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Silas Marnor

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Heres a english project that i did. WE are supposed to take a scene from the Book Silas Marnor, which sucks, and present it any way possible. I chose to animate it.
The story:
- Dustin convinces his brother to let him take the horse, as they are in need of money. His brother finally agrees, and he takes the horse and starts riding crazy and jumping fences. One too soon Dustin tries once again and fails, causing the horse death by impalement on a fence. Dunstin then flees from town forever or something...
_ And this is my take on what really happened and why he fled.
Thanks for Voting and Reviewing.

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Nice Drawings, needs better animations, good voice

Usually there are scripters, and animatiors, animatiors of which are good at drawing and animating. But if you focus on just drawing, maybe get an animator and scripter, you could come up with some great stuff.

TheSpicanator responds:

That doesnt really make since, you say there are scripters and animators. And you want me to get an animator and a scripter? which would i do if i got both? And i do a lot of the time just focus on drawing, i had only a day to do this cartoon, and so thats why its so short with the minimum of detail. but hey thanks for the idea and keep on newgrounding.