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GGE - Episode 1

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NOTE FROM SAM (The voice actor of this animation): All you newgrounders, I am ready and willing to vocalize your material! Contact me through AIM. My screenname is on my profile!

This is the first episode of GREATEST GAMES EVER! Its about a video game reviewer who thinks that every video game he plays are the GREATEST GAMES EVER (when in reality they suck). This first episode is about the Nintendo game SNOOPY'S SILLY SPORTS SPECTACULAR! WOOT!

Fun Facts:

-The ending animation and credits took 35 minutes to make. The beginning animation (which was only 3 seconds longer) took 3 DAYS to make.

-Nathan Z. (Ironosaur) was incredibly stressed out about semester finals at his school when making this. I (Syrus T., Equivocal) offered Nathan to postpone the animation so he could relax, but he decided to just make it anyway.

-If you see "Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c" in the credits, thats what we used to edit the game footage part of the animation.

-There is an original, un-edited version of this animation which can be found on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=jzBePOHmZP8)

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I loved the game they used. And the Girlfriend part and the host's overly excited persona. I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE MORE!!!! Uh... please...


funny flash made me lol =) and love the credit song

Equivocal responds:

Awesome! Thank you for the positive review. Expect more "lol" material soon!

- Nathan Z. (Ironosaur)

hahaha this made me laugh man

This was great!

I got scared

For a bit of time I was concerned the whole video would just be a loading screen XD
But really, nice video. Keep em coming.

I needed that!

It hasn't been the greatest of days for new submissions, then THIS came along and its preloader was able to make me laugh, good job!
Concept wasn't particularly new, nerdy games reviewer yelling at the top of his voice to compensate for his lack of...well, everything, including decent games... But the execution of the script was solid enough.
Art and animation probably won't win any awards, but this isn't an art competition, and you got the job done. Homemade FLA was interesting, though for the length of time needed to load it would want to be!
Audio was superb. "Preloader Song" put me in laughing mood, the OTT games reviewer was parody-point-perfect (nice one Shafty) and there was no noticeable extraneous recording noise, which we all know is something of a plague on Newgrounds at times.

All in all, very well done. Looking forward to future installments!