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Newgrounds feeling lonely and desperate

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may two favourite websites on one spot.thanks :D


point taking i think both ov them are the best

Actually funny

I think I actually enjoyed this (X) n' (X) flash...thanks HAHA

kinda funny

"haha, newgrounds... you're cute"
"fuck you!"
I loved that. It was short and there wasn't much animation but eh...

This is probably the most orginial.

This is probably the most orginial of the NG shapes fad. Is this some sort of organized mass submission?

Well, there are quite a lot of them, and I had resolved only to review a few of them. I decided I would review the ones that stood out. This one, stood out. Until now, most of these flash have been based on shapes and polygons, but this one was based on sites.

This concept was new, and has not been seen in the 'shapes' series. I decided to watch it, and found a few in jokes, while not overly understandable for some, were still funny to the ones that did understand them.

It wasn't very long, but I think under these circumstances that is irrelevant, for to give this a long drawn out feel would ruin the flash.

I'm going to wrap this up quickly, because there is a new batch of 'shape' oriented flashes on their way through the portal, and I need to make sure the newfags, who don't understand the humor, don't blam them.

Give it some fluid movement, and not just a mainly static image.

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3.64 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2009
6:12 PM EST
Comedy - Parody

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