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Once at the Lesson

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This very autobiographic story about my school years ))

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OK so here I go starting another review for another entry, and with all Criticisms aside I really think this was a good entry, it had its ups and downs and ofcourse it can use a tweak or two but just by a touch here and there, but thats for later in the review, but what I do have to say is that I like what you presented here, and to keep with it. This was different for sure, lots of little details that made for some quality flash here, the art style was not perfect but it was the little things that made this a success. So as this review comes to a short end, it was a decent flash of good portion, could use more stuff here and there and some smoothing out on some areas, but I thought in the end it was just right and fittng with all that was happening so it was alright with me. So with all that said maybe your next project will be just as good if not better

I Am always looking to help on a few improvment ideas here and there, Not all flash needs new ideas but some still need some improvments so hope you will take some of my ideas and use them to the best of your skills. I wouldnt mind seeing an improvement in graphics and visuals.


(almost)Plain bad



Let's get started...

Who is that kid at the ending? Please tell me!

Video okay, audio sucks

Okay, the animation is fine and fun to watch, but please stop talking into the mic. This is reason #1 I'm not gonna look at your stuff again.

This is better than the rest of you submissions though.

Work on the shitty audio-samples.