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when there is a slanted one just jump

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Make it... better. It needs improvement. Try to make enemys, add-on a v-cam, and make a story to it!


I dont give zeros and this is the gayiest game ever

Chase1336 responds:

ur a cocksucker

Decent, better than what i can create.

There is potential, but you learn from errors. Let me begin with, at least more of an instruction panel. Telling people that the Space Bar is to jump, and directional arrows to move around. Then, to make it so that when you die, you go to different window, that will respawn you to the beginning or something. And the music repeats on top of itself sometimes. try to fix that. Also, you shouldn't rely on people being honest to just click "done" to proceed tothe next level. Though, if that is what you know how to do. than its a start. other than that, it has the workings of a decent game. Work on some other issues, the music was good though. and just don't worry about other people.
Good luck

Probably an early attempt?

It took me a few tries to realize just how the game worked.... I assume this is one of your earlier game attempts? If so it's not a bad try. Lemme give you some constructive criticism.

First, the whole hitting the "done" button system was no good. Im not sure how because i don't make games myself, but there should be some kind of system where if you make it to the red platform it brings you to the next level.

Second, the whole shape thing was fine and good, but if you make another platformer try to put in some more interesting things. Maybe a person, even a generic stick man wouldn't be bad.

Third, you need some kind of respawn system where if you fall off the bottom you don't just have to start over, you can respawn at whatever level you made it to, or maybe a checkpoint every 5 levels depending on the game's size.

Fourth, the music seemed kind of annoying and out of place to me personally. Maybe some simpler pluzzle-game-like music.

The snow I didn't mind too much, someone complained about it earlier... wasn't a problem for me. All in all, a good attempt, just needs some major tweaking. 3/10 2/5

Chase1336 responds:


I dont get it

So I die immediatly, and from there its a free pass to the end.
Thanks for the memories.

Chase1336 responds:

Ur fucking welcome

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Jan 11, 2009
1:35 PM EST
Puzzles - Falling