Animal Shape Finder

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First! If you got a lack of patience, i do not recommend this! You need to find some time to play this, it´s not a coffee break game. However if you like puzzles and hidden object games, you might enjoy it!
There´s only 10 levels cause i needed to see how hard it is for players. The sequel will be longer.

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I liked it but I didn't like that if you click randomly it lets you go on to the next level. But other than that it's great

what are you supposed to be finding?

Are you supposed to be finding actual pictures of animals, or animals that are hand drawn, and blended into the background? Why do you advance the level if you don't click the actual animal you are supposed to find. the concept is there, but i think it could have been explained better, like what exactly you were trying to find. set a timer on the game, if you click in the wrong place, it adds 30 second to your time, or something along those lines. the game needs a little refining, but once it is, it would be just right. i'll be looking forward to the sequel. btw, i found 0-10 animals. hehehe, i stink.

no error checking!!

No matter where you click you advance anyways!!! That turns the game into little more than a slideshow. Fix that and with the beautiful artwork and photos you'll be solid.


Ridiculously hard!
I like it :-)

Nice idea, but...

I was expecting realistic animals to show up, or like some how the scenery would piece together to create an animal image. When I found the spider on the second pic, I realized you just blended in some hand-drawn pics into the overall pic, and sometimes your hand-drawn pic was very difficult to tell if it was an animal or not. (EG: the guinea pig ... only way I found that was because the one rock looked a bit distorted, so I clicked on it, and it just happened to be the right one.) It's an interesting concept, I just think it could have been executed better. Like El-Syd said, some of the drawings are so vague, we start seeing things that aren't there, then get pissed when we find out we were wrong.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
2:34 AM EST
Puzzles - Other