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This is a demo of a game i am working on... i hope YOU can tell me what to improve and what extra features you would want...

also, is it to hard?

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Was pretty good but some of the buttons are broken

Work on it! :D

This could be a good game, but It'd be good if you'd fix the following things...

When I mute it, and I unmute it, it doesn't unmute. Yeah. XD
Personally I think its too hard. D: Especially if it goes way too fast.
Also other people have said this, but the camera needs to stay with the car. o_o One second I'm driving around the next I'm like, "WHERES MY CAR"
Also maybe you can decorate the title screen more?
And add interesting backgrounds while you're playing.
Maybe you can add extra modes, like racing ones? Or a timed one? Or you have to collect stuff? I'm not sure if thats included in the game but if it isn't, you should add it. :D

Good luck with your game!~

Ok lets start off with

I put some notes down while i was dying theese are them:
the opening..
Game starts ugly start up screen welcomes you!
Press controls... Ok preatty simple looks like this game might be fun
Press Play: Wooh looks preatty standerd jesus that music is killing me
mute:Nice and easy to find
Looking at levels: sweet some diffrent levels and shit but only 3. Lets go with metro
Looking at cars: 3 cars all look diffrent but do they drive diffrent? I go with oldy
Metro: sweet im going preatty fast... Oh wtf? i had to jump that?
Metro 4th time: Ok gonna make that jump. luckly it still lets me jump in the block..
WTF IS that it?
Lab: Trying a diff car..WTF is the floor doing? .. dead
lab 4th :dead
Lab 10th:dead
lab: screw this especially since each time i lost it resets level and car
im done I dont even want to go into the falling level because its soo unforgiveable


the only thing is lil more detail on the platforms


The game looks nice, the idea looks nice, but the demo is unplayable. Car goes offscreen very fast, disappears at the bottom, game rushes incredible.

I would suggest to first check the functionality and then worry about extra functions. Or even post a demo. It's worth developing, but it needs quite some work still.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2009
7:14 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other