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Super D

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Hi guys - this 3D game is processor intensive, so may not work very well on slower computers - sorry! Try setting the graphics quality to low if you are getting too much lag. This one was really hard to work out in Flash - please be kind when rating us!

Your objective is simple - Climb up the Tower of Dicedom, rescue your friends, eliminate Big D's hench dice, collect the faces of power and ultimately kill Big D at the top. Easy!

*** Just uploaded the current version of the game - hopefully no bugs this time. Sorry!

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The graphics, the gameplay, the remixed Wily's Stage 1 theme from Mega Man 2...I fucking LOVED it! 2009 was an amazing year

Played this game when I was 6 or something, brings back memories

I remember playing this game when i was little, it was my childhood.

I can't believe it, all the memories are coming back. I want to cry, I've been looking for this game forever and now I have my hands on such a time capsule of a game. Thank you to whoever made this game on making me happy all these years.

i remember when i found this damn game 8 years ago on some random game page, and i loved it. ahhh the memories