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Draw a path for the ball to roll along in this innovative skill game.

There are 43 levels in total + a boss battle + extra levels you can unlock if you're mad enough to beat it with all 3 balls. If that's not enough for you though don't worry I put high scores and a level editor in there too :)

-The ball can travel up through the line but not down so feel free to jump through it.
-Keep your momentum by drawing smooth curves.
-Create a V shape if you need to trap the ball.
-Use a good mouse!

This is a challenging game, try to get the hang of it before rating!

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So this s one of those games that can be pretty addicted syles and you can play for hours almost never ending type of games I don't see any needed changes but what I do see is a great addictive style of game that keeps you comming back for more and that's what really kept me into this one so nice work there I wish more people would make more games like this it's entertaining and fun I could see you adding some medals to the game

Adding some medals would be one good idea


I don't think that there's a GameHomepage game that I don't like, all of them have become my instant favourites. Once again, more brilliant work from the awesome coders at GameHomepage.

is a winding road is so hard .....................................
but i hhhhhhaaaaaaaaa love it

Love this game!

http://www.thegamehomepage.com/play/s criball/The-Impossible-Level/bapaaaab gbkbachcjcadidaehejeafgfkfagahaiajdje jfjljpjdklkpkdlhlllpldmhmlmmmnmompman bncndnenfngnhnlnmnnnonpnaoap~1oaqahbi bjbobpbqbgcickcocpcqcgdjdkdgeiekehfif jfgjhjmjnjojhkinjnkndodp~2hdnkalflbo/

See if you can beat it! verified by: me :3

My First Level:

http://www.thegamehomepage.com/play/s criball/The-Impossible-Level/2aaqpqai bqbacicidieifigihiiijikiliminaoboiopo qoip~1bahajaabbbpp~2iapaaphpjp/