Block Defence

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This is my second game submission. Hopefully better than the last one :D.

The core code is based on a tutorial by Jason Peinko (www.worldfaction.com). It was edited, and expanded upon to produce Block Defence. The graphics used in the tutorial were also removed and replaced by new graphics produced by myself.

The game itself is finished to a point that it can be played by anybody. Cosmetic and performance updates may be made in the future. Suggestions are appreciated.

Hopefully you will enjoy this take on the Tower Defence Genre.

Please Rate and Review.

Some minor glitches fixed (arrow towers not upgrading and water towers not working)

Some of you have Mentioned how slow it is at the begining. That is because the speed is calculated using the following line of code:
levelSpeed = maxLevelSpeed-Math.abs(ma xLevelSpeed/Math.pow(leve l, 1/(maxLevelSpeed*5)))+0.5 ;
Which should get very close to 3.5 after a lot of rounds.

I'd like to hear your views on removing this in the sequel and having constant speed.

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too slow!!!!!

Da enemies are movin' too slow so it gets borin'

DJMoran responds:

The way I controlled the speed in this version of the game was very complicated, its in the description but I'll post it here anyway:

levelSpeed = maxLevelSpeed-Math.abs(maxLevelSpeed/
Math.pow(level, 1/(maxLevelSpeed*5)))+0.5 ;

which when you plot it on a graph give a curve which rises quickly and gradually gets to 3.5 (the fastest I could make them go before there were problems)

The next version will have a fixed speed and (hopefully) a fast forward button

Like pico ses...

"nothing to interesting or new"


I liked the effort, a lot. The maze was was too simplistic. Only having one type of enemy as far as I played was really boring, and the towers and shots from said towers were too plain, way too plain. You have the right idea, but very under developed skills, night try and keep it up.

- LE

DJMoran responds:

The main reason why I only used one enemy was because I decided to use different colours per level for the enemy

I admit the graphics aren't great due to my lacking artistic skills.

The sequel is in the loop but I think I'm going to change the name. Stay Tuned


Good, but it gets repetitive and boring. The problem is that the enemies are way to slow.

DJMoran responds:

I'll make sure I speed them up in the next one

Far too easy.

Overall, this was a good effort. The animation was fairly smooth (although shooting and enemy spawning/movement ran at different speeds during heavy computer processing times, an odd side effect of running multiple tasks at once), the gameplay was simple yet entertaining, and the speed increases were enough to keep you from simply building and maintain a single all-powerful tower - one alone couldn't keep up!

My only complaint - unfortunately, this is a big one - is that the game was way too easy. Once you earn enough to get a fire tower and place it near the beginning of the level, you can basically skip 20 or so levels without making any changes at all. That tower was very inexpensive considering its ridiculous power, which made it absolutely absurd in combat. Relying almost entirely on two upgraded fire towers, I made it to level 98 before finally deciding to stop.

It really shouldn't be that simple, so you might want to think about restricting the power of that fire tower. Whether you increase its cost dramatically, limit the time during which the blocks "burn," or restrict construction to areas near the end of the path, it ought to be either weakened or harder to use.

Again, I loved the simple and addictive style of this game, but the fire towers made it so that I just had to click the "Next Level" button every few minutes while surfing the net. They're a nice concept, but in this case they just made the game far too easy.

DJMoran responds:

thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure I try and include your suggestions in the sequel.

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2.24 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2009
4:17 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense