Griswold the Goblin 2 CH1

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Finally Lilg and I are back again with the long awaited sequel to Griswold the Goblin. It's been a long journey for us, with many setbacks, sidetracks and almost a year of development.

In this first chapter of this new on going saga called "Islands of Fire" you must help Griswold find the Goblin City. You will have to collect many items, solve puzzles, play several mini games and even navigate a labyrinth to help Griswold in this new epic adventure.

Lot's of thanks must go to all the people who tested the game and to Tom Fulp for all the help he's given us!


hey man good job

but i could not finish without the walkthrougt couse:
sometimes you clik realy near where you have to clik(like when you have to use the rope)and it sai's some stupd message saing wath i'm thinking doing that =P, you should make the cliking area larger on the next CH

oh and you could make hin saing tips when cliking stuff ,like when you have to open the maze gate(i started to use the walkthrough here), will be nice if when you clik on the key role,griswold sais:uhhhnm, there are probably a way to drestroi it and open the gate. or something like that, will make the game easer but i will not need the walkthrough =)

anyway, i can't wait to the next chapter.and the voice atc in this game is nice,and the way that he walks is funny(but phisicaly impocible xD)

nice game!

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Phantasmagor responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. Generally there are clues for everything I guess I just forgot to add a clue at the gate. That's actually a really good idea to have made the lock have a separate interaction that said "It looks like you could maybe break the lock." It's too late to change now though, but we will try and provide a lot more hints and clues in the sequels.

the right game in the right place...

Graphics : 10
Sound : 9,3
Playability : 9
Fun : 10
Replay : 8,763
It was judged by 16 people who scored on each topic.The final score and the overall score are the total score of each topic divided by 16.

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Great graphics, a little bit boring after a while.

Current Score
3.95 / 5.00 (+ 0.0025)

Great game but after a while it really gets boring.

I love the graphics, great drawings and good quality. Most of it is motion tweening but you did it very good. Everything went smooth and I didn't found any lags, great job!

You also used some good sounds. I also liked the music, it fits perfect with the game, good choice with that!

The idea and the gameplay kind of disappointed me. You had some original things in it but most of it was kind of boring. The idea wasn't really original and it would have been a lot better if there was just some more action, not only waling, walking, walking, walking, click, walking walking walking, click.
That really gets boring after a while and I already was talking to Lumberjack but I just stopped playing 'cause I didn't felt like it anymore. (:

Still, you did a great job with this game, the graphics were awesome and the animation is really smooth. The action scripting is also really awesome, it maybe looks basic, clicking and cursor but everything is really well but together. (: Really great point 'n click game! :D


PS: I guess the reason why I thought this was kind of boring is because I never really liked "point 'n click" games at all.

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Phantasmagor responds:

There wasn't much motion tweening at all actually. Lilg much prefers to do everything using frame by frame and occasionally uses motion tweening where appropriate.

We're glad you actually put some thought into your review and put some thought into scoring despite not enjoying the game. If you're not a point and click fan then obviously this isn't the game for you :P

Thanks for the review

umm... wow

great game! i believe the best i have played on newgrounds! how long are we going to have to wait to see the next!?!?!?

Phantasmagor responds:

We would like to release by June 09 at the latest

Good game!

Nice one! Really well done game with good easy to use menus that really add to the feeling. The intro was really nice with the 3d effects, was that made enterily in flash? I got the feeling you are inspired by the Discworld games more than Monkey Island. The music and sound effects when picking something up sounded a bit like Discworld. Ovarll a great game! Some good critcism is also good so i have to point that could be better.

First i think the goblin walks a little funny, it think the animation of his walking could be better considering how nice everything else looks.

I also found it hard sometimes to see where there was another part you could walk into and change screens. But thats a problem a lot of "real" point and click games has to.

Lastly it would be fun if the goblin actually speaked when you was looking at something instead of only text.

Keep up the good work!!

Phantasmagor responds:

Lilg used a 3d graphics application called c4d to create the 3d effect in the intro sequence. Monkey island was a huge inspiration for Lilg while I was more inspired by games like kings quest. I've never played/seen discworld before so I'm not sure. The issue with the walk is the fact that the way Griswold is drawn with his posture, its very hard to animate him. This is something that Lilg will be working on improving in the sequels. I think there would be way too many sounds if Griswold spoke for every interaction. While it would be impressive and cool, the games file size would be huge and it would also be a lot of work to get all that sound in the game.

Thanks for the review :D

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4.09 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2009
1:12 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click