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Got too drunk to remember what happened at the party? Let this game refresh your memory.

Watch the sequence, then repeat it by clicking on the people.

PS: the game keeps going forever, so don't bother trying to get to the finish. Here's a challenge for you though, see if you can beat 15 steps.

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Nice game. It was a bit confusing at first. I think there should be a screen in between the sequences so it's not so confusing or maybe it's just me.

Anyways why didn't you tell me you had made something new. This is slayer of trolls. This is my alt acount in case you didn't know. Keep it up.

Metalcan responds:

Thanks man! heh you're right, it's confusing, but it's just a small test game. Wasn't even sure I was gonna publish it. Better games will follow. :)

nice game

it was agreeably simple but still fun, for it reminds us of our days as five year old idiots thinking we were having fun playing simon says. but it has an added twist that is- booze, nude idiots, parties. all that is what makes a good game or vid. that and gore. waitin for more games from you man. keep it up.

Good game.

Not bad, for what it is (I mean, for the genre.) Challenging, too. Mindless, mildly amusing entertainment. Yep. Nice job.

Hangover Review

Challenging indeed. I got to sequence 10 and then I gave up... it was making me confused and dizzy. And then I started to spas out in the middle of the floor. Ha/Ha.


Simple yet creative and fun, probably the funniest version of any memory game I've seen. You took a non funny genre basically, and made it awesome.