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Control the water creature, eat bonuses and grow up. Make your best result, swim into the deep far as you can. Good luck.

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This was quite relaxing at first, but then began to pick up speed, not bad. Also good choice of music, fits perfectly with the game.

Quite good

A soothing and entertaining game but gets to hard when you have ten with no shield


this game is a very soothing game. the grafs were very good and the goes for the same. but that doesnt mean it was perfect- nothings perfect. here are a couple things i found wrong

1. first there should be a feature to speed up the mouse speed for in higher lvs in the game, the creature became too slow to dodge the clouds.

2. as previosly spoken the tail problem should have been spoken in the directions.

3. if you upgrade the mouse to a higher speed i recomend you make it so that there are less lives floating around, for the game would be becoming too easy.

4. there should be a difficulty feature, something to make the game more easy/hard.

overall you have a very good game. most games have around 10-15 errors and they usually have large glitches. you have a very well rounded game here and i see you have talent.


Not too bad--

--Sort of relaxing in the beginning. The actual game graphics were nice, and the gameplay was addicting enough to make me give it a second try.

Splash screen for the actual game could use a little work though, and the icon for the game is a little deceptive. Also, you should probably give the "how to play" a better tutorial on a clean page, rather than putting it in the extra space on the menu. If you lose lives off of the tail end, you should probably specify that in the "how to play" as well, since I wasn't aware of that until the game started to speed up and I tried to dodge and go around things, only to have my tail (which isn't glowing like the front end, I assumed it wasn't vulnerable) cut off. You can't get the points/lives all the way at the top of the screen though because of the "stat" bar.

Overall though its a decent game. I liked it.

really fun

i liked it alot its pretty challenging and the music is actually good. kinda mellow and soothing

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4.66 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2009
11:51 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other