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Hello, this is my first game submitted to Newgrounds. I have made others, but this is my best so far. I used a tutorial to make this game, however it has taught me alot about actionscript and I will be able to use this to make new games.


love it!

You my good friend are the MAX in flash. totally addictive.


what was the point of making it a ball of liquid?
it didnt act like liquid in any way
you could've just had it just be a blue ball, n that would've went over fine
i went into this thinking its some cool, physics liquid simulated dodge game
lol, its still good though :]

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I liked it!

Well, that was pretty adequit. It's like one of those games you play during school (which I'm doing right now lol). Add a high score table and you got a winner!

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Nothing new or nice.

By the way, my cursor apperar when i pass the liquid ball above words.

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Nothing much to say except that this game has been saw so many times... Others versions I saw was better than this one... the music can be switch off but not on... most of times, that yellow spheres would move and the thing you control should grow... suchs things give more interest in the game...

Instead 3 lifes you could make that sphere growing with gold spheres and be shrinked when touched by silver spheres... anyway, the game work and is well done... Nice job, continue making games

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2.76 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
12:18 PM EST
Skill - Avoid