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Click on a flower to fly to it, and grab it's pollen. Next spread the pollen to as many flowers of the same color as you can.

Pollenating 6 consecutive flowers of the same color gives you a powerup!

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pretty good, could be a lot better

the basic gameplay you got is pretty cool. something i might recommend is changing the music, nothing wrong with the kirby music but it does get grating after a while. maybe have the music change as the map fills up, getting more tense, darker, etc. another thing is that this seems like a game design that will eventually become literally impossible, as the flowers will spawn immediately. or maybe you do have it reach a cap and i just suck :P

MaxManning responds:

There is a cap, but learning the powerups will help you get further. Particularly the yellow and green.

how could you...

display such pornography? The sexual metaphor supercharged my daughter and caused her to go out whoring for the night!

I for one am writing my congressbeing even as we speak and I encourage all *DECENT* folk to do likewise. OUr congressbeings will not stand for this. Our congressbeing will save us all. Heil congress!

Down with the sexually metaphoric predators!!

I am not enticed!

MaxManning responds:

Do I at least get to keep the 10 ?

loved it.

gets addicting. and takes some strategy to get a good score. fun.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks, it does take a little bit of understanding the strategy to really score high.

Yeah! First in the scoreboard!!

A bit boring but i'm first so i don't care...

MaxManning responds:

Congrats! Thanks for checking it out!

The Graphics aren't so bad either =]

Hahaha :)

MaxManning responds:

Lets not forget the graphics of course!