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Theory Vs Terantula

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(Mraznbuddy) Theory - Controls Gravity

(Insanity) Terantula - Tentacles

Fun facts:
It took a 2 day rush to finish the part when the car breaks through the wall all the way to the end.
I forgot the name of the song, but was then reminded by Bident <3
After I did the little parody thing of the gieco commercial, I saw the recent commercials for them on TV. I remember during the making of that scene that their slogan changed. And when I was reminded, I did a cartwheel and imploded outwards.

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This battle recently popped into my head just now and I had to find it. Really interesting RHG with some great execution going on here. Smooth animation, although at times the movements seemed a little too fluid at the expense of having less easing and impact during combat. Animation is also quite short, not sure how long you guys had to come up with this.

Really awesome battle, though I would have liked to see what actually happened to Terantula. I'm assuming the gravity ball is intensified and it crushes him? It would only have taken a few minutes to show an explosion of blood or something.

holy shit awsome

i wish i had the power of gravity ^o^ woot
and what was that song


how did this not get frontpage?


Normally, I'm not a huge fan of stick animation, but this was just awesome. Great skills, the artwork was nice, and I'm glad to see detailed work, even in stick animation.

great job, keep it up!


I loved it!!!!!
Smooth animation, good song everything =p

p.s. what's the name of the song? and what's the artist?