Mouth Tutorial

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This tutorial only covers 4 mouth states but I guess it's better then nothing
No tutorial from this series is going to have any music because I just want to keep them simple and small so they load fast
Tell me what you think about this tutorial since this is rather unique and I don't know if it's useful or not

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Original but not finished.

Nice and original idea for new flash artists, but i think you need to add a few more things. Ffrom my point of view, i don't want to have to click on the arrows anymore, please try making it a movie that goes alone (you can have a play/stop button below).
Overrall it's good, but not good enough! Go for it!


Hmm not really complete

With a mouth tutorial I actually expected a - how to draw a mouth when talking or anything close to that. I mean your mouths weren't badly drawn or badly colored. But this tutorial is way to small. I mean what am I supposed to do now. Draw ten mouths and make a flash out of dancing tongues and super shouting hero's zoomed in to the max to spot there perfect white teeth. No thanks.


its sort of useful, but, if we really want to draw something we cant just sit there in horrible silence while we draw. also add some more stuff, like how to draw limbs or eyes. make a little more.

also i encourage you to make more stuff such as origami tutorials, im glad there are still ppl on newgrounds thinking of new things.

also its a good thing you want want to not have long load time, but again jazz it up.thats all we want.

Argentin responds:

Ok I'll consider that on my next tutorial

Ok tutorial, but needs more.

Try adding more stuff to it. Yeah I know you wanna keep it simple and make it load fast, but really people can wait that long.

Very simple

Which is good in a tutorial, and the I think you made the right choice as far as no music, there are a lot of technical tutorials here so it's good to see someone do an art oriented one, which could help a lot of beginning animators figure out cartooning style. It could perhaps use more notation, just to let the viewer know any details they may visually miss, but this is not necessary, well done man.

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Jan 10, 2009
10:48 AM EST