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Rift War

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Author Comments

Civil war has broken out in Feudal era Japan. A large influx of peasants have sought refuge in your stronghold. Train them to farm and fight! Bring peace to the land once more!

******If the game runs slow please choose "LOW Quality" from the options menu********
******Refer to in-game instructions******


good idea but please fix it

dude great concept you almost had it though but you tried to make the game controls too simple and it ended up with poor control agrrivation and a quickly ending game. like everyone else said it has potential in fact im quite surprised such a good idea was found on newgrounds (no offense) but really you need to fix it because i really dont want this game to get blammed

Good idea, poor execution

My main complaints have already been covered by previous reviews: the unit selecting, the "unit shadows", control issues, unit AI issues.

My main suggestion: More control options on units, like garrisoning archers in the tower/fort you want and stand ground stance so samurai don't wander everywhere.

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not bad

it was good but your missing some stuff, like to send the next wave of enemies would be helpful, and when the peasents spawn they're behind the fortress and its hard to tell which is a soilder already and which isnt so it would be helpful to either make a different outline color or make them appear in front of the fortress

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misses the mark

Damn this game is a shame, it has so much potential, but is let down by some clunky mechanics which make it more irritating than enjoyable.

It requires an awful lot of micromanagement, but the interface used to select units is not particularly helpful.
For example, I create a group of samurai, geisha, and priests, and move them infront of the wall I created so that they can defend it, whilst the archers cover them from above. However the geishas and priests just seem to randomly walk in front of the soldiers, and get slaughtered by oncoming enemies. In order to select just the priest and geishas I have to drag a box selecting them all, then click a button to isolate just the geishas, then click to move them, then repeat again for the priests, it just takes too long and by the time I have done it, they have died.

Soldier creating is a pain as well. You first have to create a load of peasents, then convert them to soldiers. However when any new unit appears they are behind the fortress, only visible by a non-descript blue outline. You cannot distinguish one type of unit from another until you select them, move them outside the fortress, and then try to sort them from there. It is a pain, especially when the enemy break through your wall and are slaughtering your peasents before you can send new reinforcements.

I can tell a lot of work has gone into this game, but I just find it annoying to play, gave up on the second level after all my peasents were slaughtered whilst I was trying to work out where my priests and samurai had gone.

I would also have liked to see a "restart level" or "return to main menu" option whilst in the game. Sometimes you can screw up the economy at the start and have to wait for the enemies to kill you, or press F5 to restart the game from the beginning.

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Reminds me of BattleRealms.. or something like dat

Well, i think you got this idea from battlerealms, i think it was called...
Anyways, it was a game that was pretty much the same although it was more advanced and 3d, and better in many ways.
This game was good, using an idea that is very rarely used, but i agree about the camera thing, and i found the game to be 2 short. I didn't have time to research and i never needed to change extra peasents into samurai or archers... it was a breeze. Try adding more levels, or more enemies that never stop coming or something... Still it was pretty good while it lasted, but it didn't last that long.... looking forward to a follow-on
Keep up the good work!

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Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2009
2:46 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)