Aquanum 1.1

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Control the water creature, eat bonuses and grow up. Make your best result, swim into the deep far as you can. Good luck.

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I liked game) in it it is possible to play infinitely)

very nice!

i like the concept of it- a sea creature growing in size until its own forward progress becomes its demise. but there was a control glitch in that trying to get a powerup that floated beneath your score would quickly become unreachable, as the score thing kept turning my mouse into the little select text thing and refusing that it existed. i found that the fact that tail segments got chopped off during one of the many floating debris segments kept it at a constant length, so the mechanic there is really cool but a little misplaced in a game where at any given point your main segment can collide into a rock at ninety miles per hour and the last link will be destroyed, leaving me with a puzzled "why didnt the thing that hit the rock get destroyed" look right as the next volley of rocks hurtled at me. i really didn't see the practicality of them anyways. the powerups gave me points, and that's about it. it's not like they helped get powerups, you had to go in the direction of the powerup before anything happened- and at that point it's easier to do it with the main one.
i also found the shield to be uncannily useful. instead of giving me extra life, it gave me the ability to wave my mouse around like a chimp and watch my score rise until the little green bar doodad went away. and as the game speeds up, the waving becomes more frenzied, because your real hope is that the magical little green bar refiller will be there in the next patch of seriously menacing rock. which brings up the question of why the hell there are so many rocks there in the first place! seriously, you'd think they would SINK. a fair bit faster than you, too. they're quite heavy, those rocks. but even if they weren't that would still bring a question about why colliding into a floating object that is obviously not spikey would hurt you in the slightest. okay, i can understand the mobility thing, what with inertia and all, but until you reach "horrible splatter death by random rock spawn" speed, the only thing i can imagine it doing is slowing you down. i mean, christ, what sea creature can't live where there are rocks?
well, anyway, nit-picking aside, this is far better than any game i could do at the moment. and i really did enjoy it, and the atmosphere that came with piloting a sea creature though an unusually bright neon sea, filled with bright neon powerups and a bright neon player, set in mysterious deep-sea music that i believe you forgot to credit by the way. although all bright, i didn't find any blurring as the player went faster, and my retinas thank you immensely for that.
but regardless. it's a fun little timewaster with an absolutely arbitrary score system as the difference in score between the player who got to splatter death speed and the player who got to running speed can differ only slightly, assuming the latter got enough of those little invincibility doodads that make it so strategy and skill is irrelevant.

I'd call it a good start.

Honestly, the learning curve almost isn't there. It really needs to have a lot more diversity in it to make it more challenging and dynamic. It looks nice, is fun to play for a bit, but it really isn't something I'd sit here for hours on end mindlessly addicted to :|


not baad... but make the thing bigger or something! or build little and big rocks (like the fish games)

btw. 19.125

It was nice

Fun little gadget/game but it didn't take too long before my eyes started aching >_O

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4.31 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2009
11:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other