NG BBS Awards 2008

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EDIT 3: Some people are saying that it doesn't load. If it doesn't load, then update your flashplayer.
EDIT 2: FRONT PAGE! Thank you so much Tom! *Sniff* Only in dreams.....
EDIT: Daily Fifth! Yes! I got an award!

I made this because, um, I could. I had fun making it and I hope you all enjoy it. Also, all the stats of the winners that I give are only as of January 10th, and I will not be updating them. If anything isn't working properly, please tell me.

Zerok wrote all that nice commentary you see on the winner pages.

Here's the url of the original BBS post: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1013804/1

Also, leave me a review. I enjoy reading them.


Nice idea stuffing the BBS awards in a flash. The interface is simple (and nostalgic btw, what with the old NG design elements), and there's plenty of info on all the different users and awards, and creative awards too, it was fun to browse around! Shame there's no flash for years previous to 2008, when I was most active, but maybe the BBS awards werent even around back then? Nice work!


Not bad

At least I'm a winner here >:)

I think that it's well constructed and that there is room for improvement - a voice actor stating the names of the users when you click on the links to each award. Though this could prove difficult with Most Underrated, it could be solved by having 2 pages for that. One linking to Me and the other to Timmy. Whether or not this is displayed on the front page would be entirely up to you.

A good selection of music from the Audio Portal, I can certainly see this becoming a regular occurrence in the portal, judging by how popular the whole concept of awarding people has become over the past few years.

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...gave the results and the "prizes" which were quite humourous, however you spelt my name wrong :( i has a capital F in it LampFace but thanks anyway :)

Elroy responds:

Sorry bout that.

Pretty Good

Nice and creative!


This Flash makes it to find the winners instead on searching in your big thread.

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