Iron Dome

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Between January 2001 and December 2008, terrorists in Gaza launched 8,165 rockets and mortar attacks on civilian communities in southern Israel.

The only one who can stop it is you!
Use your "Arrow" missiles batteries to destroy Qassams rockets before they hit the city.

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nice game realy cool

Gee. Hamas is making me tremble with fear.

You know, I wish I could speak better of this game.

I'll admit that the graphics were well-done, but aside from that, the gameplay was very generic and adapted to a formula dating back nearly 30years.

And for as the underlying 'context' of the game...

The actual dangers poised to Israeli persons by Hamas rocketing is barely a fraction of the sense of danger that you attempted to simulate in the game.

The gardenshed-rockets that were fired upon Israel in real life are less accurate than the Power Glove (thank you Mattel...), and less lethal than a paper bag of dog manure that had been set on fire.

By failing to acknowledge this, but rather, PERPETUATING the exact opposite, you've kicked sand into the weeping eyes of the impoverished Gazans who bared witness to countless family members dying from the Israeli campaign that the IDF described as a 'security measure'.

The dangers that the real life rockets from Gaza poised was minuscule. The bombing campaign that the IDF undertook was absolutely out of proportion and almost completely unjustifiable.

By simulating that the dangers from the Gaza attacks were many times greater than they were in real life, you've lent credence to the notion that the bombing campaign was somehow justifiable, and in turn, that the massive loss of human life in Gaza was itself, somehow justifiable.

Those people didn't have to die and I think you know that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Yes, Hamas was behaving inexcusably when it fired upon Israel and such behavior ought justify response -- a series of arrests might have been in order and is a tactic that the IDF has employed for years on end. But a response that caused so much carnage, resulted in so many deaths, and shattered so many lives... No, that was not justifiable.

If you want to serve the interests of the people of Israel -- and of Gaza -- work to find a way to bring real peace; your time and energy ought not be invested in devising ways to rationalize carnage.


an interesting way to tell the pro-isreali story. Gameplay is alright.

It's okay.

Gets boring quickly. Otherwise it could have been 9. Good game though.

I Don't like the game in general

Now before burning me, I saying that I don't like missile games in general and also it's not fair for you to get a low score because someone don't like something overall. Unknown this game was a missile game, i give this game a try and it's better then what i expected. Great job.
9/10 + 4/5

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3.51 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2009
12:25 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed