Serpent's Grave :Pitch:

January 11, 2009 –
December 5, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Thank you Tom Fulp for your support man, really appreciate it, and Allan for helping me out with getting this thing ready to be viewed.

Before continuing, the sound designer of this flash, Glenn (Caruu, placed in the credits by accident) had received devastating news on the last day I had finished the visual work. His uncle Kenneth Goa past away on January 9th 2009. Let us acknowledge that. His memorial is spotted at the end of the credits.

Anyhow, I want to apologize for the insane file size for the short flash, and the length it took me to create.

A pitch trailer for Skyfall Studios' project for a feature film idea. This is the flash version of the pitch in it's original format,and It will soon be up on Youtube.

Set in the 1940's, the story takes place in the shores of England (Wales as reference) a few years after World War II. It's about kids who want to be heroes; It's about a man who is trying to escape his violent past; It's about a being who fought against his own brothers; It's about sisters who had lost each other.

The story was inspired by the events of World War II ,and the idea was inspired by a children's short story I read ages ago, as well as various of other movies: Atonement (2007), The Most Dangerous Game (1932) , Lady in the Water (2005-2006)

I made this pitch to not only express my ideas, but to express my love on films ,and my love for 2D animation as well. So far, the movie concept is in a very early stage, and this pitch will only help me and Skyfall Studios to gather support in the near future.

Dear NG, next time I'll try and come up with a flash that has a good time limit ,and an reasonable file size.

Direction/Art/Animation : Toniko Pantoja (http://tonikop.deviantar t.com/)
Music Composition: Denny Schneidemesser (http://danman87.newgroun ds.com/)
Sound Design : Glenn "Caruu" Barabum (http://www.soundwizardry .com)

From Skyfall Studios: http://www.skyfallstudios .com/Forum/


as if i'm watching a real movie!!!

I am very impressed with the idea *always has been a sucker for 2D cell animated movies, which I hope if a final production of this is ever made the movie will be*.

Wouldn't mind trying out to be the voice over for the mustached man with the gun you see whooping butt in the movie.

Good luck to you!

This flash was well crafted, had an incredible visual art style, no errors on sound timing or scenery glitches, had almost tear-jerking moments at parts, and was accompanied by an astounding symphony. Newgrounds needs more artists like you guys, the regular crap that runs through the filters pales in comparison to this High-dollar quality!

Masterpiece of atmosphere, animation and music. I would pay to see the full version in theaters. Totally.


The music was great, the animations epic, and the story breath taking. When the full thing is realeased, it'll be legendary!

It has a great story, and excellent animation, I'd love to watch it complete.

Great work on your promotional animated feature. You really nailed the action and narrative sequences beautifully!

i really get the 'lady in the water' vibe in the beginning... i would love to see the full feature. :D

I'd watch this in theaters if it were to show ~_^

Seriously kids, this is real mythology. God T-bagging the Earth. And by coming soon, do they mean coming soon to Youtube?

This is by far one of the most original flash ideas ever. Period. Nobody has thought of this or even come close to pulling it off. I can't wait for it to come out. Hurry!

-Isaac Shadow

This intro has left me into my dreams, but why would they want to kill a boy... I feel sorry for the children, and adults may die in peace. I must say this intro has been the grestest I have ever seen, that has been drawn. This intro may left me in tears when I wake up in the world. It's a very exciting piece of art, yet charming, I appreciate what you have made, and the details has been unseen in New grounds for quite a long time. I am surprised, and I must say I love this piece if work, and keep going!

just amazing.. i it, it leaves me speechless

A very nice piece of work. The sort of sketchy/canvas-animation style is really good, you don't see it much anymore but it is very nice. The poetry insertions and the sound effects also add to the epic feel surrounding this pitch.

Holds alot of promise...can't wait till it comes out!

i think i just leaked on myself.

Looked amazing, sounded amazing.
You don't see animation like that here anymore...

This music is so good, it did not deserved any pictures or visuals stuff.
I did not even see it because I like too much your musical composition.

That's realy amazing, just AMAZING! O_O
Love it 10/10 <3

Seriously though, what movie isn't WIN that has shark-men in it?

Probably the best flash animation I've ever seen, voices instead of text would have been nice though.

This is amazing. For a long time I have wondered if it were a good decision to do this, but with my book, and you have inspired me to do so. An amazing trailer, amazing art, and it looks almost professional, like a full-length, "Comming soon to theaters near you" movie.

Somehow reminds me of "The Iron Giant". I think it's because of the art style, it's very similar to "The Iron Giant"s. Also, the war, and the missiles, and the hats!! And the look of the main character. In case you may have misinterpreted, tat is NOT a bad thing.

I would love to see this as a full length movie, with polished, professional voice acting and everything.

Not the most origional concept (it reminded me a lot of The Little Mermaid) but i liked where you were goinf with it and hope to see more of your work in the future. Good luck to you in making this and invite me to the premier. ;)

That has got to be the best art i've seen in a flash animation. And yes, I know that there are some REALLY talented artists on newgrounds. The style kind of reminded me of Miazaki. (If you don't know it, google it. Might be spalled wrong, though)
All in all, great job. And waiting for more.

Oh, and it says it's a trailer in the description.

I know the visuals and animations are good but where the hell is entertainment? Is it a trailer? Then mention it. I watched the whole thing and left with nothing. What is the point of all of this. I don't come here to Newgrounds to appreciate how good the animators are. I want to be entertained.

Despite the small size of the screen (which is something that I'm sure couldn't be helped, therefore does not detriment the score I'm giving), I like the painted style of this visuals as well as Danman87's audio really give this a sincere and interesting look to it. I hope this truly does eventually flesh out to be a real story, because I am intrigued by the large Shark-man!

I hope this doesnt turn out like element did, still forever being a trailerr

It would dissapoint me to see this kind of work go unfinished. I'll certainly be keeping my eyes open for the finished product.

And 12mb is nowhere near insane for a file size. Any modern day computer can load that in well under a minute and those who can't wait that long can simply get a nice big can of shut the hell up.

Don't stop and don't put limits on yourself. It'll just make your work suffer.

I am at a loss of words,even when I have no idea whats going on :) 10/10!!!!

I found this flash absolutely amazing, and i would love this flash to be made into a full-length movie. Big props to Danman for the music, too.

Amazing Job :)

I don't know what to say. I'm very much looking forward to this flash! Good luck!

the amazing thing is...this is the type of movie i'd watch. i love movies that take place in that era, that have to do with sometype of lore. kinda like hellboy but more like...curious case. any way this was well animated well put together and well....everything. backgrounds amazing characters amazing...i'm both satisfied and jealous

There's nothing I can see that's not breath-taking about this flash. The animation was fantasmagorical, the story keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I see so much development inside this one little package of a movie trailer (and that's not saying much). If anything, I hope this turns out to be some kind of movie, or even some type of thirty minute quickly. Either way, you got me exited, and I will support you to the end of the earth, both you Toniko-x and Danman87. :]

PS: This one goes to the user right below me: you may be entitled to your own opinion, and so here's mine: this movie doesn't seem to be such failure as your user name, ain't I right? Don't just flame these guys; If you don't like it, offer criticism, and if that's not in your array, go find something else more to your liking and tell them off. Don't forget fellow Newgrounders: EVERYTHING BY EVERYONE.

I look forward to your understanding.

storyline isn't interesting at all. the "quotes" at the beginning were just awful and the rest of the trailer was just a mess of stupidity and nonsense. wow, a siren goes to an earth filled with turmoil and controlled by evil men in masks and saves the story by befriending a small boy. that doesn't strike me as anything except painfully unoriginal and boring.

Amazing, I cant wait to see it.

music and animation flowed into each other like I have never seen before (or at leas tnothing I can remember except for maybe the composer, these two movies are almost equal, but i like this one better though)
It litterally gave me goosebumps all over my body
Dont take this lightly when i say that you have to keep me updated on when you're movie will come out, this is also a great concept for a webcomic, ever thought of making one?? (I'm not sure if this will be as good as a movie though)
so please let me know when it is coming out!!!
thank you so much for making my day, i think the word catharsis is in place here, I cant lay too much expression on how much this movie moved me...

The people will wait as long as they must for any masterpiece. (Fallen Angel flash being a case in point.) Take as long as you need and please, give us your best. Thank you for this gift to the people.

its awesome its like...like...something that i have never seen before its pure gold

Its awesome!!..

but kinda reminds me of the little mermaid plot^^

but the artwork and ideas are completely original and absolutely captivating. This would be an extremely good movie and i would force everyone i know to come and watch it, because i feel that it would go above and beyond what fantasy adventure movies are now. AMAZING JOB! :)

i will - literaly - kill to see the full movie.

Woah! This is a whole new style of animation here which goes above and beyond.
Flawless work and I'm amazed every time I watch it.

Beautiful! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for its actual release

Seldom is it that I see a story that hasn't already been used, but this is it. I cann't wait to see the real thing!

This is the trailer? Can't wait for the actual thing! This is just amazing! Keep up the good work. I look forward to it.

Its so cool I can't wait! ^o^

This is one of the rare things that have left me speechless.

Simple amazing.

10 Stars


Pretty cool, nice theme, nice music.
Also, animation kinda looks like those of the movie "The Iron Giant" from 1999... One of my favorite movies when I was little.

That was amazing! And that was only the trailer!

Just one question...

How soon?

I Already Said With all...
IF!! this project came out ppl literrly shit their own pants of their seeing

I would watch this movie.
the animation is beautiful.
however, the shark-man is rather corny.

I - I really don't know what to say. The best video flash I've seen on Newgrounds with music by the best Classical composer I have heard of on Newgrounds. Please for the love of God bless this site with actual entries of this as a movie.

U and ur fantastic story ,I loved the trailer ,u have a great idea,the troops looks like helgasts infantry ,also loved the music reminds me to Bioshock the sad scenes ,it is AWESOME,U are goeing to the top,keep it busy boys ,the drawings ,those sharks.....

can't wait for the movie, an epic version of "The Little Mermaid"

Now no doubt there will be furrie haters out there going hate this movie becuase theres a naked man shark. Be careful of that. How ever i am not a furrie or a furrie hater so im plaing on seeing this for how intresting it looks.

espeshally you grapichs!!!... Amazing!! I'll be waiting for a movie ;)

thsi flash is jsut a joy to watch
the music u did for it was also great to a good pic for it


is not acceptable, by a long shot it beats any of the flashes here on NG, can't wait to see whats in store for this piece

stunning, thats all i can say

All I can say in response to this is, plainly: wow.

The artwork and animation is beautifully done -- it's perhaps one or two notches below a commercial work if that (a few lines here and there are somewhat out of position and jagged, giving off a bit of a rough and shifty image (though still superb). Once I started watching this short trailer I couldn't stop myself, and to be perfectly honest, I registered an account here JUST so I could write a review about it.

I couldn't possibly give you any suggestions about the artwork as I am not an artist myself, but it seems to me that your grammar could use a bit of polishing here and there. Missing punctuation, which is your biggest problem, detracts from the overall atmosphere in my opinion. I'm sure you could find someone to proof-read it all for you -- if I knew you I'd offer to do it. A lot of Newgrounds submissions are fantastic but suffer from poor English, and I'd hate to see that happen to you.

In closing, all I can say is that I will definitely watch this as soon as it's finished, along with anything you put out for it in the meantime.

Good luck!

This will be a huge hit to newgrounds widhing you the best :)

I liked this one,It was one of the best things I have seen.It had drama and action.Great characters and the concept is good.It can be one great film if released.

whoa. That's about all I can say, bra. Whoa. This was an amazing piece of art. I absolutely loved this flash. It got me all hyped up for Serpent's Grave! CAN'T WAIT!

Anyways, great job. Loved the promo!

absolutely amazing...i'm speechless...

Wow... Quite simply, that was breathtaking; a breathtaking work of art. Your animation is superb, the imagery captivating, and the story is extremely intriguing. You'll have to finish this now to satisfy our curiosity. This is a fantastic piece, really. 10/10, without a doubt.

Since i saw the first second, i waited something big and amazing.
now, the flash finished, and I'm waiting something giant and great.
You are very good to animating. Hopely you will really make this?

Wow, I'm speechless.

The theme though reminds me of Blue Sub No.6 , or at least the story feels similar. Either way, it's gonna be great :) You just also gave me a development idea as well (no relation to your project mind you), thanks. Great job and hope to see more of this soon!

WOW this movie is going to rock XD XD

dont have it based in a "true" reallity say that the nazis like took over the world or somehting and that the mermade kid and dad are going to defeat them or creat a rebelion or have it a complete diferent faction of some sort sooo after all that it was an exclent short if you can read comments cuz then all the peices fit

altho it didnt make a stich of sense, like i got the mermaid and then after that i got confused...

I have to say this is a incredible piece. The animation is smooth, the story seems to well... be present. But one thing really bothered me. I know it is hard to show depth but sometimes the character's limbs appeared very... um... short. It really bugged me by the end of the movie.

I believe that you will done your work but with all that animation and story i think that you will done the first part like 2010 but you are making it great!

whoa...cant wait for this to come out, this trully looks worth watching i cant believe u came up with it urself, good luck cant wait for the real thing

I'll give a 10 cause it takes a fantastic mind to come up with a real story line, plot and interesting characters. The Little Mermaid on Growth Hormones and steroids man.

Episness in it's pureest form!


I t burns my eyes because of its awsome awsomeness OMG

save meh its 2 awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWesome! i cant wait too see the whole movie, and...erh...
.... -_-..gah, grat movie

lol: shark men :P nice job

You did a unbelievably good job with the animations, it looks like it will have a good story, the audio was perfect. Cant wait for the release.

I watched this and it looked like an anime with slightly under bar animation and I mean that as a huge compliment as flash that's a hell of job. I have also never seen a flash with such good audio I think this might be the first dramatic flash I actually want to watch all of. Please keep em commin by the looks of it this is gonna be really good, just do some of us a favor and make them available for down load or something so I can put them on my big screen tv XD any way amazing job (5/5)

Great anami but the story line was hard to understand but maybe that's because I'm stupid...idk X]

Stunning camera effects,and realistic blurs. The animation to top it all of,i give it a 9/10, only because the over-dramatic parts, and the screen being too small which made me feel a bit cramped because long movies usually are widescreen or ... big...the suspense was good, but the shark idea, wasnt liking it so much, overall it was great i thought it was a movie but then i saw ":Pitch:". I hope if the movie is longer than 20 minutes you put two parts so people dont think their computor froze on them and they decide not to watch it.
Sorry if im being a bit harsh but if you want a big movie, you need a big idea, Which is what im sure this will turn out to be... Great job, 9/10

i hate to rain on your parade man, but this would suck as a movie. huge fighting sharks in world war 2? i mean c'mon. it is a good flash film but as a movie i think it would flop. not trying to be mean or anything it is just my opinion.

Agrees with everyone else, Stunning, GG mang...GG =)

3/10 as a pitch... I'm sorry but i actually couldn't help but laugh many times during this trailer. I mean it's a very stereotypically epic idea, except bad.
As soon as the mermaid left the beach, it started feeling like a spoof for snl... and the muscular fighting shark isn't helping either.

You should maybe consider studying screen writing or film-making before undertaking such an ambitious pitch.
Then maybe rewrite this or just start over with a completely fresh idea...
Selling a script isn't so easy unfortunately...

As a fellow film-maker, I just don't want you to waste more time and energy on a bad idea when you could actually be progressing instead.

Oh wow. That was incredible. The music and the animation went perfectly. Danny's music is absolutely breathtaking and this flash goes extremely well with the themes. 5/5 10/10

I look forward to seeing a full length film. BTW....check out some of my music and see if any of it interests you. Maybe something will spark some inspiration. ; )

i cant wait to see this movie. you guys did an awesome job and i can tell right now that it is going to take a long time to make ill be waiting

This looks like it will be an epic movie. I hope to eventually see it whatever the format it is in. Should be very enjoyable.

you have my attention i only gave you a 7 though since its a trailer but if the movie is as good as you make it out to be, then you will get a place in newgrounds history (BTW: might want to make this a series instead of a movie)

Chuck Norris is death since a long time already... Its just that the death (the reaper himself) is not brave enough to tell him.


Will watch the full thing when it's out.

wow im totally blown away animation was good and the entire thing reeked of exelence so MAKE IT A FULL LENGTHER!!

The lengths to which I want to see this in a fully animated feature cannot be described by words... Please... Please make it.

From the rave reviews I expected this to be way better. 6 for effort and background animation, but due to the wide screen style and sketchy figure animation I didn't get anything from that clip except fish girl and shark fights. With wide screen format bigger IS better. I couldn't see any detail. I realize this was a pitch but honestly, I got nothing from it. Based on it, I wouldn't watch the film.

EPIC! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! When are we expecting this to be finished?

wow 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,9 99,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,99 9,999,999/10

Please? Make it? It will kick so much ass!? I can't wait.

Friggin cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so epic loL though i didnt even read the text xD....... bet itll take awhile for the next release! music & visual =************* (ten stars)

It looks good sounds good.Cant wait til it comes out!

this is...wonderful. its been a long time since i have seen a top-quality trailer for a new and original media project. When your flashes come out i will add them to my favorites list.

This looks like the start of something epic! Totally favorited! :D

This one of the best things I've seen in newgrouds so far (if not the best)
You inspired me to try and make my own movie(hopefully)

Don't be too mad about the 9 I just don't believe that there is anything excellent
in the world.

The text at the beginning was mighty annoying, you should probably accompany that with some sort of visuals if you want people to care more about the plot, that would help contextualize the... fighting shark people better ;).

That said, as a pitch, had that professional edge a trailer should have and def. had both good animation and sound design, and I see you guys producing something pretty cool in the near future. I wouldn't over complicate your plots though its easy to get confused with these kind of over the top storylines sometimes. neato peato, keep at it!

This was a really good trailer the story line looks outstanding and I apreciated that you told us where the movie of this will be released so I look forward to waching this on youtube

If this were a real movie than I would kill a man to just go and see the first 30 minutes!

Bravo, my friend... Bravo

was this a trailer to a movie or was this just a trailerfor dramatic affect? are you like going to make this a movie thats like 30mins long or somthing? but aside from all that the clip looked and sounded prety good.

That looked pretty cool. I can't wait for it to come out.

I Liked the music alot because it gives the fact that it is a story! And I also love your style of animation Really cant wait to see it :)

Liked the style, the music and the story. When will it be becoming a movie though? And keep it newgrounds, not youtube.

When is the movie starting though?

Cheers :)

Well it looks like a good idea, though I'm not sure if England really looked like that in 1948.
I hope you are not seriously going to upload it on youtube.
Yes a lot of people will see it there, but there is no arguing that the quality of Youtube's video's is just bad.
There are much better sites where you could upload it, so none of those awesome graphics's will be wasted.

You created a brilliant atmosphere here and communicated many emotions to the viewer (well, me anyways). This is great, keep it up.

Love that you love 2D animation :) I really like your use of shades of colour, gives a atmosphere, y'know? That colouring makes your film stand out.

I didn't understand too much of the story from the film, but the story does sound good to work with when you explained it.

Love the music, sync-ed well with the film :)

And a couple of shots I really like the feel of :D:D

Sorry for the long babble, but I support your project!

I liked it alot :P
"Would be better if her arm wasn't block them"
So my guess is you liked the movie pitch :P

oh sure, everyone knows kung-fu xD

I liked the music, it was going great with the sounds(like rain, the boat...) but I don't understand your animation style.
oh and, what's this story about, is the question I ask, because after seeing this I'm not really attracted by the film.
So that women is going to save the world with her body or what ?
All men was wounded because of her while she was just crawling on the ground like a worm... pathetic.
I wonder why man are always the only ones to fight ?
I think it's because weman are sometimes like gay you see...
The humanity power will double with weman's force, but they have to learn it from the childhood.

I think that you have a pretty good idea for a script, and not to mention the animation is fluid. It introduced a different art style than what you would tippically see from this site. Yet not much really is revealed, but because it's only a pitch trailer it's ok. In addition to that, since it's in its early stage minor flaws are really over looked because it baically just a rough draft. Also don't let any negative reviews tear you down. You'll get a lot critisism, good and bad. Alas my last words to you are good luck with this project, and any other works that you may plan on working on in the future.

The fluid and slickness of the characters movement really gives it a different sheen. The way you animated it was realistic, yet somewhat comical. Making it theatrical was a risky thing to take but you pulled it off wonderfully.

The plot in quick view looks very engaged and beautiful, I really look forward to this.

P.S. What people don't seem to be understanding is that you didn't write this dialogue, those that comment on how it needs more work obviously haven't seen the credits. The dialogue is a prose from a different person. I myself thought the dialogue was good, but I myself would have chosen something else.
People that read this comment understand that he did not write the prose, someone else did. So stop with the criticism against him and trying to give him help. He doesn't need any, he seems to be already an accomplished artist.

You have my full support
It looks good

I am speechless.

What truly sets this thing off as a type of movie pitch is how it's dynamic plotline engraves its everlasting touch into our memories. Fom what I am guessing this is an Action/Adventure, Drama, and Romance movie. THis looks to be one of those movies that if you put it on the big screen it would be a 90 minute smash hit boxoffice breaker.

It looks good and all. And Yes I want to see the full version, but you pretty much told the whole story with that.

that looks badass

This flash is great, im really intrested in seeing its full version... whenever you complete it

-Scrolls down- So many people said "Amazing" so imma say it to :D

AAAMMMZZZIIINNNGGGG, The best flash i have ever seen! Other then the "There she is!!" Series of course.

I absolutely enjoyed that. I loved the music and loved the art style, the shading, the direction. The sound design was impressive. There was an instance when the boy swung his weapon and you could hear the cry in the background, that gave me chills. Overall, I would love to see this made into a movie. Best of luck you guys.

Awesome...simply awesome. Great animation style there......Wouldn't be suprized if it was a movie....

simply amazing

A great work of art in motion, btu as was stated before the dialogue could use a bit of work and personalyl the title seems a little out of place compared to what was shown, perhapse the final version will make more sence in that aspect but for what was shown a different title may have helped.

To be incredible. The storyline, though fantastic, appears to be well thought-out.

The only criticism I can give is that there seems to be too much effort to appear profound in the text splashes. My biggest personal pet peeve is the over-usage of metaphorical dialogue in order to make up for actual emotion or voice. This is difficult to measure, of course, so I don't fault you too much for it; just keep an eye out for dialogue that seems "too good", namely: too descriptive or philosophical. Save that sort of thing for monologues; not for actual conversation. One good example I would omit would be on the text splash containing "[sic] cry for a hero to stand up." "stand up" seems unnecessary.

This is all personal opinion; and as I stated above; this work has every potential to be incredible; good luck, and I await anxiously the final product.

not bad

another effin flash to wait for. I HATE THIS!! COME fASTER FASTER!!!!!!! X.X

that was so amazing i dont even have words to express it..... just amazing

this looks fantastic! i can't wait!

First off, I must say that despite the high quality of the presentation, nothing in this flash really clicked with me. I just didn't feel connected to what was going on onscreen; I kinda just watched and marveled at everything but the story itself.

Which brings me to the big kudos, the soundtrack. Sure the animation was astounding, albeit the screen size was a little small; but that soundtrack just blew me right the **** away. Brilliant composition, stellar sound effects; if that's not professional sound design, I don't know what is. I give all my praises to the composer, and my condolences for his loss.

I'm looking forward to this one! I pray the story is as good as its presentation.

There is a flash i'll be looking out for. The trailer was very good i hope the flash meets it!

that was just ... wow. the story looks like an eye catcher and by looking at some reviews has a growing fan base already if you don't mind me asking when would you say the earliest serpent's grave to be out because this looks like it will turn a few heads and am already looking forward to this one

That was fantastic. The fluidity of the animation was astounding, plus there seemed to be enough content to warrant a true film. The soundtrack was also mind-blowing, extremely well composed.

I am a huge fan of film myself and all I can say is that I will be looking forward to this immensely if it does get made.

Positively masterful all around.

this looks great i will definitely look forward to this

Nice trailer, hoping the voice acting will be able to match the well done, smooth animation.

looks like it will be a great flash. ill keep an eye out for it

This looks amazing looks like a good series inthe works hope it comes out this year at least. :)

I thought the inclusion of Streex from street sharks fame was very tasteful.
Although I couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't wearing his rollerblades.
Perhaps they weren't invented until the 50's or so.

It looks really promising and I can barely wait to see the finished product. The idea in itself sounds deep and animation looks well done. The music is amazing I hope it gets finished pretty soon.

I can't stop watching this for some reason! Maybe it's because I think it'll be good when it's finished, or maybe it's the music that makes it. Overall I like it and I can't wait until it's out.
So.... how long is "coming soon?" :P

I think newgrounds would really need pieces of art like this so people can get to know this site better.good job

This looks to be one amazing story.

The character design is some of the best I've seen.
I'm interested in character like the "shark" looking fellow, who appears to be monstrous but may not be. I'm not so interested in the boy with the pick, I've become less fond of that typical "shonen main protagonists" as of late. But again, its all about waiting and seeing. The colors and tones expressed in most scenes go against the grain, another part of that o-so important unique quality that the project has.

This is a perfect trailer and a great way to build an audience for when it IS released. It builds all sorts of questions while giving us just enough to want to know more about it.
In short I can't wait.
*~t3h C.

This was a beautiful piece of art, both visually and textually. The watercolor inspired style is something that is really hard to do right, and you nailed it. The use of mythological creatures (and not Lovecraftian creatures) in that time period is so refreshing. I especially like the concept of the outcast siren having a duty to teach man the beauty of song. There is so much beautiful irony in that fact. I sincerely hope that your project gets greenlit, and with this piece, there is no reason it shouldn't. You have an incredible talent, and I look forward to seeing more gorgeous things from you.

First up, I would like to point out, that the storyline, looks incredible, very deep and epic, I really look up to seeing what comes from this, I liked the nice color scheme, which was outstanding, and the animation looks unbelievably great, but I could easily see at some points, specially at moments when you had to apply frame-by-framing, that the images lost a lot of detail, anyways, these undetailed frames were very rare, but at times, they kind of killed the mood, but the work is still outstanding, the moments with the mermaid had quick camera angle switches, very violent ones, which made it look extremely deep and epic, mixing that with the blur, that gave an outstanding effect, but it sometimes looked overused.
The music is incredibly, Danman87 really hitted the nail with that epic touch he gave to it, giving the whole movie an extreme sense of profesionalism, that kept the viewer from unfocusing. As I watched, I didn´t wanted a single frame to slip through my eye, as the music kept me watching the screen, feeling my eyes would jump out. After all tese points that made the movie awesome, I think the violence of the camera angles and how it gave a feeling of starting to get into a deep and epic storyline, that makes the whole movie amazing, the movements were over the top, maybe bit overacted, but with the camera angles and the switching positions of both the camera and the character, those movements made it look more as a desperate struggle against fatigue than an overacted movement.
Overall, the graphics were amazing, the animation was very good, and at the same time, it mixed sketched body movements with well implemented graphics, the music was unbelievable, that´s just it, nothing more to say about it, and the concept was very refreshing, actually, one of the best I´ve seen, reminding me of other serious movies such as fallen angel, other of my favourite movies, CONGRATULATIONS!

I really like the artistic style you've taken in this trailer. I'm not a fan of text in a movie (as it somewhat defeats the purpose of watching film), but it turned out fairly well. I look forward to seeing the final product.

Very well done. Animation was great, music was very well synched and composed, and the idea is certainly interesting and unique. If this ever does become a long animation film or some series that you work on, you had better tell me its release, 'cause I wouldn't miss this!

Though, I do have to say, the beginning sort of reminded me of the Little Mermaid. Obviously, this is very different, but it did hint at it a tiny bit. =P
Best of luck!

It was a lot to grasp, but two or 3 watches will fix that.

Toniko, You have to understand that this is newgrounds- home of one of the largest collections of cock jokes on the web. Do you really think that those kind of people have the mentality to understand art direction? ;) I dont know what kinda anime exciter here is watchin, but your video certainly had ITS OWN sweet art style, not anime-like at all. Colour scheme if friken awesome, and your lighting techniques really polish your videos.
Ok, the comment about the girl, wtf? sorry this isnt a cartoon porno, exciter. There are plenty of reviews you can write for those types of shit videos elsewhere...
One last complaint about the last comment- how the hell does the storyboard help everything exciter complained about? Does he even know what a storyboard is?! Jeez.... Take it from a multimedia designer/flash animator- your work is awesome! Keep up the good work and I'll be watching for your upcoming videos! Cheers and have a good one! -Bex

Sorry I watched only the intro. The anime style totally turned me off. As far as I could here some things to improve

1. Throw away anime style
2. wrong color sheme (too saturated colors), too anime (sad mood = less saturated colors)
3. scene girl laying at beach on belly slightly frontal. Dramatic scene -> use much stronger/extremer perspective. er body should get smaller fast into the background. And yes, my english sucks.

Make a (better) story board before you start animating and get input by a number of people.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should be make into a real life movie

This is more like a trailer than a pitch.

I see a lot of separate plot lines which come together in some sort of climax. While this can be a good way of creating breadth of scope and philosophy, it may take away from any real depth, making the message (if there is one, I'm worried about reading to much into this) of the film difficult for viewers to absorb.

its just fine....
its just not my type of story...
World war again and again..
the media is always used...

it's amazing yes..
but will this be.. another newgrounds flopout? someone who makes a badass trailer
and then is never heard from again?
or will this be something that goes somewhere?
just don't wait 3-4 years to submit it.. it would be.. upsetting.

I do agree that there should have been a voice actor for the text inbetween but...just...just wow. This slowed down a little on my computer, but for the couple seconds after reading the end credits I was simply titillated by what I hope to see from this.

But surely, take all the time you need to finish and perfect this. I'm a patient person, believe me, I have dial-up.

Constructive criticism:

Try to work on some animations, the only problem I saw was the fishman being slightly distorted or with out much detail in some parts, but the design and animation on the boy and man was very, very good.

I was a little confused in some parts, but then again, you wouldn't want to spoil the story on the first flash!

Great work, I think you'll go far on Newgrounds, especially with music talent as Denny backing up your pieces.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget "Caruu" either. Sorry for your loss. :I

-Best wishes-

I can't distinguish between epic, piece of crap, confusing, or boring. Injuries and such were also poorly drawn and the screen = WAY to small to be good for anything. And why isn't this rated for mild nudity? And by the way its TOO FRICKIN STEREOTYPICAL due to The Little (Idiot) Mermaid to have a nude woman with a sea-ish crown lying nude on a shoreline. Also the outlines were really grainy and it felt like the animation didnt have alot of flow to it. And also... why is it so confusingly FAST? And why does it reveal NO hints to any sort of plot whatsoever? Anyone who completely likes this needs to actually think. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO IMAGINATION.

The animation was so fluid and put together very well. It has to be one of the best animations i've seen in a while. It's obvious a lot of effort was put into this. Great job.

This looks like it has the potential of a great movie!! Can't wait for final product!!

I think this is great. Just one thing I noticed, your characters look like some that are in an anime called Blue Submarine no. 6. Nothing bad or anything it's just the first thing that came to mind. Looks great, the music is great I can't wait to see the finish product.

This movie sounds darn right compelling. I'm feeling goosebumps just looking at the trailer of this epic movie.

Your trailer is totally cool. It makes me feel that i am watching a real film. You know what i mean? The impact is great to me, visual impact is great with almost realistic animation and different angle views. The emotional impact is very great coz the music fits very much with the scenes, and the characters seem like they are, well, brought to life! Nice job. Whoever you are, i really adore you. I can't think of any negative to say. But for the intro part (the one with many words), uhm i was just thinking if you would make use of a voice actor to read those lines? But it's still good without one though. Thanks. Hope you get inspired.

That was just amazing! I want to see an actual movie now. Chills ran up my spine from this!

Speechless.... It does make me remember of a mix of stories read, seen, and thought... Weird, and at the same time, pleasant.
Can't wait for the whole movie :O

I'm a big fan of anything during the WWII era, but that's just me. That alone sold me on your animation, and I got a lot more. Love the Atlantian/Mermaid twist to it, and the animation, although not the prettiest, does the job because it's fluid and fast.

I like the 1940s style of art and animation. it really reminded me of animated movies I watched as a kid. :D

it was indeed nice. i like the style you used where it was normal for a second then it blurred, it was great! it definatley looks like a nice trailer for a movie and i love the idea. nice job dude

ethier it is funny as hell done really well has an awsome plot or it bring tears to my eyes (of awsome ness of course) It amazes me people post stuff on this site they could easily make money off of and instead give it to the public to view, been a while since I've seen anything near as good quality as this

hats off to you

That looked really really amazing and interesting. Gave you a 5/5, and 10/10. Good job.

That was awesome!
The visuals were superb
The story lines fantastic!
id love to see this made into a feature length series!
Great work.


this is a trailer to a complet serie of serpants grave, witch will be on NG soon!
I think then you will get to know the true natures of the characters and you will learn the history of this animation.
A trailer cannot uncover all the secrets of the series, else it would be boring ;)
And ...erm... former nazis? look onto the date it says: serpents grave 1948, the nazis are already past, i think taht was like 1940/41 in an air war or something

I cannot await till it starts!!!

However I am confused about the plot. So from what I understand, a siren is exiled from the sea to teach man about something (peace or goodwill, i dont know), A boy finds her, some leftist radicals, maybe former Nazis, are staging something, a guy who could have been from Britain's version of Delta Force helps out, and something that resembles a character from "Street Sharks" goes along with them. Is that correct? Seriously, help me out. I dont get it

Is truly a master pice and deseres to e mad on the bigscreen if I was a huge Corprate movie guy id buy this o-O

This was one of the best videos I have seen for a long time on this website. I know when its done it will be one of the most fantastic video on this site. And good work.

your animation style reminds me of my brother's who is now working for a tiny studio to make movies in LA. awesome work. can't wait to see the rest! LURVED IT!!!

Wow. It may take a LONG time, but you should make a full length one and place it on that new youtube movie streamer. Great, 10/10

I really like the story to this and I think can be another home pager but please don't rush it. Make it look as nice as you can and bring it up to the best that you can do. Don't worry, we will wait.

First of all, you couldn't have chosen a more suitable NG musician. The music was perfect from beginning til the end of the credits.

You got the cinematic views, the climaxes and the build-ups down perfectly. The only thing that kinda bothered me was the details left out in some parts, but accentuated in others. Take the mermaid/girl's clothes for example. At points, the clothes had enough "dents" to make its movement as real as possible. However, at parts it looked crooked and out of place.
This doesn't change anything though, cause you did a great job of capturing the viewer's attention. Good luck with the feature movie.

Epic thats one out of many words, but the most accurate i think...

The only gripe for me is the technical writing issues in your dialogue (I'm a bit of a perfectionist in seeing things written correctly, and I'm not an English major lol) but ignoring that little issue, this movie sounds like a winner. I did elements of Atonement (even though I've never seen it), Lady in the Water, but I didn't see The Most Dangerous Game. Haven't seen the movie, so that's no surprise for me.

I wish you the best of this, and I'll make sure to check it out when you have it completed.

Interesting idea. I hope the movie gets done.

It started slow but I knew it would be great as soon as I saw the logo (that art work is stunning!).
The score is fantastic (I know you didn't make it but it's a great choice), the animation and art is jaw droppingly gorgeous and the sound used is top notch! I just wish it weren't a trailer because I'd love to see the finished product!

Great job!

THAT was totally wicked. man u got some serious skills keep it up.=)

I'm really impressed. VERY movie-like scenes going on. Looks great of a trailer-teaser. Looking forward to seeing where the future of this story takes. The music also suits it, too. Sounds like something from the 1940's. The animation also amazes me. This has to be a tough thing to do for you. I also liked the "painted" background. It makes it look better for the film, and gives you less time to worry about moving background. The only drawback, isn't even a big one either, is that the characters weren't as detailed as the background. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. Since it looks great as it is. Adding this to favorites! :D

I like your style man, it got my attention. Gonna be waiting for the first part of this epic adventure =)

that was amazing. the most amazing thing i ever seen

Amazing animation. Amazing story.

Thank you, I love you now.

Two words. Pure Amazing. that could easily be a hit at the theaters if you could actualy make it. that was great. great job =D

THAT WAS...AWESOME!!!^_^ i cant wait ,if that was a real cinima film you would probably make a lot of money

The sharkmen seem a bit out of place though, I'd tone their design down just a tad

it was great man im surprised u could do such great animations and drawings! Way to go cant wait for the movie man! But GREAT job up to now

Cant wait to see the movie!
Seriously, the animation was great, the music was great, the idea is nice.
Well done job!

dude i can not wait for the full length it's going to be so awsome

I can't wait for the full length release

Nice. Looks just like some big-budget Hollywood Movie Trailer.

If the story's going to be as epic as the trailer's soundtrack (outstanding btw), who knows... it might one day become a BlockBuster classic.

Keep-up the excellent work. :o)

P.S. the settings and 'camera angles' were very well thought through.

P.P.S. if these 12MB were the trailer, I FEAR THE FULL MOVIE'S MASSIVENESS!!

The exciting visuals, the haunting music, we can't ask for more than that. Serpent's Grave: Pitch is a fine example of how a simple format such as Flash can create so much of excitement, drama and awe that can match the quality of Theatrical films.

Right from the start, we are pulled into an amazing world of Fantasy and Reality; a mix of both which deals with the cold heart of men, the innocence lost, discovery of friendship, and the casualties of war. The memorable narrative and amazing quotations fit well into the theme, bracing us for a much bigger spectacle. The lines of text that appear between scenes read out like a novel, telling a tale that would bring us closer into this twisted world.

Even from the "play" screen, we are already greeted with fantastic watercolour portraits of the four protagonists, showing of a distinct style not seen in many animations today. The logo that appears in the beginning with the start of the music was very akin to most epic fantasy movies. The animation and artwork was smooth and fluid, although not perfect. During fast paced animation, the character's shapes undergo noticeably awkward changes. However, we must be aware that we're dealing with actual drawing and watercolor style here; with clean colors, comic-book style shadings (the light and dark edges were amazing and the cloud effect during the logo is great eye candy), a rare treat I say.

Then comes the music and sound. From the haunting sound of string and chords to the firing of a gunshot in World War II, to the fierce battles waged and the screams of pain and victory, all add up into a perfect symphony of emotion and awe. There wasn't any need for dialogue. The silent gestures and violent screams were more convincing than any cheesy dialogue we often hear in recent movie trailers.

If we were to strip this of its music, soft artwork and texts, we are left with a cast of characters that I believe would turn out to be more memorable than the characters we loved in Beyond Good & Evil. I see a young lady born of the sea, and journeying to the world of men to teach them about good, while a young man, whom I believe would soon be an important figure for the girl, showing courage in protecting his friends from danger, then we see a bearded man with a gun, suspicious of the boy and fighting his way out of harm's way, and we see an unlikely hero, a shark man in battle with his own kin. Then we see some soldiers whose mission is a mystery, and an old man looking at a distance, and a general wearing an eyepatch saluting to his men, and there are many more characters in this trailer, each with different pasts and goals, but their fate inevitably intertwines. With so much of personality and drama, it breathes life into the trailer.

With the mix of visuals, artwork, music, little dialogue and epic storyline, it's no wonder that this flash deserves to be lauded for its achievements, inspiration and the amount of love and passion that the authors had poured into this project. It was a long wait for this flash to load up completely, but the time spent was definitely worth it. I love film and cinema. I love fantasy stories. I wish I could pursue my passion in this field as you had, but with the hectic life of University and Work denies me that chance. I have story concepts of my own, and hopefully in this lifetime I would be able to realise it, at least into Flash.

This is the kind of movie that I had wished to see since my childhood days. this is the kind of animation and artwork I wished to see into a film. If there was a real film ever made, retaining the same spectacle I saw today, I would most definitely recommend it to everyone. This is a must watch film, and a technical feat that few Flash artists have ever achieved.

Please continue making flashes such as this for us in Newgrounds. We believe in you, and we believe that you will one day be able to make Serpent's Grave: Pitch into a great fantasy film for the whole family, that would be remembered in our hearts for a very long time. Until then, this flash is officially a classic.

i am left speechless

very impressive. & im looking forward to the depth the next one will have.

i have nothing further to say :)

........is really all I could come up with to say. I'd originally begun thinking of a review while I was watching the animation, but by the time all was said and done the best I could muster to describe my feelings on it was a simple "wow." I'll be awaiting this one with baited breath.

Looks promising. The style values and colors seems to blend perfectly. The action and story does also seem as it would be a crowd please. Good luck on the project as I do believe it will be one of your biggest challenges.

i am waiting for this like i'd be waiting on a new james bond movie...but more!
you did some beautiful art, can't wait to see the finished work!

that just gave me chills, it was that good!...and it still does give me chills. @_@ amazing, i thought i just saw a official movie trailer and one heck of a good one! can't wait to see the full story!

... is the feeling that I wanted to see more after it was over.

that is going to be epic

All I just wish is that you complete this series that you & your crew are working on. So glad that someone out there still knows that nothing can deter 2D from its animation throne =D.

this pitch looks very promising, i hope you deliver with Serpent's Grave

This... is the most realistic and awesome trailer in Newgrounds so far... Based on the trailer, I can tell it will be a HUGE SUCCESS. And that it's going to be long... verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long...

First you can't make a chapter or a movie animation if you're already starting on your other animations like "On your mark" because you should focus on one thing you're about to make, or then your just going to epically fail on the movie it would also might turn out so horrible or excellent. But half of it does not make any sense. Currently it's a "fiction" and "fantasy" and plus its "inspired of a true event of World War 2" that means you should put real facts of it and just only if you want to add, make it like it should be but keep it your animation and fantasy. "I'm seeing sharks, and sea creatures, 1 women/creature, 1 kid, and 1 guy with a pistol taking out the whole army of Nazi's?"

I like what you did with this. Your character's seem original and I like this fantasy element that is thrown into the time period. So far I like the cool Shark guy the most, but I don't know much about the characters. In some places, the out of focus scenes would slow the animation down and the song would become off balance but only in like one or two spots. Anyway good luck on this project and I hope to see more from you.

ive always loved that kind of movie were the camera has to re a just its so awsome its made exactly like a real movie!

very interesting storyline. The music fits perfectly. I can't wait to see this. Well done. :)

This is incredible. It's possibly one of the best movies ever posted on Newgrounds.

this deserves much, much more than a 10.
I will do whatever it takes to see this movie ASAP.

Your skills are exemplary and the way you animated was so very attractive. I enjoyed this film because of your amazing layout of the whole ordeal. I have never been so enthused about an upcoming flash as much as this one.

This truly was great! If it was a bit larger and a tad bit smoother around the edges I would've almost thought I was watching a real cartoon.

Really, this thing had TV quality, the only thing it really lacked was voice actors. With that, it would've turned something great into something fantastic.

Now days, most animations are just plain boring...

3d or the usual Japanese anime.

Groups such as Skyfall Studios (with this work) and others like the Japanese Giburi Studios keep boring out and a world of exploration in.

THAT was one of the best things ive ever saw in a long time and i will watch the movie if u make it.

IF this hits hollywood dont let them ruin it. Cartoon or real life it will still be good. I just hope u dont try to make it a confusing movie . overall the only thing was the long lines in the intro , i kinda got a lil turned down , but they were really good lines. if it hits theater let me know i'll make my class watch it .

Loving the look of this - looks to eb a good story! Now keep to it an make the thing!!!!

I presume your gonna use english voice actors as its based in England? If you want a TRUE english voice - PM me - Ilive in England - UK.

Seriously dude - grow up, what are you 10? This type of small frame animation is hard to do due to the fact the amout of detail an is amaing for the size!

I got chills, this is going to be amazing.

For the whole story.

Cant wait for this to be released, great animation!

SFX is top notch, but i think the crux of success with the movie will be the voice acting.

I liked the character design. Very much like the Iron Giant. The only beef I have it that its a little grainy.

that was simply EPIC no other word for it

This is amazing! The animation is awesome and I love the water colour look. The dramatic music matches perfectly with the storyline. Your characters are very interesting. Im looking forward to seeing the final flash. Top job!

This rocks, can't wait for the full version.

Smooth animations at a real high level. The only thing that bothered me was the choice of font. That was a bit of a downer...sweet animations and then i stumble upon "Arial" or "Roman" (so to speak)

great work overall :D

A stunning example of a serous animation, this could be a beautiful piece when finished. just don't under or overwork it, it would be a shame if it turns out poorly.

Good animation...o and NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! Yea, i just happened to notice that most nazis are portrayed as a guy with an eye patch lol

Just too good! I like to critique peoples work if i can; just to help them, but theres nothing wrong with this at all! I can't wait untill you complete the story; if its anything like the pitch then it will be famous. Good luck!

It was pretty good, except, the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock was written by T.S. Eliot, so shouldn't that quote be by him?

i think that this would amek an amazing movie i cant wait to see i9t be actually made way too go man!!!

Grabbed my attention. A little slow at start, but it picked up nicely. Definitely better than a lot of *real* trailers I've seen at the theater. No "One man..." Bullcrap.

Nice work with the little blur-flash effects on the characters.

Very high quality, INCREDIBLE storyline, beautiful music.... seriously, you can make a very good movie out of this, I mean, for real...

Im looking forward to your work! great job!

This is really really really like a Hollywood teaser, giving both emotional and action scenes. But you shouldn't have shown the battle between Sharkman (As I name him) and the others of his people (who clearly disagree of the love between Sharky and the mermaidgirl) , it could possibly spoil something.

I really hope this isn't another "Fallen Angel": That series had a teaser right here on Newgrounds in 2004 (I think) and the first episode (of about 10 minutes) was finally released last year (no sequel since yet). I really only mean this as good advice, because a lot of the "Fallen Angel"-fans lost interest over the past few years after the teaser release. You'll build up quite a fan base over here and on Youtube with this teaser, don't lose it, keep promises and only make promises you can keep.

Those are my five cents, I hope you can do something with them.

i like how the anitmation was actually trying to make a point, and even though i dont like that type of music it fit the animation well so i rate it an 8 which is a high rating for me.

damn very wel made and relay loved the way you animated it ^^ 10/10 from me

A great story, background, animation, music and overall an incredible flash movie. Too bad it's not a full movie just yet..

That looked very impressive. The animation was very good and fluid, the story definitely captured my attention, and your use of music and sounds was great. I totally want to see this when it comes out.

all in all this flash is very well made - even if there are a few slit mistakes.
but assuming this is "just" a teaser,
the actual thing will be a definite MUST-WATCH ^^

i can tell from the flash how much you love films.

great preview, and i want to see more! as for the karate/kung fu, i think it can work fine if you manage to make it REAL realistic- not too much flying through the air, just nice, old fashioned, karate knockout kinda stuff.

10, because you moved the movie lover in me.

The movie itself was interesting and the music seemed weel done. the fighting however needs work. how does a shark learn martial arts?

I can't wait to watch the full movie or episodes. And the dude below me don't understand that the fighting styles suck as Karate has been on the face of the Earth longer than we have been on America, so don't listen to him and good luck

Everything was good and all but one thing bothered me a bit.
I think it would be best if they all fought with a style of something primitive like that of three hundred or something like that. I kinda ruins the feel and the seriousness of the movie if you see sharks and an english boy along with others doing Karate or stuff like that.

Fine neat colour gamut. Pleasant style of backgrounds. High-quality animation!

There are no words to describe how incredible that was, I can't wait to see the finished product!

Very original looking animation imo. Also music choice well suited the trailer. It felt very moving. Can't wait to see more :D Best of luck mate

the art in this is fantastic im giving it a score a 5 as if i were only grading it upon that and not the story simply because of what u showed me in this trailer im not sure i am really excited for the full version.. it just seemed spazzy and confusing i feel u could do much better work then this because i love the art but from my point of view it seems the story is gna be lacking and menial

dude.. you must PM me, if you are ready

pretty much had my mouth gaping open the whole time, dude, you need to finish this i will be camping out infront of the theatre if this becomes a real movie

Great preview, cant wait till it comes out ^^

Great animation, a bit sketchy tough. A little more line cleanup would work wonders with this. The rest is fantastic, VERY interesting-looking characters, good orchestration and sound effects, lighting effects, and huge amounts of professionalism! You da man!

That preview made me feel dirty, in a great way though

Definitely needs to be a movie!
not just a flash but a real movie, I would definitely go see that!
AMAZING in all ways.

it gave me gosthbumps. just...speachless. You are an incredible animator.

I would enjoy watching the feature length of this if it were to actually come out.
Very nicely done!

that was the most epic pitch for anyting i have ever witnessed truly someting great in the making

you best bring what you promised foo thi is sooooo bad ass shit muda fucka

This was a perfect pitch trailer. I remembered that "Snow Snow For Lucy" started off as a pitch trailer and look at it now! I have no doubt this will turn out to be a great feature length movie. Good luck!

The script in the beginning was a great tie in, the animation was a little sketchy but overall it was awesome. I can't wait to see more

I love these old-world pieces that look at different eras and cultures. The serious ones are few and far between on NG, and it looks like this is going to set a new standard.

Fantastically composed with the touch of professionals. The art is unique and fresh with echoes of the Metal Gear Solid art style. I love the animation, the camera movements. The music was beautiful and fit like a glove. The animation, smooth and precise. I don't even care that there's a shark/fishman running around kicking the shit out of people in WWII England. I want to find out what it's all about. I just want more. Feed us please.

the story sounds solid, the art is beautiful, and the music is grand.

cant wait till it comes out. : )

I like the concept behind the story and where you are going with this. I thought the sound was spot on. A bit to much reading though for such a small window, it did get a bit confusing at one point with several lines of text and the quotes.

My one complaint is the animation. The actions and movement of the characters are good, you can tell whats going on but I think it could have been executed better. Everything was a little rough around the edges and a bit flat. I think the story is spot on and you have the music locked down but the animation could be a bit more refined.

Very cool. Just from a few seconds the characters and situation are very interesting. Cool animation, and great music. I look forward to a full version.

Let this show everyone the power of sound mise-en-scene collaboration. The animation was not lets be honest the best smoothest out there, and for a good reason, the timing and music chosen (kudos to the composer) made this front page and crew pick. great job. Like the element of fantasy as well with the whole mermaid and fighting sharks lol. awesome x

Pretty sweet, my friend. The animation was borderline Disney for pete's sake! I will say, however, the first few minutes of the intro was a little weak. You gotta ask yourself, are we watching a trailer, or reading a book? Don't have any of this "He said" "It said" "She said." It kind of distracts from the animation and takes you out of the feel. It's the difference between watching a movie and, seriously, reading a book. All in all, it was wonderful! I do work in composing music, writing, and have some voice acting skills I could lend if ever you need it, lol!

This Just show us how EPIC this will be.
Awsome work please keep them coming!!!

Everything was great, specially the colors! So cute to see the sirens and fighting sharks :) can't wait to fully see it !!! xoxo!

Talk about having a boat load of potential.. Wow.. I mean.. you could see a movie like that come out and it would be great..

Awesome job man, cant wait to see it..

that was incredible. you have a great imagination and i can see this concept really taking off. great music, style and concept. the best iv seen in a while as good as "there she is".

in the beginning I was sort of bored ((probably because of the music...very relaxing)) but then I saw the rest and was amazed

Very good job

This thing is like a cross between Wolf's rain-- which I love, The Little Mermaid--which i also love, and sheer badassery of all sorts. I wait with baited breath for whatever you decide to do with this story!

This will be amazing!!! cannot wait to see it! infinaty / 10

to watch the actual thing. looks like it'll be a great movie. 5/5, 10/10

I didn't really get it, but nice job overall.

I am so intrigued.
I really do hope you get this thing off the ground!
I have so many questions. I really want to know what's going to happen.
Good luck to you!!

EPIC!! hope to see more :)

this looks amazing!! im not that big a fan of mythical sirens suddenly appearing off the coast of england but it looks great! can't wait for the first one. This pitch had all the perfect parts too with the suspense, questions and action. Cant wait
great job looking forward to it


def. looks like a good series to come man and the guy below me... square! jk

Really and truly, this is art I'm seeing before me! I would've given the full ten already, but I'm pretty sure that you'll enjoy a more professional review.

-Special effects: Incredible! They are award winning material!
-General Art: Very proficient in colour and lighting, but not equally professional anatomy-wise.
-Animation: Very fluid despite the use of 12 frames/sec. rate, but the in-betweeners are very "straight-forward," therefore, the animations becomes insipid.

Despite the small mechanical flaws, I'm still astonish by the beauty of this project!

Cheers! Good luck, and may God rest the soul of the person mentioned at the end of the Flash.

it looks amazing. Id say your only problem is finishing it before you die. still would love to see it.

It ended... =[

I can't wait till you release the full version. The characters seems really good and the cinematics looks promising. Keep up the good work!

Oh yea, Siren in the beginning I thought was the Little Mermaid. LOL

nice animating i give it a 10

wow that was great. i would pay to see the completed version of this movie IN THEATERS. I think it would deserv that and nothin gless.

This made so little sense yet was so cool that it had all the attributes of a great trailer for a hopefully even greater movie/series! :)

great pitch, looks like it could be an actual movie, can't wait to see what you have in store for us here at newgrounds

From what I see, there are four main characters-ish.
Maybe more - including bad guys, but we don't get to see more than that guy fighting one of the good guys, and the soldiers.

Siren-chick - I take it her serpent lord father dude guy, got her banished instead of killed or some such thing like that. She goes to land, transforms, and the mining-kid finds her somehow.

Mining-kid - He probably mines for a low living, you know, ye olde English times in the 40's were like that... half a pound a day if he's lucky... so one day he screws up (or something that causes him to run away from the mining company, or his family... SOMETHING like that) and he finds the Siren-chick.

From here, he either takes her home, or finds a place for her to get help... maybe they meet up with the Gun-dude.

Gun-dude - not much to say, perhaps a soldier from world war II who came out alive or something. He's a guy, so he wants sex. And here's this pretty nice looking chick from the sea. Definitely some potential there, and maybe a fling?

He has a gun, too - and is therefore the only viable combatant, really, against the soldiers who are seemingly evil, and probably working as the minions for the guy who created or captured or are just after the shark-man.

Shark-man - from the sea? Just a genetic mutation? Who knows!? He's certainly a nice conceptual addition to the movie, though. He "fights his own brothers" you say, well, who is the evil one, though? Maybe the brothers are running with the evil man responsible for the hiring of all these soldiers, or something more? All I know is that, after the siren-chick gets weakened, or dies, or whatever, he's carrying her to the sea. He obviously either cares for her, or, in some water-militarian fashion, is going to set her adrift upon the sea.

In some sort of conclusion - yes, I can see various ways that you could be going with this movie-film-majigger.

It's definitely interesting, and, if the rest of it's as good-quality as this is, I'll be sure to be seeing it (in whatever format you decide on in the end).

Good job - and a nice teaser.

you are a good animater, ill give you thats, but a lame director. find someone to co-author you and this could become a phenomen Xombie size.

I don't really know where to start. I liked this alot, even if I didn't understand all of the movies story by watching this, I got this great feeling. I loved the intro. The basic story and layout are superb, better then many released films and DVDs I've seen.
I can tell you guys have potential.

It's hard for me to give more detailed critics from this short trailer.

I don't have to say more, hardly anything to complain about, I'm sure to watch the entire film if you release it.

Keep it up!


stoked for it man i cant wait hurry plz

Call me dumb, but i had no idea what the story of the movie was supposed to be. All i saw was many well-animated sequences strung together with great music.

man. that gave me a weird vibe just watching it. i hope the flash is just like that. How close are you to finishing??

wow, i am speachless. please promise me that if you ever get funding of your own youll bring a full length movie to the big screen, or at the very least a full length movie to DVD

10/10 is just seriusly not high enough, its very rear that emotions effect me during film watching, but your animation got me


It's so much drama, I HATE DRAMA, I prefer to do some kind of action-comedy about some kind of future or actual war.

you should make a sereis

WOW! i got no words for that! it's so amazing.. the art, the story, what a nice trailers! awesome ten out of ten

A very promising film. LOVE the animation.

(no words... just... imense)

heh coming soon 2009 in Cinema :D
awsome :)

@krisknox, not just flash and book, movie too! It seems to have great potential

The flash is superbly done. I can't wait to watch it.. And the music as well, especially Enter The Stronghold. That's just epic

that actually looks like something I saw on tv when i used to watch cartoons when i was little. It looks amazing dude like a real cartoon on tv. So amazing what you did on the graphics and stuff how do you animate that good man Purely amazing

it should be an amazing flash, and an even better book...

wish i could rate infinity out of infinity

I think you got something great with that friend really hope you make a movie out of it i see good things for it

I can't wait for it to come out.

The only reason I gave this a 9 is because I'm upset that it's only a trailer and the patience to wait for this will kill me. Already you can tell there will be an amazing plot and storyline in the film, and I'm looking forward to watch the finished project.

9/10, 5/5 :)

Spectacular! 10/10 can't wait to see the finished product. Don't make us wait too long!


professional, mesmerizing.

that was just to great for words. thats a 10 on my book. im realy looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this. keep up the good work!

This is absolutely brilliant! I would pay money to see this come to life! The story is genius, the artwork is elegant in its simplicity, and the animation is fabulous! Not to mention a glorious soundtrack to go with it! Please keep it up, I'm already starving for more!!!

Beautiful, original, the message...just beautiful... I'm lost for words. Hurry up man.

Absolutely stunning, terrific. The animation was indescribablly smooth and well drawn and the colors, very well chosen. The lighting, when the shark was swiming in the water, the lighting was fantastic. The audio fit the flash very well. One of the best short film animations I have ever seen.

I think it needs to be polished for a pitch though it certainly excels at the 'shock and awe' aspect of a pitch and seems very original. I'm looking forward to what the finished product will look like and would even pay.

I've had a long day and can't string together a coherent critique so this will just have to do.

I demand you put the completed movie on the silver screen! Or at least a Straight-To-DVD.

You need support? You have support! I think everybody on newgrounds is holding their breath for this. Your animation style is amazing with the ornate backgrounds and.. cartoony but serios charecters. Don't take what I said about the charecters in a bad way, I meant it in a good way infact, but I didn't know how to describe it. Sorry to hear about your soundguy, my condolences, he did an awesome job with the music.

this IS the definition of cinema quality. the animation is amazing, the plotline is perfect for an ad at this point. put this on some tv network, and people will wonder when this is hitting theatres.
keep up the good work!

I don't really know how to describe my feeling about this artwork... Awesome? Beautiful? Epic? Heart-touching? All this words are too poor and can't help me. The only thing I can say is this... Keep going, creator... Keep going...

5/5, 10/10, FAV, and Eternal Memory.


Absolutely incredible. Amazing, beuatiful. I would watch this, even if I had to pay a lousy 15$ ticket at a movie theatre. One of the best things I've seen on newgrounds in a long time. Please continue working on this project, don't let it die out.

incredible work of art, man... I don't really know what to say, this is the best work of art I have ever seen in a loooong time, like since animatrix. Out of everything, this is the most inspiring work of art. I'll continue on watching your work because to me you are one of the best in mastering flash animation.

I loved it, I can't wait till you host the full thing.

Time well spent :)

this is the best teaser i have seen n a long time, a LONG time. great animation style, good writing and ideas. would kill to see this series, cant wait :)

Artistically, this piece was amazing, but that seems to be the peak. Odd sound effects made it feel out of place, and the story was a bit flat. Yeah it's a pitch, but outside of the art the characters do not bring me in. It's obvious you have some serious skill as an artist, so get yourself a writer who can handle the story boarding and possibly the producing as well and you'll be straight Ace's. Stick with your strength and talents.

If you are actually going to make this, I'll be the first one to see it.
Awesome animation and music.

This is a fantastic idea. I'm an actor myself and as a writer on the side I can very well understand the meaning behind a tribute to loving film. We are also in an age of film where the sci-fi-real world crossovers appear to be captivating audiences to no end. Stick with this, your hard work will pay off my friend.

Really amazing and a movie (if it becomes one) that i will watch over and over and over again no doubt, for one i wish it would promote some love between the mermaid and the boy, but the shark is a definite kick ass character in the viewing for sure a key character, and lets not forget the wise but weathered man whose past is surely unbearable. some how i see him being the child's father? oh and if you can, give a past to the enemy so the audience will understand who the hero's are killing =) 5/5 10/10

"for humans need know who they send to a watery grave" Sea Captain David Swain (my great,great,greatgrand father

This is cool!!

the animation is just simply amazing, and the story too. i just cant wait for the actual movie. and i just love the title 1948 Serpent's Grave: hyms of the dying sea

The animations are very well done, so i hope that his movie gets finished... Phjf i don't think he is bad at english i'm pretty sure that what he is doing is called poetry

I look foward to the film.

So you have learned how to create the effect from watching trailers for movies you're life, yea? It's too bad that's all this was. There's too much naked lady, a 90's-esque-saturday-monrning-cartoon-
shark-man, yet even more naked lady..., and some little-mermaid rip-offs? The animation is great though, I would just REALLY work on whatever it is your putting together here because animation and music alone won't save it if you go and put these rather odd characters and scenes in your movie.

Also I said there was too much of that naked whoever-it-was because too much of it will detract from the overall immersion of the movie and will turn it into more of a joke really (although the shark-men were pretty funny). So yea, there you go.

PS: Im really not trying to be an asshole, just trying to give my opinion and what I would change. Really sorry that I don't give out 10s like EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS ENTIRE SITE, but I dont think every movie deserves it. And I really wish it didn't seem like that was a reason for getting your post deleted...

Pretty solid animation and clean, appropriate music and audio.

But man, am I wrong in assuming English isn't your first language? I cringed more often than not during the transitions.

"Said the serpent, whose eyes struck bloodshot chills..."

If English isn't in fact your forte, do it in your native tongue and add subs. You can't hope to fulfill such a lofty aspiration as feature film without better writing.

I'd be reaching for my wallet, 'cept there ain't much there. Also, I don't trust paypal.

Yeah, this is a trailer. Looks like an action/drama. I'm looking forward to seeing the actual project when it is completed.

Could this be the greatest flash ever submitted to Newgrounds so far?

I think so!

ill mack it in my studio

I have seen so many of these "movie previews" in my days here on newgrounds and I think I have seen a grand total of two of them that actually get made. Now with that in mind I have seen many great previews but to me a high scoring flash movie has a story, good animation, good music, and is dynamic. Seeing half a second clips of fighting with no real backbone sure does look cool but it doesn't deserve as high of a score as a movie that has all these things.

So as it stands this preview leaves me with much to be sought after and while the animation was very excellent I think there is a ton of room to improve on. Personally I would rather see one mediocre complete movie than 10 good previews, but that's just me. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.

Aww man that was an awesome intro! The animation looked great and amazing actually. Can't wait to watch them! XD

very good i clearly see your love for moving pictures in every frame .well presented
exellent title , very easy to like characters, good frame by frame work i can go on but i gotto go i wish you good luck .

ZOMG that was epic! i hope its real...unlike the element trailer (thet was a giant let down for me)

It'll be like Mnushi almost. :)

Well maybe not on DVD I think...

Anyways by then, take your time. :)

i got chills

I have come to realize that creativity isn't granted onto anyone naturally, it must be cultivated with love and passion for the work. This work has those two things and really gives me hope about what artists [painters, film directors or flash artists etc...] are still capable of telling an actual story. Telling a story isn't as easy as it seems. You may have special effects and famous actors, but you won't necessarily be able to tell a story; lots of mundane works have those. But this one, in that short time, seemed to be telling one and that more than justifies this 10 stars and 5/5 i'm going to give you. And the inspiration you gave me to perhaps start making my own work [i've got a novel in progress]

Keep working on it, it will be epic. Looking forward to see this

That was indeed great. I can't wait for that to come out, it looks great.

Quite Interesting. U inspire me to learn how to animate in flash.

I have been on the portals for a while now, I've seen some great stuff, some bad stuff, some stuff that was down right awful. But every so often there is something down right incredible that makes me breakdown and shed a tear at how amazing a little heart felt effort can go on to make a flash. If the final product is anything like this trailer was, then this movie will single handedly be the greatest thing on the portals to date. This is something I'd expect to see in the theaters with a box of popcorn, it looks that amazingly good. I'll say the animation is somewhat choppy at some parts, but its a flash video, not some fully paid for movie. With that in mind, I have outright respect for you in the highest regard for undertaking what in my opinion is the single most ambitious and spectacular flash project to grace this site. Best of luck.

I've been waiting to see this for so long, after hearing the music made for it. This trailer has really peaked my interest.
I just hope that you upload the first part real soon! I'm really looking forward to seeing it when it's completed! ...it could very easily be one of the best series I've ever seen on NG!

I wrote a story like this once. Only it didn't have a shark thing and it wasn't in england.
This was really cool. I always love a story about a siren. I can't wait to see the whole of it.

that was amazing.. i cant wait to see the movie or whatever, it looks so awesome

confusing, amazing and streetsharks. the sound in this flash is utterly amazing, so clear and detailed and it doesnt sound tiny. i seriously cannot wait for it to come out. im not completely convinced with the animation, i mean dont get me wrong its good, but you could make it so much better. from reading your description the storyline sounds like it will be a hit. good luck

Looks like this will rock - but that is yet to be seen....

As for commenting on this as a trailer

The good: The music, The style and the animation

The bad: The writing made it seem REALLY disjointed and it just didn't flow as it could have..... I think the structure needs work

4/5 8/10

Although this is just a trailer, and is therefore sparse in content, this video is so well put together that I could'nt help but give it a 10. It is both professional and artistic in style. I just hope the movie will be just as good.

Slow to pick up, but when it gets there... well, it gets there. Looks like it has a lotta potential, I'm looking foward to see more. I am extremely sorry for Glenn's loss. Mr. Goa will be missed.

this looks like it may be the best thing since Bitey of Bracken wood.

that looks pretty dumb... the shark guy kinda did it in for me. I am rating according to plot idea, not the flash itself. Pro-quality on the animation.

This will be a good movie I can tell Can;t wait for it to come out. wow is all we should say for this.

It seems to be quite an interesting story to watch. Your work is really good, the movements are good and the characters transmit their own personality to us.
It seems ALMOST like a movie, I would work a bit harder on the graphics.
The rest I think it's nice.
I'm waiting to see more of this work!

This Look like it's going to be great! I can't wait to see the full series.
The music was thrilling, the animation was wonderful and the story looks like it's going to be epic. I can't wait

bad-ass. seriously amazing.

This is it. The highest-quality flash I've ever seen. This took so much work and talent it's unbelievable. You guys are true artists. Please keep going with this idea, I would be so sad if this went to waste T_T


more info on the shark-dude, please?

The trailer makes me want to see the movie, which is what a trailer is supposed to do. Your music selection is excellent, animation is together and fluid. Very well done.

I loved it but the typing.... I'm the fastest reader in my class, and I couldn't keep up so slow it down a little thet'll help for people to understand.

Gaint enemy crabs.

I didn't quite follow the whole story, but it was verry verry good!
Awsome job!

This trailer actually looks better than many of the ones done by professionals. It's well put together and the story can't be easily understood just by watching this. So basically you didn't give much of the story away, and have "hooked" a lot of the people that have viewed this. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more of this on Newgrounds. And I really mean this looks better than many professionally done trailers; you did really well with this.

the art work is awesome i want see it soon

Allow me one moment to collect my jaw from the floor...

I rarely review flash movies, but this incredible effort has moved me to do so. A previous project by this author (On Your Mark PT1) has stood among the examples of excellence I hope to see among the pages of Newgrounds. This again, is a vibrant display of incredible talent in 2D animation. It is perhaps not my preferred style of animation, but it has a hugely satisfying human quality to it that is outright awesome. There are points for improvement, for example, the text areas look relatively poor in comparison, and for a trailer some elements I believe could be made clearer, but it still does not detract from the awesome overall artwork or vision of a final piece.

As for file size, I noticed the quite heavily compressed images. If the flash is of this quality, I really don't care about file size, get those full quality images in!

there are only a little bit of stars on this page. there should be more stars for this page. the reason i say this is because this movie is perfect. even though its just a trailer it was perfect. i hope it makes some good stuff later on and i hope it does get released.toniko pantoja please make the whole thing. i wanna see this movie so bad. i am already hooked and i am waiting patiently for the whole thing. there is so much stuff that i wanna know about this movie.

That was absolutely outstanding. The animation, the preview overall. Simply amazing.

this may only be the trailer but it has all the rite stuff for not only one of the best animations, but possibly one to go into the history books as a classic for the ages. excellent work for plot, animation and music... utterly stunning in every way possible...

Yeah what the title said!

It was nothing but a trailer yet somehow it managed to pull at the heartstrings. Your animation style and choice of color scheme is also commendable reminding me of the artistic potential of 2D animation. I wish you luck.

this was the first flashmovie which has awaked emotions in me

the music was absolute fitting and full of emotion big praise to the artist

and the animations was really great I never wanted to see more from a flashmovie like from this one

I hope the whole flashmovie coming soon

I have a proposition for you, e-mail me. I need help with writing a storyline for something big.......maybe you an help. Very good story telling.

Wow, that's a hell of a story!
Can't wait to see it! :D
But the only thing that bothers me is the use of Blur...
You've used it a bit to much... Even when they barely moved...
But still a great flash!

Definitely wanna see the whole movie,


It started just a tad slow in the begining, maybe you could take a look at the intro words and possibly refine them a little? If not, it's still excellent! I am very excited to say, that i will have my eyes on you! Keep up the amazing work - I cant wait for more

Nowadays most animation studios go for digital animation.With the exception of Japan,the major Hollywood studios have been churning out 'realistic graphics' movies just so we could see a the details on a stupid tree.Your flash is a breath of fresh air.The art looks like it came off an illustrated children's book.The sound and animation is solid throughout.The not-so-subtle references to the heroes as Brits and the enemies as Nazis are perfect for the concept.There is definitely a lot of potential in this idea.I wish you all the best in finishing the movie.

Condolences to Glenn over the death of his uncle.I'm sure he is in a better place.

I found this simply...amazing! I will be keeping an eye on you, since I want to see the full length episodes/movie! I love the animation, the characters, and the story. Well done!

p.s: lol @ reyxavier!! There is always one. :P

i like the flash its nice :D

make a full length movie, dude this is probally the biggest newgrounds sucess since paladin

i liked it as a flash movie but when I looked at it as a film it didnt sit well with me. I think although you have been getting great scores here on newgrounds people sitting in a theater will be much more critical even if the preview was proffesionaly made. The quote was too long in the begining of the movie should make it short and simple like the movie preview guy does know what i mean. and the merging of fantasy and reality is off balance like seein those shark guys fighting soldiers or whatever didnt fit well. hope the best for you and your movie but just being honest.

Your gunna make that into a film if you like it or not!

wow that animation was fantastic great job this is probably one of the most well animated orginal falshs i've seen in a long time way to go

There is so much potential in that short pitch that i can just see it before my eyes as a movie. I really hope you get to make the movie you and your team invisioned and that a studio or investor will give you what you need to make it. Good luck and thank you for sharing

see this is the reason why these sites are made i mean wow the work u put in this was amazing i honestly cant wait to see the actual movie and i want to see thouse movies cuz it seems interesting well good luck and keep on doing your thing

I was only going to watch this because I'm a fan of Schneidemesser, but your animation and story ended up blowing me away all the same. You can tell when somebody loves what they make.
All the best in taking this further, I really mean that.

That was a hell of a show. Good animation. Looks like it was drawn frame for frame. Instead of those cheesy layers where people put arms on one layer, legs on another and the entity moves like a toy.


That was somethn' else, good job on this trailer, im more than positive the final project will be incredible.
The music really helped this along to, nice orchestra score.

Think i saw a few relative's to me in there :3

that was awesome! i really hope you get some support behind you to make this, cos it looked amazing!

The production quality was leaps and bounds ahead of the majority of flashes that get submitted here on Newgrounds, but I just couldn't get over a striking similarity to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug5NdQ 1zLHE

This flash was well crafted, had an incredible visual art style, no errors on sound timing or scenery glitches, had almost tear-jerking moments at parts, and was accompanied by an astounding symphony. Newgrounds needs more artists like you guys, the regular crap that runs through the filters pales in comparison to this High-dollar quality!


Trailer says it all.

That looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for it to be released. It looks like a wonderful story and the artwork is above and beyond. You can tell when people put good effort into their work, it shows.

you did a really great job on this. the animation was superb and the music fit in perfectly. the quote at the beginning was completely relevent to the flash itself. awesome job 10/10 and 5/5. cant wait to see the real thing

This, in my opinion, was very much near perfect as far as everything goes. My only suggestion is to make your filters less notice-able. For instance, I distinctly remember recognizing an obvious bevel filter in one of the scenes, and the blur of the logo at the end was a little boxy. I'd change the quality of the filter to "high" if it isn't already, and if it is, then perhaps adjust the filter so it's more smooth.

But seriously, that's just an uberpro tip. You still get a 100 in my book :D

best flash movie trailer ever

i thought it was cool, but all to often do people make cool trailers for films on newgrounds that never get made. im just hoping that u'll make it

If that was just a sample, I am looking forward to the full series.

that was some 1337 UBULAR pwnage 2 teh MaHkS!!11!!1!11!

one problem though...
i dont want to wait like 4 years to see the next one, i want to see it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why dont people reveal these awsome movies when they r almost done???

Very nice, and ultra supremely dazzling animation you got going. Everything just looks so spectacular and I take it your story is going to just a grand.

Is the first Flash animation that looks exactly to a professional animation.
Wow man what programs did u use to create this awesome movie!!

That was very well done. Like someone before me mentioned, I really got a good sense of the plot line, even without dialogue. I thought the music added a lot to the mood, and really fit well with everything. I can't wait to see the full movie!

dude, you should take this to a movie company and have it made into a real movie.

Amazed and entranced are only a few words that could be described as to how I feel about this video. The story, although it was shown within a few minutes, can be understood and seen as a quite creative and captivating. The style of art used was beautiful, and the characters believable even though they didnt make much screen time, or any dialogue whatsoever.

Overall breathtaking. Cry for a hero? Youve answered my cries, thats for sure.

Coming soon? I pray!

hey its Hogarth from Iron Giant! but ill forget i saw him because of the raw awesome that is a kung-fu wielding sharkman.

very well done animation, seems like an interesting project :)

The graphics/drawings are amazing and I love the backgrounds! It's really beautiful! I love it!

epic and amazing, all at once

15 out of 5!!
this was one of the most well done flashes ive ever seen
i cant fuckin wait! this looks awsome

then I dont know what does.

The bass made it sound so theoretical, the suspense and movie make it sound.... amazing. Just amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing the first episode. This is truly a masterpiece. Looks really professional.

Only thing about this is the preview aspect of it. :P

great flash work here, it looked amazing
even though the animation was choppy, it really worked for the vid

i cant wait till it gets made into a movie, that would be awesome

...good luck on making the complete project all that this video seemingly promises. Good luck.

Hey, you finally decided to make your pics into a flash. I've been waiting ever since I asked what SG stood for on your DA account.

While the animation was slightly choppy, it still looked really good. I loved the music that was used, I think it went really well with the clip. It seems like there is some sort of dominence war going on, or something like it. I psyched to see how the whole thing unfolds, good luck!

This looks amazing!

If this movie doesn't become a major motion picture and immediately a blockbuster film, I expect a pig to fly through my window and turn into a bawling child while a cat speaks riddles to me from my ceiling fan...

I already want to start saving some money to go see it in theaters O_O

that looks fantastical

It looks so interesting and moving, a really thrilla. loved the first gun scene. And like i'm sure there saw a cartoon with talking fighting sharks lol. This seems a really good fantasy meets realy life.
Can't Wait for more Of the story line whether compleated in the movie or not ^_^ Cus this ROCKS!!
Spam <"><

i like it very good i like the time and the twist of serpents it's very good but iam hard to give a 10 now i'll gice ya a 7

That was VERY intriguing!! The animation was just a tad off at times but not even close to enough to warrant anything less then top notch!!!!!

Beautiful art, and looks like a good storyline.
They're were some skipping bits and the frame could have been a little tighter,
Other than that, I look forward to this series(?).

honestly, the animation could be a little bit tighter. im not saying i could do better myself, im just saying it could be a little bit tighter. thats why it would ge a 9. the other .25 stars is because this is just a trailer, not the real movie. for all i know, it could be a real suck fest. but on the other hand im bitching about the animation and possible plot and length because i have nothing else to complain about. you tighten up the animation a little bit, make it into a fuller length feature or series..... youd get a 12/10. you definitely have my interest. i want, no, need more. and i can safely say that im not the only one who thinks so. you have so much potential for the plot and it looks very intelligent and stylish hit good action. dont let us down dude.

and I will watch it in absolute pride and goosebumps because this has to be one of the most enrapturing flashes I have seen. ever. I am so very excited to see this as a movie. The music was absolutely superb. I do see that you did base it off other ideas, but it still holds an idea of it's own. The Animation is fantastic and understandable. I will wait till then for something this incredible. I really hope you don't let us down.

make it, I COMMAND YOU.......please.

Although it reminds me more of a plot for a book then a movie, but it was a great animation, and it would make both a great book and or a great movie.

This apeers to be a movie that io would watch im not going to lie ive seen some movie pitches in my day but that took the cake and ate it in front of them! be kool and send me a message about when it comes out :D

But I feel you deserve a somewhat honest opinion of someone who doesn't jizz in their pants when they see humanoid-sharks fight. Its a great concept for certain people but mainstream is definitely not going to accept this. For the type of audience that goes on newgrounds, yes this is an incredible concept. But trying to throw this out their into people who have seen this kind of stuff thrown around will think of it as nothing more than some rip off of The golden compass.

This is not to say that what you made is crap. I liked it. All of newgrounds liked it (or has so far). The quality of what was shown there was excellence in its finest. But to be honest I wouldn't put in $12.50 to see this. And neither will most other people.

What I suggest is that you simply make it into a series on Newgrounds instead of waiting in hopes for it to become a film. That way, it gets shown to the audience it appeals too and gets the attention and popularity it deserves. Not much can be hoped for with a fantasy story like this otherwise.

that was just plain amazing!!!!!! i was thinking through the whole entire thing "i can't wait until this comes out!!!!"

I tell you right, I would watch the hell out of this movie if it were feature length.

Amazing! That was like a trailer for a real movie. I've seen little with this much effort. This is on my favorites, and I cannot wait for Serpent's Grave to come to Newgrounds.

Much like Sausau said most newgrounders lack or have lost emotion (and virginities) to the the internet (no offence), but this is a fantastic piece of work that you have created. I felt like i was actually watching a trailer in a theater (at least a theater that shows movies in flash) and i can't wait til' the actual movie (if any) comes out. If i was rich i would give you the largest donation you've recieved so far... $5 (just kidding... lol)

The amount of work you must have put into this really shows. And the music, too, is gorgeous. It fits perfectly. I look forward to your future projects!

That was amazing!! I cannot wait for the actual thing to come out!

wow that kid is brave

Okay. I happened to look at all these gleefull comments. I naturally told myslelf "bleh, another overrated work because it has a seeming of true emotion which newgrounders lack of". But I was wrong, oh well almost.

Already 264 reviews, I won't speach about the good sides because everything has been said about. So gather round kiddies and flickers, I be telling the tale of the bad sides =O Yes there are. (at this point I already know people will rate my review useless because they are sensitive and can't accept one's different feeling :3)

Okay, I am partially joking man, this flash is excellence. But I scarce had the feeling to watch a flash movie instead of an animation movie, menaing all the parts were not perfectly animated. I am very picky sometimes. Oh boy, this is just a trailer I can't rate it 10. Now hate me because I love you.

so beautifull

It is work like this that makes me happy to visit this site. Forget what people say, if they don't get it, then they could still Appreciate it. I did not really grasp the over all insinuations, but then I just woke up, but I enjoyed what was there. Makes me sad I won't get a full length taste to figure out what I'm missing ^^ So keep up the good work.

Drawn very very, animated cleanly, good fitting bgm,and an interesting concept. Keep the quality of this pilot or better and this will definitely be one of the best flash projects I've seen. Keep it up!

guyfawkesbeer shut up he worked hard on this project. Whoop de doo so you don't like it then don't review. Please make more of this it sent shivers down my spine. I like the shark man and the siren the best. Please make more I will probably watch these flashes.

Wow , that truely does look amazing good luck with it it looks , too good.

it should get a 10/10 but i got confused about what was going on.

less text

A fantastical and stylised story. Showing much promise and setting a great premise. With this promo however you've set the standard for your future flashes and you'll either shoot too low, hit the standard, or go above and beyond. A really promising promo and I look forward to seeing what becomes of this.
Great job!

Oh wow looks like a genuine movie coming in theaters soon! Kudos man. Great job

It looks like I will watch it, while the pitch got an okay score because for how it was done, I am sure it will be cleaned up and it will look great. Hope for the best comrade.

Yep all this looks great, but one thing that troubled me somewhat was the slight abuse of fading in/out of scenes, especially in the first half. However this is just a pitch yes? so the final product should be cleaner.

This story reminds me of the story "the little mermaid." The scenery is filled with hatred, friendship, love and sorrow. Don't rush the movie, just take it step by step.

Cant wait for the episodes!

Great animation, I loved it. Cant wait to see moe.

that was, um, . . . it was, uh, . . . well it, . . . fuk it. 10/10 5/5
that was awsome

my sympathies to your friend, dont take this offensive or anything but it was like a manga artist, the warchaoski brothers, and the creators of little mermaid all came together to make this epic trailler!! is was very well compiled.... i cant wait to see the finished product! im curious as to how long that will take to finish it. i also wanted to know about the shark man and his tie to the fish girl? are they like an item or what? and why is he fighting his brothers? oh well i guess ill have to find out.. if you ever make the movie lolz well hope to see more from you and your tallented cohorts

I am very impressed with this flash, the animation and art are very top notch. From what I could gather of the story...it looks like it would make a very awesome film. And I'd love to see the full story someday...so that I can emarage myself into this world that you have created. Keep up the great work sir.

Overall a nice animation, smooth and fast paced, drawing in the attention of viewers. The music fit really well and the story was gripping

Very well done

I must say, that one, was very amazing. Keep on a fantastic job, I am still stunned after watching it twice.

If only I had the patience I could only imagine to ever make a project such as this one. It must have taken forever to get all those "shots". The style is awesome, and the characters seem really fantastic. I would definitely love to see the finished product, and this is the kind of effort to which I would feel wrong not paying for. Keep at it, and if this comes out on DVD or something, I want one!

I actually don´t see the point of this movie. The animation is beautiful and the music is great too (a little pathetic though). But there´s no story or something you could be interested in watching. Just some random animation mixed with an "epic-like" story. I know it´s just a trailer but just some nice looking pictures aren´t enough to affect me.

Practically like watching a movie. Very good animation, awesome music and the scenes were good, albeit a bit to much predictable action cheez (how many roundhouse kicks were there?!)

attough i have the idea i already saw something simulair or even the same on the television...hmmmmmm....
but the animating was awsome and just so incredebly cool.
it was not just an animation it was also a real series i think this would be good enough to be on the telly:D

great, fluid animation and music. cant wait.

i think you should get a real big film deal outta this. the shark people and the siren reminded me of a film called blue submarine 6.

its an old film set in the near future where an old researcher made the icecaps melt and the oceans rise. and he and his "children" lived in the tropics where the icecaps were.

its a really good film and your trailer reminded me a lot about it. so if thats anything to go on your movie should be really good too.

I'm looking forward to this almost as much as I'm looking forward to the next valhalla knights... grrr when's that coming out!?

... Anyway this was great! done in true cinematic style with the music and everything! I just hope this'll be part of something bigger and you make it through to the end! Looks intriguing so far, keep up the great work!!

Oh and the only thing you're missing is that gratey voice you get in movie trailers lol.

"Man had forgotten the song of the sea....." :P ahh I can just imagine this with that voice haha!

Oh man I'm so brainwashed by hollywood!

very cool, unique feel to this pitch idea. really liked the costumes and weapons... gave me a bit of a steam punk feel. My only problem with it was the 'shark people', I'm sorry but they reminded me of 'Street Sharks' from my childhood lol, and that took me out of the flash a bit. Anyways, you have a cool thing going on - I wish you the best of luck.

Very great use of dramatic movie background music. Have to like how the girl was nude but you couldn't see her privates. This is very well drawn and animated. It looks very professional looking.

That was awesome! I hope you're going to continue this project b/c I really wanna watch it now! I loved the music to it and you really kept pace with it. I'm sorry I laughed at the boy b/c he kept getting more and more bruises & cuts to his face. This is a great story since you described it. Please make this series! I beg you!

The opening sequence was a tad jarring with the constant text over a black BG, I would've used another background instead, since I loved the look of that beach the girl washes up on early on. Also while the animation was damn good, some of the artwork and individual drawings looked a tad sloppy. Otherwise, looks very intriguing and I'd love to see this turn into a full animation. The concept seems pretty imaginative and could look even better when expanded upon. Good luck!

That was the best flash i have ever seen in my entire life, it was well written, it had great visual, the sounds were nice and crisp, I can honestly not say a single thing wrong about this flash
I will look for the 1st episode on the front page

ill look for the episodes in the front page

that was amazing, it gave me chills watching it, i cant wait until the first episode comes out, you are truelly a great artist and animator.

One thing I would like to gripe about and it's something that I think ruins love story is nude scenes or lust. It seems you covered it up pretty good but please let that be the only thing because any form of lust in the movie only makes the movie goer wants to see more and as soon as you stop giving them anymore, they bad rate your movie instantly. Still it looks like you got something good going. Keep it up.

now this looks lik it ll be an awsome movie cant wait til u make it

i like the graphics, the sound match couldn't have used a better song and the animation animation was Good.

was all of this done in flash?
respond to me and let me know plz

The designs were decent, the animation was good, the music was excellent. But, there were a few things I didn't like.

First of all, there were too many closeup shots. I know there's probably not going to be that many closeup shots in the actual movie, but the trailer or pitch should have a bigger variety in shots, some closeup, some full body, maybe even some really wide shots. The shot's you chose were mainly closeup and extreme closeup shots. With closeup shots, it's more difficult to tell what's going on.

I also think that there were a few shots that needed to last a little longer. Like the shot of the guy in the science lab type place. It went away too quickly. (but maybe you did that because you didn't want to give away any of the story, if that's the case, then you should have flashed it faster) And there were a few other shot's that seemed kind of jerky, like they should've been either faster or slower.

Most of the camera angles I saw were forward, backward and side shots. You should try adding some bird's eye shots, or worms eye shots, or different shots than just foward, backward, and side. It would make the movie a whole lot more fun to watch and therefore, a whole lot better.

And lastly, it was hard to tell what the story was. It looked like a bunch of random scenes jumbled together without a cohesive plot. Even if it's just a pitch, there should be some semblance of story. There was some characters, backgrounds, and music, but no story for them to back up.

Sorry If I'm hard too understand, I'm not too good at writing.

I loved the animation. Did you ever see the anime Blue Submarine No.6? Your trailer reminds me a lot of that.

a nice trailer, great animation, doesn;t really catch my interest, so yea thats all i have to say, good job

If you don't have anything constructive to say don't say STFU.

Good job man, I hope there is more to come. It looks like you put a lot of time into it.

Good Work

Im too excited to even try to put what im feeling to too words.
all Im able to say right now is that this is going to be EPIC.

From the sound of things, it seems perhaps you're looking for a few more people to be involved. Should this be the case, I may yet express an interest...and I've been waiting to see where this soundtrack was leading to as well. Excellent work thus far, and I look forward to seeing what's to come.

that was the single most beautiful thing ive ever seen in flash...my god!

Really, now I feel totally inadequate and as if I too should dedicate my life to fighting a physical embodiment of abstract concept, with possible allegorical meanings, in a manner befitting a motion picture epic filmed in New Zealand. Seriously though, the sheer scope of what seems to be potential here is just staggering. Not only do you have appealing character designs and fairly fluid animation, in such a short space no less, the backgrounds feel fleshed out and deep. The story, although a bit fragmented here, draws me in and makes me want to know what's going on. You'll forgive me if I draw a connection with the likes of Miyazaki and Jackson in the sheer sense of the epic story I get from this.

That being said, animation is hardly the only thing you have going for you here. The music used is awesome, and in the old sense of the word meaning to inspire awe in someone. I feel as though I could conquer worlds while listening to this guy's work. You have a talented composer on you hands, and his talents complement your animation excellently. The sound direction too is nearly spot on. The environment created feels full and rich, just from the subtle addition of chosen sounds. I'm not afraid to say that I can hardly wait to see where this goes.

if you were trying to make that epic give yourself a pat on the back

disney wishes they though of it!

This was so amazing I am very excited and can't wait to see this!

but this was great. i am already into the story even though i am not sure what is going on. it would be great to see this animation. it seems to have a great amount of promise. i wish you the best of luck/

cant wait till the movie! epix and the music was cool (and sad alittle) but you could just call this the preview

It kept me on the edge of my seat with the music and excellent animation! =]

I thought of one word while watching this...just Epic.

I can't wait to see the result. That preview set my expectations pretty high, so don't let me down!

The animation was fluid, the scenes were beautiful, and the poetry was indeed moving. I certainly hope this feature film progresses with all reasonable haste to grace us with its awe inspiring visuals once more. More importantly, I would love to see the art of story merge with the majesty that animation can bring to life. Few have the talent or endurance to carry that out. I hope this is one of them. Good Luck in your future projects. But not before you finish this one. And to the sound designer, sorry to hear about your loss.

PS-9/10 is the highest I give on trailers, since so many are made. But I think this has significant potential, dont give up!

very well done , it sent a shiver throught my body of its quality. Best of luck of making thsi flash!

Very nice. I wish you the best of luck.

cant wait! looks rly good

Ill be waiting


It is not often you see something like this, it shows great effort and thought.
Everything fits perfectly, music, artwork, camera angles. Good work! ^-^

man that was great! can't wait for the full movie!
oh and even if the file is huge, its worth it lol

Good sir, you have just blown my mind.
Even for something this short, everything looks professional. The action scenes were well paced and easy to follow, the colors were realistic, and the music definitely fit the mood.
This had better be made completely, cause I can't wait to see the whole thing.

u dont just set the standard, u exceed it. i only see one in 500 front pagers that are this epic. and this is just the trailer :O

I am well teased, man. Nice work so far, I really wanna see the full thing. The sound design is very well done as well as the drawing and animation. I like all the camera movement and effects and lots of action sequences.

this was a really good one. keep up d good work.

I think this has a lot of potential as a feature film. The shark man is an enticing character for starters. I wonder if he'll have any speaking parts. The washed up mermaid serves as a good damsel in distress for the film. Not in the cliche way though. To be more specific, she serves more as a symbol for the dying sea and what that boy needs to do to save it and her. Overall, this looks excellent. I'd like you to let me know when the actual film is out.

so THIS is the project you've been working on. if you guys manage to pull this off, looks like it could turn out to be one HELL of an epic movie. keep it up.

Words cannot describe what I just saw that looked epic man. I would definately pay money to see that in theaters.

wow that was really cool really has potential... good job and good luck if you venture farther

This is so frekin cool, made me want to cry...awsome flash, worth the wait!

It looked like a real movie trailer (ok a flash movie trailer) cant wait to see the real thing.

looks crazy good man, but it looks like its gonna be lengthy, so are you gonna release it as chapters or something?
im just sayin all at once would be my pick

Yeah! Can't wait for the real thing!

Only reason I did a 9 is probably the fact it's just a teaser but I still gave a 5! What are points worth anyways? lol

I love your art style - definately one of a kind around here. Looks like a really interesting and gripping story, just from what little sample you've provided.

Sound quality was superb btw - I've got some high quality headphones on that normally nitpick poor recordings, but your audio came out nice and clear, bringing that extra level to an already astounding work of art.

Congrats to you guys... and I'm curious to see what follows.

Looks great, wonderful artwork and animation. Only thing I can say is make sure you fine tune things like dialogue and that poetic opening so you get the full potential out of this project. Also, I love the way you made the mermen, that's what those shark things were, right? Either way they look awesome in those action scenes. I'll be looking forward to seeing this completed, good luck!

HOLY CRAP MAN!!! That truly looks amazing, i cannot wait till its finished, just the teaser alone was enough to make me say "wow" nice job man, good luck in the making.

Hooray for movie pitches! Can't wait to see it. ^^

this looks kick ass cant wait for it to start!

cant wait for this to comeout,...wow,..grats

This is all the makings of a brilliant film. The animation was wonderful and conveyed the time period and emotions of the characters well. I'm not sure what the previous comment was referring to about the writing. It's good and gets the job done without being hammy and cliched. The only comment I would make (and I'm assuming the previous commentator was referring to this) is that such language might be good for prose and for a trailer, but speech and dialogue are written completely different. Props to you and your efforts; I hope you guys get to mkae your film - we are in need some good movies these days.

Please dont leave this like so many Pitches on Newgrounds. Stick with it and put another amazing animation on this site.

cant wait

I have to say this, I'm afraid. The animation was good and everything as it should be. However, to be honest, your writing was dreadful. If you are going to do something like this, the prose must be perfect. They must match and not sound like they were written by some pimply faced 13 year old with an D&D obsession. Look, if you want a writer, I could help. I have a novel coming out early this year. I write fantasy and considering the amound of prose you use, it would take me about 5 minutes. All I would ask is acknowledgement. Anyeway, pm me if you want me to lend you a hand.

This is probably going to be one of the best flashes to grace the face of newgrounds. I sincerely wish you luck in your endeavors to complete this flash, and impatiently await your final product. This will truly be epic in the literal sense.

This is one of the pest previews I have ever seen. I can not wait until the real thing is released, and I hope its as good as this makes it out to be.

I seriously can't wait for this to come out. The animation, the colors, the story. They look all intact according to this preview. Wonderful work! I hope to see it in the near future. BRAVO!

I barely comment now, but you need this. It is a great idea and the style of the flash could be ground-breaking. There is a few things. I get the plot, magic woman, shark men summoned from being created, help kill germans. The fighting style for the humans is too agile, make the humans more mortal, the gas-masks are too technical for those times. Remember, it wasn't until the early 70's eastern martial arts were taught to outsiders frequently, back in the day, saying you knew kung-fu ment you could backfist a man through a wall. Western fighting styles(boxing/wrestling, for humans atleast) need to be more incorperated and humans more mortal and shark people more believeable, bottom line. So top it off with a little more detail in the setting and the symbolism and the stunning accuracy will blow away the audience. However, you are most-likely in mid production.

But it was one hell of one! The music, the art, the animation. It all combined to give this chill and it impresed me so much that I cannot wait for the final for this animation. Good job

I would sure as hell go see this movie even if I had to pay $7.50 for it. Great job.

Dang that was rather epic. Very nicely done, and it didn't feel short at all. Sound quality was superb, felt like I was watching a trailer in a theatre. Now all I want to see is the same thing in a higher resolution, heheh. Well, that and the actual film.

Very professional looking animation! Each scene was filled with detail, no wonder it took so long for you to produce it! I look forward to more of your work in the future. A masterpiece.

Screw the big file size, and time it took to create. Freaking worth it.
Creative take on an old but universal theme that everyone is connected to.
Great animation too, by the way! Rare to see these days, makes it worth the while!

IT HAD BETTER GOD DAMN COME SOON!!! Seriously, that was AMAZING. At first, it seemed sort of okay but not great, but quickly elevated to beyond expectations.

Wonderfully made. Every frame had spectacular detail and color, and the sound was amazing. I would actually quite enjoy having this release in theaters and I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Wonderful work, can't wait for the complete movie when it's made.

And R.I.P Kenneth Goa.

Need support? You have mine, and from the sight of many 10s here, I am not alone.
In other words: Finish it! You are good!

The story seems like the classical boy meets girl scenario, but i look forward to it. Will it be episodic or one large video?

Even for a trailer, this still managed to be a great flash. There was no dialogue, but the art made it! I look forward to seeing the full movie, if you ever decide to make it, or ever manage to. This has a lot of potential! If not, just make a shorter flash on it.


dude this looks more like an actual movie that should be in theatres than anything else! man even for how short the intro is this is awesome! the music is very well placed and fitting and this is no animation this is an art masterpiece! every second was a portrait dancing before my eyes. this is the best animation around here. great job! cant wait for the full version!

its soo aweome !!!
if you can. . . make more >_<

i dont bother voting much and when i do its always very critical, but this looks like it would be worth seeing on a big screen, im a fan of 2d animation and the time line you have based it around...the story line from Wat i can tell looks original and the characters amazing, if this is truly just a trailer for the real thing, i hope u put as much effort in2 it as u have with this i will indeed be keeping a eye out for the title...and with the last few days ive had its good to see that some pplz out there still have the ability to put there heart and soul into what they true desire so its a 5/5 10/10 from me and its perked up my mood in the hope that the little guy can go for gold...

i cant wit for it to come out it will be awsome

Dont understand the plot- nice graphics tho

i'm actually sitting here several minutes after watching this piece....i have goosebumps. i still can't believe how amazing this piece was. please if you submit stuff in the future please ph me. it would be a crime to miss your work simply b/c it's very evident you loved doing this.....i want to experience that again:)
you've been added to my favorites adn have gained, what by no is many another rabid fan:)

That's what i think everyone who see this is saying. "Holy Shit" waiting on the whole thing to come out. some of the best work i have seen with full color animation. Noted some of the best your top 5 to me buddy. =P keep up the awesome work

im excited about this
it looks so awesome :O!
like an award winning movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
perfect score mn x)

I need to see more!!!! XD
see ya amigo!

Wow. Simply, wow. Love the style, the setting, the music, the sound; everything about it screams wonderful. You clearly put your heart into this, man. I can't wait to see the finished product, and best of luck to you and your studio with getting it produced in full. You're living the dream, man...

Also, my heart goes out to Mr. Goa and his surviving family. My prayers are with them all.

i'll pray for the release of this... feels kinda STEAM PUNKY, and i like steam punk. also it looks freaking epic. finally it had attractive type ladies.... it..... it had everything.

it was just a trailer and we need to see the real deal

This looks like a good idea for a seiries. Just keep it on the teen rating. The animation was AWSEOME! story line even better. Keep it going its a great idea!!!!!!!!

man, i read the most dangerous game a couple weeks ago for the first time, you draw from good inspiration.

That was pretty awesome man. Love the background tones, looks amazing. Keep it going

dude this is sick keep it up

I swear NG just keeps getting better and better. Faved. Hoping to see the full version soon.

looking forward to the movies

fuckin epic! what more can be said.
it looked like they are all parts of different episodes you guys have already made or are making, but is that not the case then?

Hey this is not New Line Cinema here! Its NG! You can't do something that good xD

This pitch is something very superior to a normal flash, if the "movie" (or series) itself is as good as it looks then you will enter in the history of flash. You will be a God, like others have managed to be (Ego, Adam Phillips, Sambakza and so on...).

great animation, great music, and i can't wait for the whole thing. to luksfarris, it was only a preview

the cinematic appearance of this clip was breathtaking. I dont know if this was just an independent thing or if you are going create a series with it but if you do, I give it my personal thumbs up. to be honest if you REALLY want to have a major impact with this series (ofcourse if you decide to continue this) it might be a good Idea to add a small amount more of detail and maybe add more depth into the visuals. the whole presentation though was fantastic. I look forward to seeing the rest of your work soon.

First off, congrats on front page. And I can see why.

Amazing animation and style. The music was fantastic and the fact that you used your own just made it all the better. This preview fully captured me and drew me into it's world leaving me begging for more. Amazing!!

Don't let this be your last.

for the love of everything held close to our hearts here on newgrounds please finish this and make the finished product available here on newgrounds. i cant wait to see how this one plays out.

very good animation and music, but the plot was ununderstandable if you know what i mean... just a sequence of images..

i hope you can finish this :-)

ah, this was a good flash, it makes me wish there was a series to this or a movie or something! Man, i really hope you keep giving us flash like this.

One of the greatest expressions of what flash is truly capable of. I am finally contented now that i know there is an artist great enough to unlock the potential of the program.

But I would have liked to have seen more attention paid to proportions, in general. Some of the faces looked a bit "off" for the angle you were trying to portray. And in my opinion, some motions which should have been more emphasized were cut way too short, in terms of time spent animating them.

Just.. personal opinion there.
Otherwise I was highly impressed with the quality of movement, and the MUSIC (big ups on that.)
Looking forward to the series, so keep it up, and don't shortcut so much (especially with torso-up walking shots. I HATE when people do that.)


That would have been better if I actually knew what the hell was going on. But yeah, the animation was really good the music flowed really nicely. The quotes and words seemed a bit frantic but other than that, pretty good. Nice job.

This looks fantastic! I really wanna see the real thing now! Zomg! d(^-^)b

This is an incredible piece of work....
Truly worth a movie in my opinion, but that may because I want to find out what happens...
ignoring my slight bias; I love the art style, the music is that of a gods writing, and the very nature of the film intrigues me. It really is saddening that Glenn's uncle is no longer among the living... I can not offer any adequate words of comfort for him. I also don't want to sound like a complete ass and unintentionally insult him... Good luck with getting this in to a film format.

this flash made feel as if i was watching a movie in a theater O_O that is just plain epic, u must continue it!

This might top my trailer for My new Flash series Shadow Genesis.
u do that and i may have new found respect for you my friend ^_^

Watching your trailer I understand that mine one sucks... Waiting for this great movie(I already know it'll be great)!!! Cheeers! 5/5, 10/10!

Make this happen.

this was really good, hope the project comes out great hope to see some more work from you.

Took a while to load but it was well worth it.
I got chills when the action started as the music meshed with the video it was amazing.

5/5 10/10 This is the sort of thing that deserves to be on the front page.

you do what you love, and it shows

As the title of my comment states, it seems pretty cool (the film that is).The art really is gorgeous.

However, the story seems a little... cheesy? Like a déja vu. (Is that girl Arielle from The Little Mermaid or something?)

But still, it's just a trailer. Who am I to judge the story of a film by its trailer?

Thus, I give you an eight.

-Gabrael the doorknob

This looks awesome! I'd like to see where this goes.

Intense. Great artwork but the story seems too familiar. Seems "Lady in the Water" ish? But who am I to judge, this is but a trailer. xD It's still so awesome I need to see more.

Just wow. Not only was the animation itself absolutely fantastic, but the I am HOOKED for the story. It looked epic!

This looks so intense yo!
Forget the new movies coming to theatres I want to see this!
Great art work some of the best I've seen in a while!
Story looks really good and I'm excited for it!

I soo hope I remember to check up on this when it realeses :D
Really great animation, the characters seemed detailed :3
Is excited to see more.

Its a real beauityful work of art and looks great I can see this in the tv saying in movies near you.XD

that was amasing and epic even though you could bearly tell what was goin g on it was amasing the only reason i gave a 9/10 is for the loading time

Just WOW, that was a work of art

The preview alone was so good that I had to watch it at least 50 times, and no, believe it or not this is no exaggeration. I hope the series comes soon enough, but I hope it lasts a long time as well. I have been witness to several series that have held steadfast onto the throne of newgrounds, yet ended too soon... Make it last long, because I don't plan on dying anytime soon.

the visuals are stunning
i like the art style and is one of the best things i've seen on this site

graphics : 10
sound : 10
creativity : 10
fun and entertaining : 9,3
design : 10
p.s : if you are smart enough,you will understand why i gave a scored-review because the others are written by flatterers and cajolers.i do not like it...The review is above.The other reviews are very ordinary and superfluous.As i have said,if you understand why i gave a scored review,you will find it helpful.But if you find it useless,it is because you are very ingenuous.No regrets...

i really enjoyed this and it looks as if it would make an amazing film

This is excellent work, and I hope to see more of it! Rarely do I get in awe of a flash animation, let alone a Pitch. Excellent art style and fluidity, and great use of Danman87's music.

You are one of my favorites!

I can hardly wait for this to come out

Nicely done that kind of flash makes people get interseted quickly. You definatly have me a others all ready intersted and waiting for more.

I can't wait, I just hope it has voice acting lol.

the animation is beyond incredible its so smooth, i want updates as soon as you can provide them on the movie.

this looks amazing this better come out or i will be very sad.seriouslly wow this looks professional even. Can't wait...

This looks like it may become one day a classic, to say the least it will be a good flash, if you need voice actors just let me know. cant wait to see the film.

Very good music, its a good way to get someone's attention, i have a feeling the video you'll make of this will get really high scores and stay on the front page for many many days, make it awesome please :D

This looks pretty fantastic for a flash animation. While the cartooning isn't the best ever, it's still pretty damn good and the cinematic quality of the trailer was great. I'll be watching out for this one for sure.

Just a 'trailer' lets say, but still looks epic.
I wish you good work and can't wait for the start. :)

That was awesome. It all looks great. I love the choice of music and the animation that you did. I also like when fiction is mixed with real events. Good work on this. By the way, how did you post a movie over 10 mb?

This preview was awesome, it had lots of thought and effort put into it. I look foward to seeing more of your artwork and the story that is bound to unvail , good job.

P.s- Also any names for the characters that were shown in the preview, because im curious as to who the shark fellow is and also the mysterious organization?

wow that was a sick preview hopefully this comes out soon(within next year or 2)
and to the guy below me boysblue its a preview it's suppose to be short.
great animation and the story looks like it deserves to be in theaters.
Can't wait, keep it up.

One of the most profound and moving trailers I have seen ever. The mind swims with possibillities and I hope that you stand strong against all obstacles that come before you.
As a writer and voice actor, I know that productions of this scale can be more than a little frustrating at times. But stick with it and you can hold the world in your hands. Best of luck, and Excellent job thus far.

Looks very promising, I hope you are able to make it into the feature film that you want, I know I'd watch it! Great work!

This was an amazing piece of animation and film. You have my prayer for ya. The angles, sound, and animation were just breathe taking. The story flow of this trailer was chills worthy.

Very few movies submitted here ever get a 5/5 and a 10/10 from me. While I think the animation can be a little bit smoother. I do know you have a limit on file size. Weather this is the case or not it still doesn't take away from what you have made here. This preview looks to be one of the most epic series placed on the internet in a while.

One thing I would like to point out particular was it's sound track. It was very moving and worked with the animation PERFECTLY. I was in awe listening to it.

DANG looks rly promising. Seems like there's a good amount of action, emotion, and mystery. Can't wait to see it finished :D

this looks like it could end up being one of newgrounds best and i wish you luck and im sry about your friends uncel my his soul rest in peace -takes off hat to take a moment of silence-

the score was amazing, animation was fantastic, and looks like it would be a kick ass movie! my best of luck to you, but one thing.. im not sure which would be better, if this was an animated movie or a live action movie.. either would be badass!

oh.. im not sure if you know of this, but heres a website you may be familiar with.


what you may NOT know is that if you join IMDB Pro, it gives contact information of every major company.. including movie companies. So i'd definitely give that a look if i were you. Here is the imdb pro link.


hope that helps you make this a movie! i totally look forward to seeing it! if you do get it in production, could you let me and the folks at newgrounds know? id love to know if you ever made it! : D

Sir, if your pitch is any indication, this is going to be the best movie ever! I can expect excellent work out of you.

Can't wait for this!

Though as a teaser I wouldn't give it over 5 anyway but I really do hope you finish this, it looks to be amazing.
Reminds me very heavily of Blue Submarine, incredibly similar premise and ideas though it was very short so "creative inspiration" wouldn't be a step in the wrong direction lol.

What I really want to say is good job and good luck in the future with this. Excellent idea and ggreat work here.

cant wait for the full movie looks great! love the sound!

I agree, Newgrounds needs more of this. This could possibly be the equivalant of Water Lollies. I can't wait!

Thanks for the boost...

We finally get to see a compiled animation from you, and it was mind-blowing. You never cease to amaze me.

The graphics were excellent, I love your drawing style and your mix of gradients and cell-shading on relatively minimalist character designs. The animation is a little unconvincing sometimes, but you work hard, and your cartoons are very animated regardless; it's a relief. Using your painting style for the backgrounds is ingenious. I watch you on Deviantart, and I can always spot your work a mile away. The music was excellent, kudos to the musician, he did a great job. VERY NICE, everything, keep up the good work.

this trailer pwns... i wish you have all the energy and pacience to make the movie. It will be epic!!

if the pitch of something tells us anything, it's how either sweet or gay that somethign will be. Sir, you need to finish makin the real thing a.s.a.p, very nicely done.

Recently, front page stuff has been more shallow then a plastic kiddy pool, but this could be something truely great, something to remind people what good flash is, this really has the potential to do something great. One can not know how the flash animator will handle the story, and how he'll progress it, but in hopeing for the best, we could have one damn good flash series on are hands.

The sirens and the shark guys kinda reminded me of Blue Sub 6, it was a short anime series awhile back.

and the boy looked like the kid from iron giant.

Other than that I agree. Epic.

I have to admit all these 10's i personaly believe were just jumping on the band wagon, after watching it 3 times i found the start to be utterly boring, the music was the only thing keeping me hooked to which i applaud Danman.

The character designs were lacking and were pretty boring to look at, the main guy (with the trilby) was nicely designed but then everything after that just looked recycled from other things seen in movies viral and not.

That said the end chunk of animation was slightly amusing even though i feel you abused the blur tool and overdid the camera work.

Once again i have to applaud Danman as the music was beautifuly written, and without it i personaly would of rated this 6/10 i expect great things from the actual FULL animation but this trailer lacked something special.

Good luck with the project.

Great music , art and animation will be waiting for the whole thing

That was epic-a-lious. I don't think I have seen a greater trailer for an animation on Newgrounds. Please let this not be one of those, we'll animate a trailer but never finish the feature length.

I'll be pissed if it is. Then I'll have to kill you.

Epic =P!

But when you raise the bar this high you leave yourself open to criticism on points I'd never mention to lesser artists. However, because this was so good, I can be a little tougher on it, but rest assured I loved it.

The abstract backgrounds worked well most of the time, especially on the big landscape shots, i feel that painterly style might be a little confusing in some smaller/interior scenes as sometimes I couldn't tell where the characters were, maybe that was your intention, but its something to bare in mind.

Colours were astounding, really faultless here, I wish I could colour and highlight that beautifully well...

I won't mention the story here as it's just a trailer, but it looks interesting, also the sound, though not by you, worked very very well.

My major beef with this is the animation, and again, it's still better than 99% of the stuff on newgrounds. The timing was great, and the broad actions looked fine, but when it came down to the subtle movements some of the facial features swam about the face and it looked rushed, overall the drawing was really nice, but I'd watch your animations in a mirror or something to take a fresh look at them, you might see what I'm talking about...

I just saw you're 18, that's ferocious dude, amazing work.

Best of luck to you.


THIS is what I save my 10s for. I don't know what to say. Amazing work here.

Its a little chain reacting self contained package. The preloader is upstaged by the animation, witch is upstaged by the sound design, witch is then somehow upstaged by the MUSIC! I find myself coming back to the sound design though. Holy shit, I'm blown away.

Its too bad you don't plan to make this into a full length animation, but I think its best. Look how big the PREVIEW is! A full move would be in 10 to 20 parts at best. I can see this as a move some day and I wish you all luck with that. Just please, for the love of god; Don't let it get dumbed down into a kids film, and don't pick someone like Danny Elfman for your music! This kinda story needs James Horner, or Hans Zimmer!

at first i thought it was going to be nice, then after logo pathetic, then great, then great becamse good. Surely this can make you famous as what people like isnt nothing special, but this has opportunity to be something nice. :)
So i rate down from 10 to 9 because of these random scenes ive seen in almost every popular movie ^^

As this is a trailer or teaser it shows something very promising. you have a nice style( i like those photoshoped backgrounds-I remember reading your post o NG) and a nice feel of motion. Some times the characters look a bit jerky bit Im sure youll fix that by the end of the production. Id like to now how advanced is this project- did you make this scenes specially for this clip or are they a cut piece of a big whole? I love the music it adds a lot of good feeling.
AS this is mainly text with some short scenes you get an honest pico's 3 and a reviewers 7 + . good luck and keep us posted.

really this trailer takes the breath away, very swift style...a product of a story board I assume...
Really mate, you really nailed down this one, I honestly dont log in very usually...I just watch the animations sometimes...but yours really deserves a couple of "praise" lines [no idea if this might be worthy or not xD]

Btw the most dangeros game... hehehehehe the guy with the pistol and the cig looks a lot like Count Zaroff...really cool idea !!!!

that is, truely amazing
i was captivated the entire time.
did you create that music yourself?
it fitted to the movie perfectly.
your animation skills are fantastic,
and great work with the quotes, and 'voices'
and great fight scenes, it was really fluid, and kept me watching
i watched your movie three times and wrote a few of them down actually : D

keep up the great work, i look forward to seeing more of your work,
hopefully soon!

This was GREAT. Very well done.

As said in the title. I believe the plot will be a bit obvious though, still, can't wait for the movie!

This looks phenomenal. I can't wait to see the real thing.

I really felt like I could understand what was going on, and it looked a lot like what I would like to see in a 2d movie, also great music...

the only bad thing I could say is that, in the parts of the animation that required a lot of inbetweens and didn't have much movement, some shapes were lost and it didn't look as good as it could look... then again I might just be saying random nosense because I don't know too much about animation !!
In contrast, though... the parts of the animations that had a lot of fast movement, that could be hard to do, looked really good, I bet you put a lot of effort into it ;D

... now if it only was a full movie I would be very happy... I hope to see many 2d animated films created by you in the near future ;)

the image quality was like WOW!
and the atmosphere as like YEAH!
and the whole flash made me say OMG!
good drawing =D

I really liked the flash, I really did...Till the man-sharks appered then the whole story got fucked up for me.
I got the impression of a dark but yet romantic movie. And then you went all Teen age mutant ninja turtels all over the place.
So that why you only got 7. Otherwise the flash was flawless in both sound(music and effects) and animation, which had nice drawings and very fluent.

It's like gold bar sitting on the side of the street, you happen to stumble appon somethig great while looking for something else.

well well i do like it very much! would like to see the full one!!

You have made this hard to review! I say this because I have to look at all the other animations I have reviewed and asked if I have graded them fairly. And if so , to what standard. First off, your art direction is done nicely. It's always a pleasure to watch an animtation's that is stylized. It helps seperate it from other films on this stie. The animation is very fluid. Characters are always changing expressions or moving around. And the consistency of it all is nice.Also, I dig the soundtrack. It makes it feel like something epic. However , there is not much of a story here because it is a trailer. I hope to see the film in it's entirety.

Truly captivating work. I've been keeping an eye on you at DeviantArt. You've been doing some great things lately and I can't wait to see how this comes out. Best of luck with the project, I eagerly await its completion.

Personnaly i don't like the artwork cuz it's aquarius but that's just me. It's wery artistik and you got talent dude keep em coming. Ps: you shoud try comedy.

I would back this project 100%! not entirely sure the where the sharkman comes in, but it looks epic, great work!

you really make moves that feel like film releases I love that. thanks for being such a huge inspiration.

Much rather the only thing I can say is this... Very well done. I hope it comes to fruition.

That's how much the music moved me. Though the art style isn't exactly anything I'd get attached to, the music itself and this movie's potential is enough to get it a 10.

Your use of effects is inspiring, seriously.
Pretty looking stuff.

I may not get what it's all about, and it may have made me giggle because it had sharks fighting, but still.

the guy just right below me...
anyway...awesome music, atmosphere and art!
and as said below...narration would've added a huge difference...
and you bet i'll be lookin forward to it!
keep rockin!

The music was terrific, the atmosphere and colours where excellent. Very professional. I really enjoyed it.

My only qualm was that it didn't sell the story. I learned nothing about the characters or the story, and while perhaps it made me want to know more, it didn't give me anything to begin with.

Teasers are alright for advertising a finished product, but for something you are trying to sell, perhaps some extra text, or some extra stills or some narration wouldn't have gone astray. Remember, the story is king.

Just so you know. 9/10 5/5

You can't tease us with this and then not give us the full masterpiece I believe this would be! Animation was awesome, mood was perfect and great pick of music (love his stuff)




Very good animation, very good coloring and feel to it. I really wish I could somehow see the rest of it because I think this has potential to be a great film. Maybe I will someday, right? Good luck with that.

One thing I found kinda funny though.... those shark people guys.... they're sharks, with a set of razor sharp teeth... and they fight each other by kicking? I laughed at that.

It drew me in, it captivated me, it created a whole new chapter for me on the basis of what truly is art and released my soul into the world beyond.
I love the pitch, I love the animation, I have fallen in love with the characters. I cannot compare this to no other, this is in a league of it's own!
Take a bow, my friend, your audience applauds you.
May the actual film, be just as momentous.

One of the best FBF animations I've seen here. Damn, this'll make an awesome series.

Your stuff are awesome! i cant wait to see this, it really looks Great, great animation you have there to 'O'

I had no idea what was going on, but thats how a good trailer should be. Concise, showing highlights, and tantalizing the viewer without giving away the whole story. I hate trailers that show the whole film. Blow the whole load.

As expected from you, and the few clips I'd seen on your site previously of this, the animation is stunning. Easily as good as the best flash animation being produced anywhere today.

But you know what REALLY sets your stuff apart? That really gives it that extra sheen? You GET colors. You have a natural grasp of color theory that sets the mood and emotion needed in a shot or a piece.
The gradient lighting in this really looked wonderful and you used filters PROPERLY.

So many people just click their movie clips and go "add 100 effects plz" and it looks awful and the film lags due to it.
But here, your moderation and wise choices as to how to apply these filters help give everything a much cleaner much more professional look.

top notch

I also note you called this a "pitch" which I assume means you are going to try to get some major funding to turn this into a real film.

theres been a few flash-made features already, but sadly most of them are awful. I sincerely hope you have success in whatever you are doing with this.

The industry needs more good independent features that aren't bollocks like "Delgo"

I enjoyed it. It's a nice little piece you can show for pitching an idea. I didn't feel alot of love for it though, like if I was to see it in a movie theatre I would have just said, "Eh... Only would see it if I was bored". I guess it would need more of an altogether interesting plot for me to get into it or at least something that I could relate to rather than 4 different things going on at once. Maybe if you told me more about the story I would get more into it?

Your animation is simply amazing, combined with wonderfull music. I'd love to see more!

Firstly, I just want you to know Toniko that I have been observing your works since the early days of your progress on DA. Looking back, it's amazing how it all started as a 'mock screenshot' at first. Then it expanded into detailed concept art of this universe, a...beautiful universe at that. It would surprise anyone when you began to partake in bringing your personal universe to life.
I admit I felt doubtful at the mass of text in the beginning, but then all the beautiful scenes began to roll...I suspect you did that on purpose to throw us off guard. But really, there is more to the text that helps us bridge the plot together. By looking at the trailer alone, I can see the basic plot outline, but it just makes me want to see it more, to see everything in motion. I'm amazed of the depth you put in your world, a re-imagining of post WWII, meshed with mythical creatures, a dark Manifest Destiny, and the origin behind the 'Shark Bois' the dark product of men.
I smiled with glee when I found out you intend to extend all of this into a feature length product, the likes of which are rarely seen from a single animator. Safe to say I speak on behalf of everyone that I support your undertaking of this large endeavour, I'm tempted to even pay to see it. The character designs were perfect in my eyes, because unlike most of the flash animations, what I saw in this trailer looked like moving painting. The music, oh, it matches perfectly with every scene; the pensive moments, the heat of battle, the mobilization of soldiers, and the aftermath of the climax. My condolences for Kenneth Goa.
So anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing the fates of these divergent characters intertwine. And perhaps some day, you can give us an animated glimpse of your other pocket universes. Eye of the Wake, and Dusk's Flight. But that's too much to ask, since this trailer alone gave us enough.

I'm very interested in seeing where this goes. I like your style and storytelling.

This flash was simply wonderful. The animation runned so smothly and the graphics were top notch. The story looks like it will be very enjoyable. Keep up the good work and i'll look forward to your next flash.

The colours and character designs were fucking AMAZING, man. I'm definitely looking forward to more of this. The shark guy was my fave, he was awesome.

Only two complaints really:

-Too much text in contrast to actual footage.
-animation was just a tad wobbly in parts.

otherwise, keep up the fucking brilliant work man.

Well this certainly is and interesting series i cant wait to watch this one

Boy, oh boy. The event of the year meets its match. Two intense movies in production with some of the most high-brow, fantastic animation we've been graced with, yet.

What kind of talent does it take to produce a movie? This is your answer. Skyfall Studios and Mr. Pantoja have here one of the most creative spin-offs to spiral out of the WWII movie genre.

Like Killerkb mentioned before, the art and the character designs are spectacular, with the exact, high-brow art style that was lacking in Fallen Angel's first episode. Then again, high-brow art quality was also present in FA's teaser, as well. What am I experiencing here? I'm worried, but at a lesser degree than what I ought to have been with the teaser.

The smooth animation with all sorts is fantastic at the beginning, getting so detailed with motion that you can even recreate original, silent notions without speaking, and it's IN THE TEASER. Very promising, no?

To wrap it up, I have high hopes for the series. Oh, yes, the nitpicking. Aside from some framerate issues during the clips, I have no complaints.

I'm serious.

That's what i would say if i had 100 million dollars cause, that looks way better than anything Disney will produce in the next 100 years. I like the tones, and now i realize why it got #1. I was orginal hoping for something else to get number 1 but then i say this you deserve it and funding. But i'm low in money so i'm sorry.

if you ever make this into a movie that is shown at theaters. i will go to every showing

That's getting an award soon...

That will surprise me a lot! The artworks are very good! I like the colors man!
May be you drew all this in Wacom! But one thing is the movie qualities not so good!
Good organization too! I seen you was trying to make the movie look cool! Like other movie trailers do!
Very nice man! I will be waiting for the full version!


Truly amazing. I'm blown away by your potential and skill. It was a great pitch, and so far, an amazing story. The thing that caught my attention the most, was the character design. Specially the shark creatures. Everything was flawless, from music to animation to color scheme to backgrounds. I'm really looking forward to this movie, and I hope to see so much more, of your work.
Good luck on the rest of the project, any future work, and of course your future. I think its safe to say, that you'll make it far.

Simply wonderful, this was beautiful in all it's aspects. Ever since I first saw your works with "Serpent's Grave" back in the forum, I've been drawn to the plot and wishing so dearly for it to be released (or pitched, haha).

Your use of gradients with the addition of classic shading gives your style a cinimatic quality to it and it's truly amazing. The music composition as well, it fit with the song so well, splendid, splendid and splendid. Also, the sound effects were spot on! It's great to see the dedication to the little details in sound effects.

Again, this was lovely, truly, and I'm anxious to see more from you. Skyfall Studios is quite inspiring, and should be getting into the big leagues in no time.

Awesome, beautiful, impressive.

Nothing more need be said

I love the way that you have captured a painterly quality in flash. It's something you cant capture well in vector art. I love the art and like the concept, and this is a perfect teaser that can only leave us dying for more.

PS. you need to make a tutorial on how you achieve that effect =)

In your hands u have the making of an epic tale that can bring forth a true message of the human spirit and what we are capable of, for either good or evil. U have always impressed the hell out of me with your work and i sincerely wish to see this be made into one of the greatest flashes ever made. Thank you.

The graphics and animation are one of the most excellent here in NG, the sounds and music are superb too. The f/f animation is so realistic and so well done that I want to see the whole piece and get immersed in the story. Very great and beautiful work, keep it up!
10/10 and 5/5 well deserved and all to you!

It looks amazing. I have to be honest; at the start with all the writing and the short bursts of animation i wasn't sure i was going to like it...

But I wasn't expecting all that amazing animation to suddenly appear and blow me away! You clearly have a unique style and understand exactly the way a character should move.

I would definately watch this film!
Good luck on getting the support you need.

5/5 ... 10/10

this was incredible, you have a beautiful art style and the animation quickly got me interested in the storyline and characters.
How long does it usually take to complete works like this?

Your animation is outstanding and the execution is beautiful and smooth but your preview makes the story look like a retarded Disney movie. Like a cross between "the little mermaid", "all dogs go to heaven" and that one with the mouse" but all too dramatic. What can i say though, the nerds have spoken. Should be interesting either way.

That was amazing, very cinematic and touching. I loved it:)

Everything is great, and the real deal will blow everyone's minds off.

Great job Toniko!!! So sweet stuff!

Haha, excellent work mate - as you know.
I love the atmosphere and tone of this animation.
You got my support ;)

something like this should be at the top of ng not there shhe fucking is . god i hate there she is.

this is really good... Good Quality of music, nice drawing...
Good Story i keep watching it coulded turn it off :p i wanted to see it till the end

Only Crappy load time but it was worth it.

Can't wait to see more work from you !!!!

This movie/flash just amazed me, it's wonderful!
I would like to see the the normal one, as soon as posible :)
You are a great animator and story writer [Yeah, I understood the story only and only from one trailer]
The sounds also was great and the art even better!
I hope to see more of your work!

This was beautifully animated, it has a nice story with some interesting characters.
Cannot wait for this to be finished.

Well done man!


It's been awhile since anything on Newgrounds has made me, just... stare in awe. And this was definitely one of those things...

honestly dude you had me with the skyfall studios intro. The use of color and painting is incredible. I love the art style, and to be honest the trailer is top notch! This is a better trailer than alot of the stuff I've seen in theaters. Plus Danman87's tracks are always amazing. Looks like you've got a winner on your hands I can't wait to see this thing unfold! Goodluck with everything!

That was honestly a work of art!

What Companies/producers are you pitching to? This looks really cool, I'd love to see a feature film of this. Great work to everyone who made this.

The animation was eyecatching, the story looks interesting. I have to say though... after seeing that trailer, I have NO idea what the full movie is about! lol.

The best Flash Trailer I ever saw . Good work!

That flash was a work of art!

I'm going to say: hell yes!!! This looks REALLY GOOD! Can't wait to see it...

Dear Toniko Pantoja, I really hope you will read the reviews on your submission because I am sure that this video has had nothing but good comments.

I truly enjoyed watch this video, it is an wonderful master piece. I thought that this story was truly originial and was deeply moving. I love the entire concept of your movie, the struggles, the charcters, and the morale. The video was beautifully animated, all the scenes were silky smooth and crisp, the colour was bright and vibrant, and was highly effective. I truly belive that you could bring this concept to a film or TV show and the ratings would be through the roof. I hope too see more of you great work in the future! This is definatly a 10 out of 10!

P.S. This is going straight to my favorites list!

wow...i'm amazed! i was immediately hooked on the plot. your style is great, the character's motions were nice and fluid, the music fit the situation well... hmm...i don't know what else to say... =\

it's 2:32 in the morning and now i'm too excited to go to sleep >.< I can't wait until you finish this flash. =D

I saw the music on the audio portal, and when I saw that this was in the list I had to rate it and review it. I'm going to favorite you and I can't wait to see the rest man. Bravo.

This looks very nice. The animation and art was flawless. Very nice man!

The characters, the animation, the color, everything, is the work of an artistic prodigy! Amazing stuff, and very wise choice in your words as well. (during the pitch)

What a great pitch!


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