

Thank you all.

EDIT2: spelling mistakes corrected!


Oh well...

The music does much work here it carries the feelings u try 2 show us, the idea is nice, but i wish u had taken your time to give it more animations and a backround story^^ Still not bad reminds me of somekind of an anime^^

Above Average

I enjoyed it. But the idea of it lacks so much issue. Why are they here? I mean I know he challenged him but can we get SOME background? Now the art is too outlined and has too many one colors but the animation was really nothing rong. And I am not an action junky but to be honest there wasn't enough of it. But overall it wasn't bad. Good song choice as well.

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i appreciate the work put into it

but its really short and not really much of a fight just a couple flashes and bam its over

Very nice

I like your art! I watched this video by wanting to see part 2 and I can say I really liked it. Wow... It makes me think about how long it takes to really animate something good. Also, I think the song fitted perfectly! Keep up the good work man!

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This is amazing!

Dude! you make me jealous you can draw and animate this good Seriously great work here!

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3.96 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
2:24 PM EST