Animating a Hand

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well, after a good day's work, with countless distractions, I finished the second of three (or more) hand tutorials! I am very proud of this one, and I hope you will be as pleased with the animation of it as you are of what it teaches.

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very nice dude,

but add some sounds to it...music is'nt neccesary but it would make it a bit more cheerful:)

furthermore, you can also add some loops to the flash in a menu of some sort, and show the entire animation looping. people will be able to see how it happens, how the skin folds, how the perspective works and that stuff.



tomocles responds:

My final tutorial will have Drawing a Hand and Animating a Hand in it, along with 2 others and possibly some extras, and I will be making the animation examples loop in it. Keep an eye out!

Promising Work

Your interest in animation shows, good frame by frame work. As a suggestion for tutorials if you do make more (you should) would be to make it even simpler, going down to the bones of the model, as you said hands are a network of tubes. If you showed how to plan out the motions of a hand on the skeletal level first and then add the details, it would be a nice lesson to kids who are serious about learning the art of Animation. However this is by all means great work! Keep it up!

tomocles responds:

will do, eye-skate. The problem with teaching at the skeletal level is that if you arent an advanced drawer, it causes them to apply an unneccessary, and mostly detrimental step to the process. Only advanced users know when to use something like a skeletal structure.

Tricky hands!

thanks man, thinking of sepperate parts in the hand made me understand animating/drawing hands better, I always avoided drawing hands :P

good job and keep em coming :D

tomocles responds:

np, pancake. :D


very clear, very technical.
that is why it is easy to understand it. but little humer dosnt hurt.

still, good job

tomocles responds:

lol, I didnt even have a play button, and you want me to add humor? :P


Better than the first... nice one!

tomocles responds:

thanks. :)

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Jan 12, 2009
12:01 AM EST