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Draw a path for the ball to roll along in this innovative skill game.

There are 43 levels in total + a boss battle + extra levels you can unlock if you're mad enough to beat it with all 3 balls. If that's not enough for you though don't worry I put high scores and a level editor in there too :)

-The ball can travel up through the line but not down so feel free to jump through it.
-Keep your momentum by drawing smooth curves.
-Create a V shape if you need to trap the ball.
-Use a good mouse!

This is a challenging game, try to get the hang of it before rating!



i enjoyed it somewhat but its kinda dumb. challenging in an annoying way


Need I say more?

fun but hard

This game is really original. I enjoyed playing this game. The music was appropriate. It was hard though.
Some improvements can be made.

Awesome game!

The audio and the animation were great. The level editor and the boss make it even better.
I think you should make more and variegated backgrounds. I really liked the background after the level OK(yellow, orange and red).
In two words - good job.

Best game EVER!

Amazing game. I didn't want to stop playing it.

I liked the animation in this game, everything went smoothly and properly. My only complaint is the graphics (more backgrounds, cooler backgrounds, etc.).

The concept is extremely original. I don't know how you could ever invent such an amazing and original idea. The levels progressed very, very well, were varied differenly, cleverly made, and a nice challenge in all. I managed to beat all the levels and was mad enough to win with all three balls, plus finished the extra levels in 6 minutes :D. I liked the boss stage too; it was the right difficulty, and fun at the same time.

The audio's great. The song fit perfectly with this game, and the sound effects (even though there weren't many) were cool. My only problem here is I wish there were more songs, like maybe a music selection, a dfferent song for every ball, a song for the extra levels or a song for the boss battle.

The high scores and level editor gave a nice touch to the game, plus the fact that you could play user levels as well was cool too. Great job on those.

Overall, one of my favourite games. Very original, fun, and well made. Amazing job! I wish there were medals XD.
Also, to TheBigPanda, the ball only goes through the line from under. Don't you know how to read?

-Review Request Club-

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4.21 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2009
2:38 PM EST
Skill - Other