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Griswold the Goblin 2 CH1

rated 4.09 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Jan 13, 2009 | 1:12 AM EST

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Author Comments

Finally Lilg and I are back again with the long awaited sequel to Griswold the Goblin. It's been a long journey for us, with many setbacks, sidetracks and almost a year of development.

In this first chapter of this new on going saga called "Islands of Fire" you must help Griswold find the Goblin City. You will have to collect many items, solve puzzles, play several mini games and even navigate a labyrinth to help Griswold in this new epic adventure.

Lot's of thanks must go to all the people who tested the game and to Tom Fulp for all the help he's given us!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic :)

Really fun, and Griswold's voice reminds me distinctively of Abe's. Great game though, quite challenging at times :P


Rated 5 / 5 stars


awesome sequel to one of my favorite flash games ever!
full of humor. the music was great. the game really makes the player appreciate griswolds world. this game has style i can tell you worked hard on it. cant wait for the next one
great job everyone!

Phantasmagor responds:

Thanks a lot :D


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good not great

As others have said the art was all very nice, the voice acting and over all style all good. The programming seemed to work as intended as well, which runs us into the problem I had with the game.

Scrolling through the different actions was annoying for me, a more click happy interface would have been superior I think here. Something that was always in look mode but when you clicked it gave you more icons to click on in a mini window. I don't know something about having to switch icons to walk was really bothersome to me.

Aside from that it was a fun game, the puzzles were all ok but a bit odd, I for one couldn't see the jar right at the beginning for some reason which added a bit of frustration. I figured out the rest pretty fast, but I must say melting gum off the axe had me scratching my head after it worked.

Phantasmagor responds:

We will be working to improve the interface making it much more user friendly in the sequels. Thanks for the review :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Sequel and Beginning

I remember playing the previous Griswold the Goblin game and enjoying it immensely, so it's great to see the sequell hit the net. Especially seeing the bar being raised in a lot of areas since the first one. First of all, the art style used by Chris is excellent. The cartoony look is very crisps and clean and comes across as very professional, as does the incredibly smooth animation of Grisworld and the world he interacts with. Programming is practically flawless as well. At one point I did come across what I thought was a bug. While in the labyrinth I was walking right to the screen with the lumberjack, but ended up in the first screen of the Dark Passage. However this did not happen a second time I followed the path and the game carried on as normal. It was likely just a one off glitch and didn't affect the playthrough at all.

I would say that the story was far too simple and didn't seem to actually go anywhere, but as you've said yourself that this is only the first chapter to create the setting and the story will be fleshed out in later parts, which it does very well. It was nice to have a little bit of light humour throughout the game, which made it quite enjoyable to play through. Griswold's complete indifference to his world in particular is quite humourous. He sees someone get eaten by a giant flower, and where most would probably be shocked he instead sees an opportunity to get a free chicken. Also I don't know if it was intentional, but I did get a kick out of the fact that most of this game involved you searching for a rope to avoid having to just jump down the well, only to have you in the end fall down it anyway. A bit ironic don't you think?

The biggest problem with point and click games is finding that balance between puzzles that are actually doable but ones which are not overly easy and provide little to no challenge. GTG for the most part has this balance but does to jump either side of the line now and then with some really obscure solutions to certain puzzles, and I did end up having to use to walkthrough to solve some of them. (The one that stumped me was fishing for lava, which I'll admit is something that I never would've considered). Mind you after using the walkthrough I often felt like kicking myself for missing something which looking back seems completely obvious. Quite often on some of the least obvious puzzles there are subtle hints which direct you in the right direction, you just have to look for them. A number of people seem to be complaining about the inclusion of minigames and who they distract from the main quest the game centres around. I have to disagree and say that they add a nice bit of variation to the game, and are not exactly difficult to the point where they'd be 'distracting'.

The voice acting was also top notch right down from Josh Tomar's opening narration to each of the characters. In particular the Weeping Widow was quite impressive. The music score additionally was perfect for the game, never getting too annoying or distraction as many in-game loops do. All in all this is a fun game, a great sequel and a good set up for the rest of the chapters to come. I'll be looking forward to the future releases. Though looking back I do have to wonder, where does Griswold lives in a cave, so where exactly is he plugging his TV into? Guess that's fantasy for you.

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Phantasmagor responds:

Things have changed a lot since we released the original Griswold. We have learnt a lot over the past few years but may have lost the magic and imagination we had when making the original Griswold.

We're glad to see that you enjoyed this game as well as the original Griswold. The story will become far more complex with the sequels and we will improve on everything we can by listening to everyones views and suggestions. There was a little intended irony in the fact that you just fell down the well all along. We didn't get time but the original plan was to show that if Griswold had fallen from a greater hight it would have been fatal instead he shaved a few meters off his fall and survived.

I do agree that the mini games are necessary in the game as they provide the player with a little bit of variety from the normal game play. What we have to work on in sequels is some more engaging and thought provoking puzzles as well as some new interesting ideas for environments and characters.

We're hoping that we can really give you something greatly improved in the sequels. We need to work hard to improve a lot of the issues that people have brought up in this game.

Thanks for the lengthy review!
P.S. all I can say is if in this world theres goblins, spiders that can talk and there's giant man eating fly traps and monsters having tea parties, I think its completely reasonable that he could have a TV that works on magic instead of using a power outlet :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really polished game

This game is very enjoyable to play. I would gladly pay to play this game. I wish it was longer but I appreciate that you wouldn't be able to make it much bigger as a flash game. I really look forward to the coming chapters and hope that one day you may be able to put the chapters together into one big game somehow.

Your work improves with every game.

Keep up the excellent work.

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Phantasmagor responds:

Thanks. I think the length is just right to allow the game to appeal to a wider audience as apposed to pleasing those who either want a really short game or a really long one. We may some day put all chapters of the game together into one large game. Well see