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SM Power Crystals Part 2

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Super Mario Power Crystals Part 2

EDIT: Everything is now fine with the sound.

Second part is here. It was hard work but somehow I managed to finish it. I have learned lots of new stuff while making this flash, so expect my upcoming flash cartoons to be even better. This time Mario is trying to get the Earth Power Crystal. If you haven't watched first part go check it out. Hope you like it and see you soon.
Sound effects don't work right. I am sorry about that. I will fix it as fast as I can. For now don't mind about sound effects, if you can.

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Another epic part of SMPC...

Just to say, the first was MUCH more dramatic, although the first introduced the story... but still. This was a MUCH better than I had expected, and I expected a standard pt. 2.

My critisism:

1) You shouldv'e had a much more epic song when the action happened. That is just my point.
2) When Mario gets the crystal, you should've had a big darkened screen thing and some victory music. also, my opinion, your choice.

3) Where the HELL do you get those sprites? I haven't seen them at ALL. Are they custom made?

That is all for now, any more critisism and i'll pm you.

Matija27 responds:

Since this is only a second part of SMPC I didn't want to go for an epic music. I am saving that for the last part. I got those Mario, Wario and Koopa sprites from www.mfgg.com. Sprites are done in so called Pesky Plumber style by NO Body (The Dragon). I'm glad you liked it and be sure to tell me if there is anything else I could improve :)